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Slaughter, Louisiana Police Department in Turmoil – Mass Exodus

June 28, 2017 

SLAUGHTER – The Police Department in the Town of Slaughter is in turmoil tonight, after the Chief and the majority of his department called it quits.

All of this follows stories by the Investigative Unit that showed Slaughter Mayor Robert Jackson had a quota system where he wanted Police Officers to write 40 tickets per month. Officers said they would not enforce it. 

Chief Walter Smith said once almost everyone walked out, he decided it was time to leave too. With a mass exodus of almost everyone in his department, he said it was hard to do his job. 

“Everyone I had working here when you talked to me last (two months ago) no longer is,” Smith said.

At the Police Department, eight police units sit parked. There’s not much work being done. That’s because there’s no one to drive them.

Slaughter, Louisiana Police Department in Turmoil - Mass Exodus
Smith said almost everyone left following this conversation that was recorded by the Assistant Slaughter Police Chief.

“You need some extra money, go pick up three or four people,” Jackson was recorded saying. “You can write your own check. We get paid, and you get paid. You can’t say it ain’t fair.”

“The law precludes him from doing that,” Chief Smith said. “But, he was not up enough ont hat law to know that.”

Smith says in addition to telling his men to break the law, the micro-management was so bad it was hard for him to do his job. 

“Mayors like to run their towns,” Chief Smith said. “All of that, but when you have an elected chief, they are administrators. Every chief that’s elected has issues. The mayor wants you to do one thing, but forgets the daily operations of the chief is his business.”

So, what happens now? Now that the majority of the Slaughter Police Department has left, the chief says the Mayor and Council will likely appoint an interim replacement as chief, until an election can be held to name a permanent replacement

“If we need assistance, the Sheriff’s Office will back us up,” Smith said. “Plus we have a mutual agreement with Clinton and Jackson.”

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