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FBI Continues Dangerous Self-Promotion via Entrapment

FBI Continues Dangerous Self-Promotion via Entrapment
Planting and then picking low-hanging fruit eliminates the hazards of going after real bad guys, and can yield a bountiful media and funding harvest.

“Recordings reveal FBI gave man a rifle, urged him to carry out mass shooting to ‘Defend Islam,’” Activist Post reported Thursday in a story by USMC veteran and NSA intelligence operator Matt Agorist. “A little over two years ago, Samy Mohamed Hamzeh, 25, found himself in the midst of an FBI sting. Little did he know that he was being groomed for terrorism by the same government who claims to fight terrorism.”

Despite intensive and prolonged recruitment efforts, Hamzeh resisted. In the end, per The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “the resulting charges were two counts of possessing a machine gun and one count of possessing a silencer, all of which he bought for $570 from undercover FBI agents … [D]espite the hours of recorded Arabic conversations with the informants, he ultimately ‘rejected their overtures and lectured his informant friends about why such a plan would be wrong.’”

The price alone would alarm and alert any but the lowest-hanging fruit, which seems to be “the government’s” M.O. in such all-too-familiar operations.

“In Alaska, we have the 2011-2012 Schaeffer Cox case where Cox was constantly egged on to criminal acts – even threatened – by the exact same informant (Bill Fulton) who handcuffed a reporter at one of Joe Miller’s town halls in 2010,” the Restoring Liberty Blog recalls in its introduction to the Hamzeh story. “That was the incident that the national press suggested cost the election (in reality, it turned out to be massive voter fraud, as we discovered in subsequent ballot reviews). By the FBI’s own admission, that same informant was debriefed by the agency after the handcuffing incident.”

And it’s not like we couldn’t cite many more cases.

There were 15 “Confidential Informants” reported, not just gathering evidence, but committing unlawful acts to entrap Malheur Wildlife Refuge protestors. The FBI actually authorized it.

Similarly, per Pastor Chuck Baldwin, “The entire case against Hutaree appears to be based upon the testimony of an FBI undercover agent inside the group. Placing agent provocateurs inside groups such as Hutaree is a classic strategy of federal police agencies.”

We could spend all day citing federal, state and municipal cases.

“If you’re submitting budget proposals for a law enforcement agency, for an intelligence agency, you’re not going to submit the proposal that ‘We won the war on terror and everything’s great,’ cause the first thing that’s gonna happen is your budget’s gonna be cut in half,” Agorist quotes former FBI assistant director Thomas Fuentes. “You know, it’s my opposite of Jesse Jackson’s ‘Keep Hope Alive’—it’s ‘Keep Fear Alive.’ Keep it alive.”

“Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services,” the piece continues, this time quoting 20-year Marine Corps Intelligence Officer David Steele. “In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.

That’s not to say there is never justification for law enforcement infiltration of subversive groups and for using CIs. Of course there is, and in those cases, lives are being risked for the noble purpose of stopping evil. But when the line is crossed and the evil is fabricated for self-serving purposes, that spits on the terrible stresses and sacrifices of those risking all to save others and spreads the cancer of corruption. It betrays a main purpose for having government in the first place, as set down in the Preamble to the Constitution.

It should go without saying for those who have joined in groups for the honorable purposes of mutual defense and for promoting Constitutional rule of law: The best way to be entrapped is to trust someone urging illegal acts of violence. And that person may even be someone well-known to all, who may have become compromised and then pressed to betray his friends as the only alternative to incarceration.

In the words of “Sgt. Phil Esterhaus” from the 80s classic “Hill Street Blues”:

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Because the way things are, you don’t even have to do anything illegal to find yourself in a world of hurt, so being on guard against even the appearance of improprieties can be the best defense.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. My late friend/pastor always said that the KKK would disappear overnight and forever if the FBI were to stop financing it through informant infiltrators…

  2. Homeland Security, FBI, BATFE, CIA, NAS, Deep State bureaucrats as subversives and a run-away government with State police or locals usings “takings” with no convictions required and often sharing in the theft with “federalies,” while our senior military leadership are nothing but political shills is reason enough to get rid of the “Police State” and the mentality that goes with it. Trading liberty for security itself is a denial. There can be no security without liberty.

