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Greg Burleson: Life in Prison for Facebook Posts – Bunkerville

by Staff Writer

By far the longest sentence handed down thus far in any of the “Bundy” cases was given to Arizona militia man Greg Burleson on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.  Burleson looked sunken, shaggy and disheveled as he sat in a wheelchair in yellow jail clothes in his Las Vegas, Nevada sentencing hearing.  He suffers from seizures and has become blind during the past two years.

Nonetheless, Nevada’s Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro sentenced Burleson (who is 53 but now appears much older) to spend 68 years in federal prison for his relatively minor role in the April 12, 2014 Bunkerville standoff roughly 80 miles north of Las Vegas.  Burleson was convicted of assaulting federal officers, threatening federal officers, extortion, using a firearm in crimes of violence, and related offenses.  Unlike inmates at some state levels (who can be paroled after a few years), federal inmates must serve at least 85 percent of their time.  Burleson was also sentenced to pay $1.5 million in “restitution” (supposedly to compensate the government for costs of impounding 400 of Cliven Bundy’s cattle in 2014.)  Navarro ordered Burleson to pay $25 per quarter toward restitution while he is in prison.

Burleson will almost certainly die in prison for merely walking around the Bunkerville protest with a rifle slung in low position.  Legal experts say he may have a good chance at reversing his convictions on appeal.  (The most damning evidence against Burleson were his own edgy statements given—after the fact—to a fake documentary film crew secretly operated by the FBI; Burleson was plied with alcohol as he bragged about wanting to chop the head off of a BLM official with an axe and about how he regretted that the 2014 event ended peacefully.)

In April 2014, Burleson was the sole member of his own independent Arizona militia when he learned about the BLM’s bullying and mistreatment of the Bundy family in nearby Nevada.   Burleson drove to the growing protest after the event had already begun, and immediately strapped on his rifle and entered the wash where numerous protesters found themselves in the rifle sights of BLM and National Park Service officials.  He provided basic security for the crowd.  No photo shows him raising his firearm or aiming it in any direction.

Of all 19 defendants, Burleson may have spent the least amount of time at the protest event.  But upon returning to his home in Phoenix, Burleson posted numerous extreme, scary and provocative comments on Facebook.  It seems he bragged about doing things he did not do.  Later, when interviewed by the FBI’s undercover “Longbow Productions” documentary filmmakers, Burleson made absurdly theatrical statements, including bragging that he went to the Bundy Ranch “to kill federal agents.”

It is especially ironic that Burleson himself has been an FBI informant in the past.  This issue remains somewhat mysterious, and many observers continue to have more questions than answers about the precise scope of Burleson’s past assistance to the FBI.  Cliven Bundy has filed a motion seeking to obtain Burleson’s complete FBI records, but prosecutors are opposing the motion.  It seems that Burleson assisted the FBI in a 2012 multiple-murder investigation involving Arizona militia member J. T. Ready.

At the July 26 sentencing, Judge Navarro made a point of giving Burleson a 10-point reduction in his sentencing score based on the combination of Burleson’s medical issues, alcoholism, and past assistance to law enforcement.   Thus, Burleson’s 68-year sentence was actually lower than the 87 years that prosecutors had recommended.


Greg Burleson: Life in Prison for Facebook Posts - Bunkerville


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  1. BLM is a bogus military group! The freedom we have is adulterated by BLM, FBI and judges like navvaro. When oppression like this is at hand, we must refute it! When government abuses citizens and their rights according to the Constitution it must be confronted.

  2. This is a serious question, not a rhetorical one: does anyone know what this guy did BESIDE 1) be there with a gun, which I thought was legal, and many many other people did, and 2) boast AFTER the fact about what would have happened if the feds crossed the line, that he hated them, that there would have been dead bodies?? You can get LIFE for that? What am I missing. Serious question there. There HAS to be something I’m missing. I see “assault of a federal agent” listed of one of the 8,000 things he was charged with, and keep thinking I’m gonna read something in one of these articles about him pointing a rifle at and threatening an agent, or physically assaulting an agent etc., and I never find it. You;d THINK if it happened that the news agencies would list WHAT happened rather than just the charge….but they never do. What am I missing here??

    1. This looks like low-hanging fruit to me. This poor guy never stood a chance going up against an agency with unlimited resources. After watching our government charge and imprison two ranchers with “terrorist arson” for a standard back-burn, NOTHING will surprise me. This judge is making a mockery of the justice procedures, and it doesn’t seem that there’s anything that people can do to stop her.

  3. Rape, torture and murder a young girl and receive a similar or lesser sentence?
    Makes me wonder if this sentence is akin to how the feds behaved at Waco, Texas… send a message to the citizenry that not obeying the feds blindly is a death sentence. Either a relatively fast death by firearms or fire or a slow one in a cage.

  4. Three lessons:
    1) Failure to see the hostile armed agents as a legitimate enemy.
    2) When you take up arms and cross the Rubicon, there’s no going back.
    3) Don’t be taken …alive.

  5. The right to stand up to Government tyranny against all these MADE UP GOVERNMENT ENTITIES is a thing of the past.

    YOu can no longer fight city hall or you will LOSE!!!! this is the reason they want to confiscate all out weapons, which violates our constitutional rights.. and leave the citizens defenseless (against our constitution) against bullying and illegal actions by the government (city , state or federal) I was a victim of harassment by my local law enforcement and because i fought back i was then attacked by every county and city office that could harass me. I did win out in the end, however it cost me a lot of money, and jail time to come out the other end.
    It is a sad day for America when you no longer have your basic rights because someone with a badge and an inferiority complex, a power trip, or plain greed takes them away from you under color of authority.

    If you are being threatened you should be allowed to defend yourself. If your property is being stolen you should be able to stop it. I once called the police when they were towing my car illegally. and the police stopped the tow. The BLM was in the wrong here., and they are the ones who committed murder!! Why are none of those agents in prison???

  6. This story is the future of our Republic. It pains me. The mercenaries working for the fed, state, and local agencies are the modern day gestapo. A police state is our condition. The public fears it’s government until these ABC tyrannical agencies are demilitarized and lose any and all police powers. If they need an action they can call a sheriff.

    I’ve said this before, had that been my family in that situation, those dunderheads behind the SUV’s would have been surround on all sides. There would have been several hi-bird aircraft communicating any other movements. Low aircraft would have been used for additional cover. Their move…

    There is merit and honor for defending at all costs our natural rights . There is reason to adhere to ones principles. We are born free, we will protect our freedoms, and will remain free. The French resistance comes to mind…

  7. While Trump and Jeff Sessions and the current FBI director and ALL those congressman etc etc etc, DO NOTHING TO STOP THIS TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE
    we all will have the understanding that the deep state is winning
    and that this Trump administration is as corrupt and evil as the previous ones.

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