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Graham Teaming with Durbin on ‘DREAMers’ Endangers Gun Owner Rights

Graham Teaming with Durbin on ‘DREAMers’ Endangers Gun Owner Rights
Graham evidently wants anti-gun Democrats to be the majority. Durbin is happy to help him make that happen.

“At a press conference with U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., to unveil the “Dream Act” — which would provide pathways to citizenship for certain undocumented immigrants brought to the country illegally as children — [Sen. Lindsey] Graham described a moral imperative for his president and his party,” The Post and Courier reported Thursday.

“Graham, who won re-election in 2014, also told South Carolina residents who oppose the DREAM Act not to vote for him,” PJ Media adds.

No doubt about it – those calling the shots have created quite a dilemma by intentionally enabling the cultural terraforming. True, those brought in by parents taking advantage of the deliberate gaping holes in border security put a human face to that dilemma that’s easy to sympathize with.

And those intent on “fundamental transformation” are counting on Americans’ innate decency to allow them to continue with the fraudulent reshaping of the Republic and its laws. As for anyone who might object, most of those can be chilled by smearing them as xenophobes and racists, as if observable and demostrable truths are only for bigots.

Put all that aside for a moment though, and let’s just look at numbers we can all verify.

All credible polls show such populations favor gun restrictions by an overwhelming (71% to 25%) margin, and this is proven in the real world by the California experience. Further, after over 20 years the needle barely moves to the right, so the “assimilation” argument has had decades to work and hasn’t, despite “welcoming” moves up to and including so-called “sanctuary cities.”

Here’s a challenge for anyone who wants to argue with this:

Audit all credible polls against real world experience in places like California and then produce credible data – not opinion, not anecdotes, not isolated examples, but something that can be independently validated – demonstrating that “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship” for MILLIONS of foreign nationals in this country illegally (and legally, with CURRENT culturally suicidal policies) WILL NOT overwhelmingly favor Democrats and anti-gunners.

Show your sources and methodologies for determining this WILL NOT result in supermajorities in state and federal legislatures that will then be able to pass all kinds of anti-gun edicts. Show how this WILL NOT result in nominations and confirmations of judges to the Supreme and federal courts who will uphold those edicts and reverse gains made to date.

If you can’t, explain why a politician’s position on an issue that will end up eviscerating “legal” recognition of the Second Amendment should not be reflected in grades and endorsements.

The National Rifle Association refuses to consider or address this, falling back on an increasingly hollow “single issue” excuse, even though Executive VP Wayne LaPierre admits all rights are connected:

“[T]o defend firearm freedom, we need more than just firearm freedom.  One right depends on another. They’re all cut from the same cloth of what it means to be free people.”

NRA even spent millions of dollars on an ad campaign to make just that point, but were careful to avoid talking the impact of “immigration” on those freedoms.

And while Sen. Graham has voted “the right way” on most “gun bills” (disregarding that Congress is no delegated authority to put the right to keep and bear arms to a vote), his support for “pathway to citizenship” amnesty WILL (not “may”) undo it all over the coming years if he prevails.

Why do you think Hillary Clinton promised “comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship”? Why do you think Democrat Rep. Kurt Schrader declared “It will decide who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years”?

What do they know that Graham pretends not to, as he stands with Dick Durbin, as avowed an enemy of the right to keep and bear arms as ever took an oath he fully intended to betray since Day One?

Yet for its part, NRA calls Graham “committed to defending our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.” And because it will not factor politicians’ related actions that undermine that into their grading and endorsement system, most members will never know how betrayal on immigration equates to taking back today’s “good votes” and ensuring tomorrow’s will only be bad ones.

Sen. Graham and NRA won’t address the challenge presented above because they know they can’t. They also can’t and won’t explain how making citizens out of foreign nationals who are demonstrably hostile to the Second Amendment “secure[s] the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

That’s really what it all boils down to.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. A LOT of people in the Upstate of SC want Linsey Graham gone. But we cannot vote against him because his power base is the low country ( Myrtle Beach & Charleston) Last election cycle he had 10 million dollars in his re-election account. He consistently out spends any conservative that challenges him.

