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“Wild Bill for America” Arrested in Canada on June 24th

William Finlay was released later in the day after agreeing to leave the country. The arrest was for “hate speech” on his laptop computer. This story is best told in his own words.

Smuggler Bill’s Canada Blues




  1. In Idaho, there was a little girl molested – Three Syrian refugees raped [edit] a 5-year-old girl at knifepoint in Idaho…
    From Redoubt News: “The parents of the victim were running out of advocates. This illegal and immoral act has taken second place to a political agenda, an agenda that would have us believe a political, civil and military movement is a “religion” and should have more rights than this little girl and her family…
    In a shameful push towards “acceptance” of certain groups into the community the Mayor…”

    Basically the politspeech to “acceptance and allowance” for the unLAWFUL practices being brought to this nation by “certain groups” is already here. This happened in 2016.

    What people forget is that we have the NATURAL and God given right to self defense and the defense of our families, those around us. This, those things are why our founders required us to be armed and trained, to be knowledgeable about the US Constitution and our state Constitutions so that we know when those who serve are breaking our Laws; are using force, political pressure, threats of the IRS, etc against the American people – all unLawfully. In the above crime against that little girl, the politics of the area required that those who did the awful things to her got to run free as if they did nothing, while still living in her neighborhood. They were smug to that family in the knowledge that little IF ANYTHING would happen to them.

    Guess what, I care not what their religion, etc is, but when they come to the USA, it is OUR LAWS that must be enforced; and it is those who serve within our government at any and every level that do not do those things, that do not keep their Oaths that MUST be removed and charged with the crimes they committed while serving. Those who “just follow orders” and/or “just do their jobs” and enforce those unLAwful actions are committing crimes against their own country, their own legitimate government, etc.

    There are good reasons why the Oath is a REQUIREMENT from every single governmental position (that little all inclusive word “all”), and that is to make sure that those that serve within our governments at least read and know the document to which they are bound and REQUIRED to “support and defend” above and before orders of superiors and before the duties of the position occupied. What does that mean? That means that your “boss”, “superior”, etc is ONLY above you when the actions they do, the orders they give, the requirements they have of those under them is constitutional. If not, then they are in the words of our founders, “null and void”. That would mean one of three things – your superior is ignorant of the requirements of the Oath they took with all its ramifications, or they are deliberately working from within to destroy our nation (and remember, traitors do so much damage because they are so likeable that no one wants to believe); or they are ignorant of the contract that they serve under – none of which is acceptable Lawfully here in the USA. But it IS why we are where we are at today in our nation.

    There would have been no “Free Trade” if those who serve had kept their Oaths, still today if they were keeping their Oaths. There would be no TSA all over airports, etc. There would be NO NSA spying on Americans – not one person in that agency keeps their Oath or it would not be going on still, they work AGAINST our legitimate government, our nation, our people. There would not be NDAA, Patriot Act, Americans invading other nations without a LAWFUL declaration of war by the CONGRESS; Etc.

    Finicum would be alive; or those who ambushed him (NOT a roadblock) would be in jails awaiting their prosecutions. There would not have been a Waco, etc. No one would have fired at Kent state. There would not be a Federal Reserve, nor can there be one LAWFULLY today as the US Constitution is very clear who is assigned those duties, and what our money must be.

    Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, etc would be either still fighting for their lives in the courts, or have been sentenced for their crimes up to and including treason. Obama for his crimes up to and including First Degree Murder (btw, Trump has not dumped First Degree Murder powers that I have heard of, anyone hear differently?)

    Here in the USA all are EQUAL under the LAW, constitutional Law. That means regardless of politics, regardless of wealth, cries committed would still be handled as our LAWS require. All enforcers who do not do so are working against our nation, our legitimate government be it because of ignorance or choice. Etc.

    God Bless and Stay Safe All!

    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

    Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

    Sidenote, hope you see the humor. There is a park notice for Independence Day

    July 4 Park Rules
    No generators, propane grills
    No tents and shelters
    Police will be conducting searches of bags and coolers reasons of public safety
    No alcoholic beverages – at any time (current rule)
    No personal fireworks, including novelty fireworks and sparklers
    No dogs or pets allowed all day
    Skate park, Basketball court, Tennis courts, and kid’s cove will be closed at 7pm
    Notice: The entire park is under video surveillance

    BEt you can understand exactly what those LE’s will be doing when they search bags and coolers with no crime committed, and no warrants issued. Yep, *Terrorism against the American people.

    *28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

    Cannot get much more unAmerican then that. The choice is always ours, do we stand for the US Constitution, our state Constitution, and our nation; keep our Oath which keeps us from being felons and perjurers, or ????

    1. I’ve always respected your “Constitution First” response to those suggesting its time for us to take the law into our own hands in dealing with the oath-breakers Cal. We have managed a level of patience I never would have thought possible…and now (I hope this isn’t wishful
      thinking) it appears the super halogen light of justice is slowly veering back onto the crooks (Lynch, Sanders, et al) where the bread crumbs lead straight to the Clintons & Obama. Are we in the process of reclaiming our “Shining City on the Hill” status, just as the rest of the world is going mad around us?

  2. Wild Bill- Australia, UK, and most of Europe have such laws. They do not enjoy the 1st amendment. Dont spend alot of time on this matter for Canada- focus on the USA- I mean that. Lets keep that insanity OUT of the USA. When the public catching on- the notes will become jibberish- en code- maybe they can crack codes, maybe they cant- my point it- that it is only logical that code words and under the radar will begin. Dont be too mad at Canada- they copy the USA- we do this and more to folks crossing the border. Certainly it isnt right- it just is. Some years ago- I also lost a computer via – something sort of like you did-by now the data on it is obsolete and they more less have electronic waste. Finally – dont put all your eggs in one basket. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  3. Canada is in the full grip of “progressives” and far down the slippery slope to full blown socialism and not far from a real communist state.

    Think about it, arresting a foreigner for thought crime, and officers of the law enforcing Sharia.

  4. There is and never has been any legal right to free speech in Canada. The Canadian Nazi gov has a long historic record of prosecuting, then jailing individuals they politically don’t like. Look it up.

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