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Hate Crimes and Federal Troops in Chicago – KrisAnne Hall

Liberty First is not just a motto, it is a way of life. What happens when your favorite senators pass a resolution to put the federal government in charge of “hate crimes?” What happens when your favorite president wants to “send in the troops” to our local cities and towns? We must be Liberty First or we will be Liberty Lost
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“The beginning is good, but at or about 51.05 it is excellent because it really breaks down and explains this new “hate crimes” color of law and how it does away from the US Constitution, how it is the abandonment of due process.

It is all apropos, but that is most concerning for LE, military though at this time they do not know or understand it.   It is another directive that has them working AGAINST the US Constitution, has them breaking their Oath.  “Hate crimes” are not crimes.  Crimes like assault, murder, etc are always crimes and the sentencing can be modified by the ‘why’ it was committed.  But when they are sent out to get people for what they say, they work 100% AGAINST our legitimate government.  Most will not understand this because they do not understand the underhanded way this is being done against the American people.  They will think, much like the Patriot Act, Free Trade, etc that the name sounds good, and how it is explained sounds good, but it is actually another way to go beyond and AGAINST the US Constitution, against our legitimate government.”

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Published on Jul 8, 2017 – Hate Crimes and Federal Troops in Chicago. – July 2017 By KrisAnne Hall