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Hungary’s Viktor Orbán Takes Aim At EU: “Soros Mafia Network” Seeking to ‘’Muslimize’’ Europe

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán Takes Aim At EU: “Soros Mafia Network” Seeking to ‘’Muslimize’’ Europe

This article comes from The Gateway Pundit

by Damien Cowley

“The question of upcoming decades will be whether Europe will continue to belong to Europeans. Whether Hungary will remain the country of Hungarians. Whether Germany will remain the country of Germans, whether France will remain the country of the French, whether Italy will remain the country of Italians.’’

Speaking at the Bálványos Summer University in Romania on Saturday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán outlined the threats faced by European nation states, and blamed an ‘’alliance’’ between EU bureaucrats and the ‘’empire’’ of Hungarian-born billionaire, George Soros, for orchestrating the migratory submersion of Europe.

“Western European Christians’’ would always be able to find security in Hungary under his leadership, he assured, claiming that his country’s role as a bulwark against the ‘’de-Christianization’’ of the continent would give next spring’s national elections an added European importance.

His resistance to the open borders agenda will ensure that he will also be contending with external forces in the election – unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels and ‘’the Soros mafia network’’, he claimed, a reference to Soros’ Open Society Foundations and associated media.

Elements of Orbán’s Hungarian opposition are seeking to remove the border fence his government erected on the country’s southern frontier in 2015. Prior to the installation of the fence, hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern migrants crossed into Europe along the so-called Western Balkans Migrant Route.

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