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The Truth…and Why We Don’t Get It

The Truth...and Why We Don't Get It

John, at the Prepared Mind, has some thoughts for a Saturday morning. Why are we fed garbage as news? Does anyone really pay attention to the “mainstream news”? Why? Why is the government not tightening its belt? The US economy is suffocating from debt, and taxes to pay the government’s debt? When is enough enough? When driving toward a cliff, isn’t it prudent to stop? Or veer away?

Bread and circuses. The Romans knew enough to keep the population fed and entertained, as a means of keeping them appeased. The “mainstream news” is nothing but a circus. To be prepared, you need to be informed, which the globalist “mainstream news” certainly won’t do. They want you to stay dumb and happy.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I liked what I think Denzel Washington said,”You need to read the news to stay informed.And when you read the news you will become dis informed.

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