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Are We Anti-Government ? HELL NO!

Rocky Hall interviews rancher Thom Davis of Riley, Oregon about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the ownership of grazing allotments, the Malheur Refuge, LaVoy Finicum, increasing violence, and a Constitutional government.

Published on Jul 12, 2017 – Rocky Hall

What would LaVoy do?

Are we anti-government or anti-corruption in government?

We do need a Constitutional government.

We do not support those promoting anarchy or violence towards police, the military, or the federal government.


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  1. I am for and support Godly, Constitutional government. I am very much against Godless, corrupt, unconstitutional government and will stand against it. I took the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the U.S. and that includes standing against tyranny.

  2. I am a retired deputy sheriff and 33 years ago on my first day of the academy I , along with others, was sworn in. During the swearing in, I (we) all raised our right hand and swore an oath to up hold the laws of the land and especially the Constitution of the United States of America…my country all law abiding citizens of our country are protected from corrupt politicians and tryanny of these individuals who abuse their privilege or power of the political positions they have been elected to serve in. Unfortunately, these individuals, especially in California have decided that they are above the laws and regulations. So they come up with anti citizen, religion, and socialistic remedies to support their agendas. If the people who disagree with them then they are chastised or targeted as a threat to their agendas. I worked my tail off for many years trying to protect the good citizens of our country and state of California only to see it being destroyed by the unmoralistic, God hating liberals. I don’t advocate violence but it’s time for all the true Americans, what ever your race, creed or religion to step up and vote these anti American politicians out of office. GOD Bless America

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