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Courting Disaster: Supreme Court Decides Against Homeland Security

Court guts presidential authority to prevent the entry of terrorists.

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  1. Once again the US Constitution, the SUPREME contract that all who serve within our government are under and Oath bound to, is also the supreme Law of this land, and the definer of our governments, plus the divider of authorities/power DELEGATED is ignored.

    “Nevertheless on June 26, 2017 the Supreme Court decision inexplicably exempted aliens from the Executive Order who had “bona fide relationships” with close family members or entities in the United States.”

    “Here are the true issues ignored by the media and some judges:

    First and foremost, by focusing on the issue of “bona fide relationships” with persons and entities, an irrelevant issue, the true issue, national security, the sole purpose behind the Executive Order, is purposefully and blatantly ignored.’

    The US President is given those powers, that authority, that duty, NOT those that serve within the supreme court or any court, or within any other branch – and that is found in writing within the pertinent document. Add to that the Presidential Oath of Office that requires of all who serve in that position to “PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND” the US Constitution then President Trump is doing as his position requires of him and no judge or legislature has the authority to forbid him from doing his Lawful and found-in-writing duties.

    That E.O. is Lawful as I tell everyone everywhere this is discussed. Quit looking at those that serve as judges as the “last word” on the US Constitution, or on the duties assigned by the US Constitution. The position they serve within, as with the House of Representatives, Senate, US President, VP, etc all those positions and more exist because of that document they are all Oath bound to.

    What it come down to is that WE the people of the united States must speak out and say since President Trump is doing his written duty, and KEEPING his Oath (which most of those critics are NOT doing, judges and legislators, remember that is a felony and Perjury on their part) and that they NEED to take real Constitution classes, and We the People should assign someone like Dr. Vieira, etc to teach them what they are required contractually to know and to follow. Making sure that they also know that this is their LAST chance before felony and Perjury charges commence against them.

    This is OUR government, lets start acting like it, and do so following the terms found in writing within that document, the Constitution of the United States of America.

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