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Health Insurance Cancelled? REAL, Affordable Care

Health Insurance Cancelled? REAL, Affordable Care

If you haven’t been learning about herbal medicines, the question becomes, Why? As the USA’s Health Care System becomes more and more unaffordable, it is endemic on you to learn how to stay healthy, and to know how to treat common sicknesses without running to the doctor.

Patriot Nurse gives some recommendations for herbs you should have in your pantry, and some books you need to be able to identify medicinal herbs, and how to use them. The using is not difficult. With a little study and practice making tinctures and infusions, and a walk in your backyard, or in the forest or field, you will find many useful herbs.

Just outside my door I can find mullein, dandelion, red clover, mint and yarrow. Not far away are many more. Do yourself, and your family, a favor, learn about herbal medicines. It could save their lives.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. So if the Don doesn’t fix this who will? Repeal and forget about replacing. I listen to Levin daily to find out what is happening. The insurance carriers are they globalist too? Is that why they did not put up a fight in 2008 and beyond.
    One big scheme against the world.

    1. Yep….big pharma and insurance …in bed like fles on a horses ass. And why in hell involve the IRS to criminalize. The public is overwhelming ignorant …including higher education grads. The stupidity is sickening.

  2. As a biochemist may I suggest keeping this video book marked. There are no diseases cured by modern medicines. Only band-aid chemicals that cause more damage than any good. Natural foods, not processed imitations, have the essential nutrition to cure and heal. Exceptions might be specific antibiotics. Have high blood pressure? Take two carditone per day. Don’t eat any refined sugars … for starters.

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