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Al Gore Humiliation: NASA Study Confirms Sea Levels Are FALLING

Al Gore Humiliation: NASA Study Confirms Sea Levels Are FALLING

The sad, Inconvenient Truth, is that Al Gore is simply a huckster. He has been peddling his snake-oil story of Global Warming (oops, sorry, it’s cooling) that became Climate Change. He prophesied the seas would rise and flood coastal cities and most of Florida. (oops, the seas are falling). He didn’t invent the Internet, and he flies to Climate Change symposiums in private planes, all the while telling we, the ‘common folk’ to use less fuel, because of carbon emissions. (plants use carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which animals and humans breathe) Please, Al, go away. We don’t want your snake-oil. – Shorty Dawkins

This article comes from The Gateway Pundit

by Joshua Caplan

When we look back on this period of history, we’ll say climate change was one of the greatest hoaxes. Politician-turned-environmental activist, Al Gore has become wealthy beyond his wildest dreams (and intelligence) thanks to pushing the “big lie.”

A new study from NASA confirms sea levels are falling — not rising. reports:

NASA satellite sea level observations for the past 24 years show that – on average – sea levels have been rising 3.4 millimeters per year. That’s 0.134 inches, about the thickness of a dime and a nickel stacked together, per year.

Al Gore Humiliation: NASA Study Confirms Sea Levels Are FALLING

As I said, that’s the average. But when you focus in on 2016 and 2017, you get a different picture.

Sea levels fell in 2016, and with all of this winter’s record-breaking snowfall, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decline again this year.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I disagree with this article. First of all, do you not see the general trend of this graph? Sea level is rising. Second of all, temperatures have been rising super quick in only the past few DECADES. But I will admit, Al Gore is not the one to talk climate change, with his lavish house that is less energy efficient than the average American:s house.

    1. Is it within the margin of error? ? Humans have only explored 5% of the Earth’s oceans, and we have less than 250 years of recorded weather out if 4.5+ billion years this plant has existed. THINK!
      This is a tax and spend SCAM from the global elite, TAKING taxpayer dollars to GIVE to Corportaions!

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