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Fake Reality

Fake Reality

In an article on, High-Maintenance Divas: ‘Morning Joe’ Staff Fed Up with Demanding Co-Hosts, which mainly focuses on divas Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski and their romance, there is  a very telling admission:

According to the “Page Six” piece, “MSNBC has gone to considerable lengths to make it seem as if Scarborough has stayed put in the newsroom while Brzezinski appears to be on the road.”

But some of the show’s staffers have reportedly had enough. The Post points out that on recent shows, “Scarborough has appeared in front of a blue screen, similar to the ones of the NYC set, displaying the name of the show, while Brzezinski has been sitting in front of what seems to be a TV production office.”

But the pair have reportedly been just “actually yards away from each other, working out of a London broadcasting facility,” as the network has even “shipped separate teams of producers and crew out to the UK for each host, as they work from ‘different locations.’”

That MSNBC is presenting a false reality, pretending that Joe and Mika are in two different locations when they are actually just yards apart, sums up, in my view the distorted, fake reality that is not just the media fake reality, but the fake reality of the Globalist Elite.

For decades, they have been presenting us with a fake reality, in the economic, cultural and political aspects of life. Feminism, global warming, the refugee crisis, economic numbers, education (?) and the general false reality being thrust upon us by hypocritical Social Justice Warriors who actually encourage whites to kill themselves.

What you see in the Mainstream media and on the political stage is not reality. It is fake reality, designed to keep us separate and under the thumb of the Globalist Elite. Period.



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Spot on Shorty! They (Progressive Left) are literally swimming in their own s–t right now. They’ve encased themselves in a bubble and have, for all intents and purposes, sealed their own fate by rejecting truth and those who seek and defend it. Imagine the hell they will experience when it finally dawns on them?

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