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Reports: Kellogg Cutting Far More Jobs Than Originally Claimed

Reports: Kellogg Cutting Far More Jobs Than Originally Claimed

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by Warner Todd Huston

Since early this year, breakfast food giant Kellogg has been saying it intends to fire several thousand employees. But now insiders are saying that number will be more like 11,000 when all is said and done.
In February, the cereal maker announced that it was shifting its distribution model and intended to close 39 distribution centers in states all across the country. Thus far, employees in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, New York, and other states have been informed of their impending layoffs.

The average number of employees left without a job seems to be about 250 per facility closing. At that average, it approaches 10,000 lost jobs. But some facilities have already lost up to 500 jobs, so the 11,000 figure seems more likely.

The latest to be informed of their unemployment were workers in Horsham and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where up to 500 workers will be without jobs by August, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The paper’s insider insisted that the job loss is more extensive than Kellogg wants to admit.

“He figures those losing their jobs include ‘at least 1,500 sales reps,’ plus several support workers and merchandisers for each rep, plus Teamsters truck drivers, loaders, and warehouse support personnel,” The Inquirer reported.

Kellogg’s has been struggling with a changing marketplace and pressure by retailers such as Walmart to cut costs.

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  1. Walmart, once again raising its ugly treasonous gov supported head.

    Hard to compete when it is supported by our governments – state and federal, gets the, or close to the largest welfare package per year, NOT including the health care etc of is employees. That comment/article should still be in OK archives.

    But let me list the ways of Walmart “cutting” costs by its innovative “marketing, etc’. First they rarely have to pay for either the land or the building (or deep cuts to the cost of building). Add to that where they can have the “ownership” of one store be listed at another store and then deduct the “rent” paid to itself. Etc, etc.

    There is nothing I need badly enough, or am poor enough, to buy from Walmart. Some scum in our government offered Sam’s kids a way to be the “best”, or at least keep all the US market, and they jumped on to it. The idea was to start driving other businesses/stores into shutting down, cut wages, etc to destroy our nation. I screamed and wrote this all over the place – with links – and no one cared. Well, now we are almost out of choices to shop from, we lost a HUGE part of our industry (Free Trade along with Walmart’s deal (and probably others I never found out about).

    No more American industry because Walmart showed the way along with the sleeping “Americans” who did their best to destroy all other companies by shopping at Walmart because of the prices. As I tried to explain how could they compete when those scum who serve within our governments pay Walmarts bills?

    Isn’t it time we start going after, Lawfully, all the governmental corruption?

    We have governors who UNLAWFULLY, and without any legitimate authority, go make treaties, deals with foreign nations – besides that it is criminal, breaks the contract/compact between the states, and I believe is a mandatory sentence of 10 years, and a fine (might be and/or fined) – I need to look that up again, or maybe someone already knows.
    We have agencies that should NOT exist, or go way beyond the contract that created them. Notice that I am not even getting into the corrupt political agendas going on.

    Remember that those that serve have specific and put-into-writing authority that they are ALLOWED to use for as long as they KEEP the contract that they serve under (US Constitution, state Constitution), etc.

    The framers never thought we would let so many who could be either bought off or blackmailed into our government; but they still made it clear that the PEOPLE of the united States have the last word – not those that serve.

    In one of Goudy’s videos he said something while watching Comey for assent, almost as if asking permission which still bothers me. He said (paraphrasing) that after 9/11 the American people ASKED those who serve within our governments to keep us safe. THAT IS A LIE. It was already written up and a done deal immediately. The corporate traitors to our nation kept repeating over and over again, like all of us is dumbed down, etc, that Americans asked for our natural rights to be taken away. Once again, THAT IS A LIE. The impression I received from him is that he KNEW it was a lie, and was phrasing it VERY carefully in the heat of the moment.

    I know that many said that we needed to go after those who attacked us – still at that time believing that it was NOT our own government, AGAIN. All of this stuff, like the wars, are all based on lies. Yet we let it continue. WHY?

    1. Yes Cal, now I am asking you why?And to the others that really care for their country, why? Cal I know that you see it as well as I and so many others here, Why? I asked from you a constitutional question several articles back, because I see you as an expert on the subject, but I got no answer from you. I don’t know if it is because you do not trust me or what.And quite frankly at this point we have both stuck our necks out far enough, that I really do not care. I go on to other sites and people blab their heads off yet not seem to care.Yet they give no real help or solutions. To tell you the truth I am to old and beat up to care about that and I.(as I hope that you do) want to pass on some real and timely solutions to those that are truly patriots and want to help save the Republic.
      Sincerely,FTR, CB

      1. @ Cal, I am so sorry if I was harsh with you Cal. I apologize for lashing out. I think that I am just so frustrated at what is going on in this country.It truly seems almost unbelievable or surreal. Again I pray you will forgive me. I plea temporary insanity.

  2. If anything positive is to happen regarding the Walmart situation, it will be local. Small town government officials give massive property tax and land price discounts to Walmart stores and distribution centers. These small town officials get kick backs and likely receive stock and profit sharing benefits.

    It is up to the people of small towns across America to start asking questions about the fiscal details of their local Walmart and city government.

    Perhaps locals could demand laws which would require all members of city government to release their tax information, and also have public access to the property tax/ land price information of national and international companies​ operating within their townships. Also, city government could enact a part time employee and or low wages tax on large companies. Hey, Walmart, if you want to do business in our town, you will have no more than 25% part time employees, and if you pay less than $12/hr, we will tax you mercilessly. Oh, and by the way, if you operate a self checkout​ lane in our town, the customer will get a discount for performing the labor of scanning and bagging, or we will tax that too. Then make a law where all taxes collected are 100% public information, and use half of this money to offer tuition to community college for residents of the township.

    Furthermore, towns could force these mega corporations to use local labor for maintenance, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, etc..

    I put forth the speculation that some towns may even go as far as discounting electrical, water, sewage, and other municipal costs, as well as offering special legal privilege.

    This issue isn’t just Walmart either. You can bet that many fast food chains, home improvement stores, and other large companies all play by a very different set of fiscal rules​ than small business owners do.

    The problem isn’t impossible to solve, it just requires the local people to PUBLICLY ask the correctly phrased questions.

    Walmart trains their secret shoppers and plain clothes security to immediately stop and report anyone talking about a union or better pay, and you can bet your bottom dollar that this kind of behavior is prevalent far beyond their treeless parking lots.

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