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Can We Finish the Mainstream Media?

Can We Finish the Mainstream Media?

Do you have cable TV? Did you know you are paying CNN every month as part of your Cable TV package? Do you like that you are supporting the worst “fake media” company on the planet?

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast discusses how we can attack “fake news” sites from an economic basis.

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Shorty Dawkins



    1. I did watch the video. There doesn’t seem to be anything else I can since I don’t have cable, satellite, or any TV service at all. Anything I need to see, I can find on the internet, from one country or another.
      So I’ll just continue my practice of preaching to the masses about the evils of TV, Sports, and the many other distractions offered to the unsuspecting population to keep them occupied and NOT paying attention to what is going on within our corrupted government offices. (Many of which should not exist at all.)
      I admit that at times, my efforts appear to be a lesson in futility, but once in a while I do manage to get through to someone, so I will not stop.
      It is of course each individual person’s choice. So stay entertained and ignorant, OR stop feeding the beast that plans to devour you.


      1. Ah, you haven’t tried it yet. You don’t even have to get TV on it to get the advantages of it. In fact, all that searching on the web you’re talking about, can be done on ROKU. Plus, there are big time educational videos on; “Homesteading, build anything, off grid, survival, guns, etc.”

        I, like you am very informed via internet. This is the internet on steroids!

      2. @ David, Ya brother I had snail internet, until it broke down, and then my son (younger generation ) came over and did a jig and a dance and now I get much better service through his rig-a mor-al. No cost to dad.
        Kids can be good for something, LOL.. I know it’s great being broke in your golden yrs.

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