  3. When Uncle Shoog’s personnel decide to pursue destructive policies and continually deprive their fellow man of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights (and actually engage in activities that would land any of us in prison for the rest of our lives); it’s clearly time for a house cleaning.

    As with any agency, there will always be decent individuals amongst their numbers. Sadly, when these folks attempt to pursue our nation’s true enemies or pass credible Intel up the chain, they find themselves being personally attacked, fired, reassigned and even prosecuted!

    As a career LE, it sickens me that we have allowed such a state of affairs to come into existence and remain unchallenged and uncorrected. History has shown what such a long train of abuses eventually nets the usurpers and oppressors of our people.

    When the top LE agency and their spin-offs are more about confiscation and subterfuge instead of the safety and security of our nation and its people (and have been since most of their inceptions), it’s well past time for a housecleaning.

    1. @Jerry G…They were only “beyond reproach” because they didn’t have the internet back then. The only “news” was the controlled newspapers and radio programs. Some of us kids would sing in the 50’s…”My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of misery, of thee I sing, Land where my father died, shot by the FBI…”. And we thought it was a joke. If truth be told, I wonder just what their history would look like. Like most organizations, it only takes less than 5% of their membership (the psychotic psychopaths we hear so much about these days) to really screw things up. The problem is that the other 95% tolerate their bull sh*t.

  4. “In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI.”

    I’d like to see more than just one person’s statement to that effect. The idea that all Muslims in America are perfectly innocent is not correct; too many non Muslims witnessed Musims openly celebrating the 9/11 attack (whooping it up in the convenience stores that they have here in the US, likely at least partially funded by clueless US taxpayers).

    That statement will will give some clueless Americans even more reason to ignore the 1,400 year history of Islamic terrorism, and the Koranic command to kill all non-Muslims (except those they want to keep for particular uses, of course), at a time when the Muslims are trying to push Islam and Sharia on the entire world.

    1. @Jeannette…Yes, and its a wonder why anyone would want to import 10’s of thousands of them to come live in “no-go zones” here in the States, especially since we are still over there blowing up their countries. Makes me think of what Ronald Bernard, the Dutch Banker Whistleblower had to say recently. He says that the ELITE LUCIFERIAN BANKERS around the world finance the intelligence agencies and the terrorrist agencies equally, and that behind the scenes they are one and the same. He said this in part 2 of his expose, and I would suggest that each and every one of you google “ELITE DUTCH BANKER BLOWS THE WHISTLE”. Listen to part one and part two. They have it in the ENGLISH VERSION, so that you can listen to it without having to read the subtitles. This guy says that most high ranking diplomats, politicians, public servants, corporate heads etc. are in their position because they are bribeable and blackmailable due to crimes they have committed that were filmed, and the bosses at the top have the tapes. He says he refused to commit his crime when the time came and has been tortured and punished by them ever since.

    2. Have to agree to some extent on Islam in general. Historically, the majority of Islamic teachings have at its root in violence and subjugation; not only amongst themselves in sectarian squabbles, but any other religion is just not tolerated. Peaceful sects of Islam are the minority not the majority.

  5. Let’s get real ; It’s time to call out the owner , of the dog’s that bite . Most , of us know , that ISIS , is bought and paid for , by ” The Deep State ” a collective , of banker’s , intelligence agencie’s , secret societie’s and corporation’s ; President Trump know’s this too and he needs to call-out the Globalist , for what , they are ” The Swamp Creatures ” the one’s behind , this world-wide net-work , of terrorism ; I’m tired , of the politicians’ separating ” The Deep State ” , from the world-wide terrorism narrative , they own ISIS and are behind 911 and all , of the other ” False Flags’ ” ! Until the American people acknowledge , this reality ; Nothing , is going to change !!!

  6. Fed Gov “intelligence” agencies don’t just infiltrate subversive groups in our country, they infiltrate ALL groups in our country. If two or more people gather together on a regular basis, you can bet that one or more of them are agents of one or more of our “intelligence” agencies. And yes, this includes Oath Keepers. Remember, Obama’s feds were the ones who declared Oath Keepers, veterans, patriotic Americans, et al, to be Alt Right terrorist groups, and the feds under Trump have never cancelled any such designations. We all are being watched all the time by so many fed agencies, it is mind boggling.

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