    1. Pray. Then get a real conservative to run. JUST ONE. More than one and you simply give the election back to him. They did this in Arizona when several “Republicans” ran against McCain. including the radical liberal McSally In the end, the opposition was diluted and McCain won. JUST ONE TO OPPOSE THE TRAITORS.

    2. SC has a runoff but SC “Republicans” couldn’t even keep him down to 49.9%, not even with two conservatives running against him (Lee Bright was 100% solid). Total joke. Part of this is GOA’s fault. GOA promised to grade deluge immigration, invasion-occupation and anchor-Democrat fast breeding as the key indirect gun rights issues. Instead they broke their promise and buried the issue, so corrupt closet Democrats like Lindsey Graham still get a phony A grade. They didn’t even ding him for licking Sotomayor and other gun grabbers through the nomination process. And the stupidity gets worse. The dumbos at GOA endorsed and robo-called for Lee Bright, while letting Lindsey keep his phony A, thus wasting member money and shooting themselves in the foot.

      Of course the NRA is even worse on immigration, since their darling is Grover al Nor’Qu’ist. But morally, GOA is worse. NRA doesn’t even pretend to admit that immigration is THE fatal gun rights issue. GOA did articles about how amnesty would send the entire USA the way of California. GOA is far more morally culpable since they have acknowledged the issue and they KNOW a$$wipe$ like Graham should be getting Ds and Fs.

      In any case, Lindsey having more money doesn’t excuse lazy, corrupt SC Republican voters. Dave Brat won with just $200,000 against Eric Cantor’s $5+million. SC Rs were given a gift from God: Two solid conservatives and a runoff system that few states have. They voted for the Queen of Carolina because they’re glazy-eyed, celebrity-worshiping idiots, because he brings home the bacon, because they buy into his military “beard”, etc.

      1. Well said and thanks for the sordid details that help explain why this beastly ghoul keeps in power. Sad, pathetic, and an indicator of what is really wrong with this nation. It’s not the left, it’s the so-called right, the Republicans, who are really to blame since they will obviously vote for ANYONE with an “R” behind his name, so long as the Party leadership tells them to, just like an obedient member of the communist party in the USSR. Loyal lap-dogs who do as they are told. Pathetic. Gee, now I remember why I gave up on participating in GOP state organization and activism years ago. Yes, I know, we should “take over” the GOP, and reform it from the inside. Been there, done that, and look what we continue to get? I have more important things to do with my limited time. I know it needs done, and some poor bastard needs to do that thankless job, but I’ll be focused on forming up neighborhood watches with serious teeth, church security teams with teeth, and volunteer community and town watches (again, with TEETH), which can all be done outside of government precisely because of the corruption of the GOP. At least with the far left Marxists in the Democratic Party you know where they stand. The GOP counterparts like to go around in drag, masquerading as conservatives and the GOP faithful will continue to vote for them, of course.

        The local county Sheriff is the only race I would ever consider being involved in if there was a real constitutional sheriff candidate available to run. That is the only level I think worth the effort, frankly.

        God bless those of you who can still stomach party politics, but I just can’t do it any more.


    3. The people in Myrtle Beach aren’t quite as naive as they were in 2014. Graham has been a major disappointment to many. Ex, he sure didn’t come out a winner in any way in 2016 Nat’l Primaries and he has acted like media starved idiot ever since the election.The only place you’ll see him is next to whoever will give him 15 seconds of infamy.
      He certainly will not have my vote when his re-election comes up. I had made that decision quite sometime before this Durbin fiasco.
      Graham is nothing even close to Gowdy, Scott, or Rice. Nobody is perfect, but Graham sure works overtime at being totally imperfect. 7th District deserves much better than the likes of him. His main and only interest appears to be self-promotion.

