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Portland Antifa Attacks Lone Black Guy. Gets Humiliated.

Portland Antifa Attacks Lone Black Guy. Gets Humiliated.

Thugs calling themselves Anti-fascists, are the real fascists.

In this first video, from InfoWars, a totally obnoxious and fascist “anti-fascist” from Antifa confronts a smaller, lone black man, insulting him and telling him to “f***ing leave” or to “f***ing shut up”. The white Antifa member then throws a weak punch and the black man decks him. Other Antifa members try to shield video cameras so the assault can not be captured on film. Other Antifa scream hysterically and seem confused.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

In the second video, Owen Shroyer, from InfoWars covers the Austin, TX Anti-Sharia rally.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]


Shorty Dawkins



  1. What sort of “police” allow Communists to intimidate photographers who are merely trying to document the antics of those Communist? Oregon? Oregonsky is more like it.

    1. This is BS, these fascist Muslims animals need to be kicked out of our country. Don’t need them here, don’t want them here. They come here and abuse our rights for their agenda. All they want is Death to Americans. Our givernment is so damn corrupt they accommodate these pigs anyway they can. They need to go!!!

  2. That basement dwelling, antifa larp didn’t realize that he was in the real world and not in a video game. He didn’t understand why he got body slammed to the ground, after all he kept pushing the square and triangle buttons. These antifa animals should be thankful that the police protect them.

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