      1. The Republicans of South Carolina owe the rest of the nation an apology for repeatedly unleashing the atrocious oath-breaker Lindsey “Candy Pants” Graham upon the nation, every bit as much as the GOP faithful of Arizona owe us an apology for repeatedly sending the toxic oath breaker John McCain to DC to continue his work to destroy our Republic. No accident that they work so closely on nearly everything. Why, or why, can’t the supposed patriots in the Republican Party clean out these two deep state ghouls? How much more damage will they do before we are finally rid of them?

      2. Just saw Gowdy supposedly deal with Juan Castro. It was about “compromise” and Castro kept claiming that the AMNESTY that he so loved was a “compromise”. Gowdy needed to ask one question. “What is the oppsing view that was from the other side that was part of the compromise. HE DID NOT. And Castro got away with claiming amnesty was a compromise.
        Gowdy is sharp. He let this go on purpose. I have seen him do it before.

  2. You should look a little deeper into Mr. LaPierre. He is a board member of The Turner Foundation. He should be the last person in the US associated with Ted Turner.

  3. And this is why I’m not a member of the NRA anymore and would encourage others to quit them.

  4. Unfortunately Lindsey Graham has never seen a TV camera nor any type of microphone placed in front of him he does not like. As a resident of upstate South Carolina, I agree with the gentleman who commented on us voters in the upstate, the majority want him gone. Lindsey’s biggest problem, other than being dumb, is he only wants to compromise with the other side in order to get along and not make waves. Even though he claims to be a Conservative and a Republican, he chooses the “easy” way rather than stand up for the beliefs he runs on. A Vietnam Vet whom I encounter on a regular basis here said it best last week when talking about John McCain’s recent diagnosis of brain cancer. He stated that Lindsey did not have to worry about getting brain cancer because he does not have a brain!!

  5. Its is beyond me how Lindsey Graham gets reelected? I have yet to talk to anyone that supports him, can not believed he has that big of a power base unless you add the democrats to his count????????

  6. If Americans would stop ENFORCING and OBEYING ‘Gun Control’ tyranny, the corrupt politicians may stop LEGISLATING it. But, as long as everyone gets paid their wage, who cares if it comes from sin, right?

    Tisk, tisk! Sorry, founding fathers. Your examples of American strength and dignity are lost on this servile generation. It stands to reason, that so too would the blessings born of said American strength be lost to us, as well.

    Pre-Reconstruction = “Live free or die,”

    Post-Reconstruction = “Live free, to whatever degree the politicians allow.”

  7. If Democrats and RINOs like Lindsey Graham are in favor of something, you can bet it will be bad for Americans and patriots should be against it. Name one thing that Graham has done that was good. Not a thing. And his conservative voting record is 33%. That is horrible.
    Again. If Graham or brain dead McCain are for something, I am against it.

  8. We in SC have been putting up with incompetent Lyndsey Graham for too long . Both him and McCain own weapons facility in Bulgaria. That is why they are War Mongers, they keep telling Administration that we should send more troops into harms way so they can sell their arms. Anywhere there are cameras Graham will search them out so he can carry water for the Democrats, belittling Trump at every turn or in twitter remarks. He ran in the primary for president couldn’t even get 1% in his own state, as far as people in the rest of the country could only get .08% to vote for him.

  9. No, no, no! How can we have politicians who are so stupid?! Illegals, whether themselves or as children, are still illegal. And they should be sent home for breaking our laws! There is no other option! We want the foreigners who have applied to come here legally and who are patiently waiting their turn. It’s a slap in the face to them when Senators consider such absurd policies as the new Dream Act!

  10. To those who don’t already know. Google “The Kalergi Plan” to get the proper name of the tidal wave of immigration that has afflicted Europe and the USA. This plan was devised before WW2, and now it is being implemented. Once you understand this, you will realize none of this is an accident. I would suggest that you read 5 to 10 of the hits you will get from googling “The Kalergi Plan” before you think you know what it’s about and who is behind it. And make it viral to those who have no clue.

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