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Please Donate to Help Patriot Antonio Foreman With Medical Bills

Trump supporter stabbed 9 times after political rally

Antonio Foreman was one of our volunteers from our Berkeley CA free speech rally security operation. He has also done personal security for Baked Alaska as well as GOP Congressional candidate Omar Navarro.

Antonio was brutally attacked last weekend by two men with knives in an attempted murder late at night in a parking lot. By the grace of God Antonio survived and his attackers are now in custody but Antonio is now facing significant medical bills.

Please help this patriot by donating to his medical fund here:

We have confirmed with Antonio that the above link is a legitimate donation page run by people he trusts.  He deserves our full support.

Stewart Rhodes

More details below in an article from World Net Daily.

Please Donate to Help Patriot Antonio Foreman With Medical Bills

Please Donate to Help Patriot Antonio Foreman With Medical Bills

Please Donate to Help Patriot Antonio Foreman With Medical Bills

Please Donate to Help Patriot Antonio Foreman With Medical Bills


Trump supporter stabbed 9 times after political rally

Trump supporter Tony Foreman is in intensive care after he was stabbed nine times following a “free speech rally” in Santa Monica, California, on Saturday.

Now some are claiming the June 17 stabbing is a hate crime because they claim Foreman was targeted for his pro-Trump views. The stabbing reportedly came after he left a sanctuary-city protest.

Foreman works as a bodyguard for Tim Gionet, an Internet personality known as “BakedAlaska,” his Twitter handle. He is also a member of Oathkeepers, a group of veterans who provide security at pro-Trump rallies.

“This was politically motivated,” Omar Navarro told Fox 11. “That’s a concern because he’s a good friend of mine. I’m just really shocked someone would do this. What happened to free speech?”

Gionet told the news station, “We don’t know if it was politically motivated, but we do know there were some racial slurs for him being white that were said to him.”

He added: “It’s been pretty heartbreaking. He’s lucky to be alive getting stabbed nine times.”

Gionet, who claimed the assailants shouted “white boy & cracker,” tweeted: “LAPD detective tells me the last thing Tony heard before blacking out was: ‘You’re getting the shank White Boy.”

Santa Monica police confirmed they have arrested two suspects.

“The victim and suspects got into an argument that continued as both vehicles pulled out of a parking structure and allegedly resulted in a minor traffic collision,” police said.

According to the HeatStreet blog, Lt. Saul Rodriguez of the Santa Monica Police Department said the two male suspects have been identified as Edgar Khodzhasaryan, 30, and Arsen Bekverdyan, 31.

The two men were charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Bail was set at $1 million.

Read more plus video at WND:


Please Donate to Help Patriot Antonio Foreman With Medical Bills
Antonio Foreman in Berkeley, second from left, back row.





  1. I was about to donate but it is confusing about the ‘proposed bounty’ must become a ‘wanted bounty’ or the money goes to news researchers? Below it then says that all the money goes to Antonio’s medical fund. It is all as clear as mud. Not good enough for me. Even after a quickie google search I’m still not clear. Hmmm.

    Give me a clearer way to donate him money. I want to and will.

  2. I think StormN1 above, has a good point. I saw this information on The Burning Platform several days ago and hesitated to contribute due to the unknown recipient organization and what the actual use of the donated money would be. I am very happy that Oath Keepers picked it up.

    Several ideas: 1) I would like to donate to a separate fund to cover any expenses other than medical. I expect the medical expenses will be astronomical. 2) Possibly donate a portion to an entity that can obtain an attorney (pro bono or paid) that will negotiate with the hospital to eliminate the bill as a public service to both the community and to a truly good guy. 3) If the negotiations with the medical providers do not work, then declare bankruptcy. 4) Then use the donated money to help Antonio directly during his recovery.

  3. House. Divided. How long until the fall? Multiculturalism and diversity purposefully promulgated to assist the tyrannical elites in maintaining and garnering evermore wealth and power.

    Belief that successful military coup and ensuing military dictatorship only way to save the USA. Constitution can mostly be followed with a few deviations to allow getting the USA back on a sustainable path. Then revert to civilian control.

    One other option; USA warrior class musters and takes control of enough viable territory that a New USA could be created. Hopefully enough military and law enforcement past and present would join us. Leave the PC USA behind to fend for itself. The warriors will secure the border and get to work creating a new country where tyrannical elites and massive immense corporations and lazy hand-out swilling bums are not allowed.
    Something must be done eventually before the inevitable sliding into the abyss of destruction destroys the USA Empire.

    Note that a thousand-pages were condensed to a few paragraphs. Incredibly complex stuff, folks.

    1. Obbop…….House. Divided……bulls eye……great post and I have to believe that countless Americans would agree with it…..Multiculturalism and diversity has basically consumed our collective lunch, is a terminal cancer, and advancing faster than most realize. There will be a “showdown” of some configuration, and it is on the not to distant horizon ! I, personally, like “option 2″………

    2. “Belief that successful military coup and ensuing military dictatorship only way to save the USA.”

      Not sure WHO you are saying has that belief, because no thinking person that I know has it. Why not? Because if the “military brass” was HONEST, HONORABLE, OATH KEEPING Americans none of this would have been happening. Instead, in order to keep their power, money, status, Pentagon they are not only willing, but are, KEEPING us in UNLAWFUL wars; working to DESTROY the US Constitution, and are – if not the complete group (and I do not believe they are) are a HUGE part of those that are going to use our own MILITARY soldiers that “just follow orders” and “just do their jobs” against us.

      Let me say it openly – They are the traitors along with the CIA, FBI, DoD, etc alphabet agencies, banking, corporations that are behind the destruction of our nation, of our sovereignty, of the people with the propaganda, subliminal, etc. Do the research yourself and see who went after the crew of the Arizona, etc. They are the ones that want our soldiers to fire upon their own people.

      THEY are the scum of the earth that need charges and prosecutions along with the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama and their complete administrations (because a lot that tried to stop them DIED by suicide – few bullets, hands tied behind them, legs tied with chains, thrown – oops – jumped into a river; etc with a multitude of suicided, openly murdered, single plane/vehicle accidents, etc.

      NO military that is keeping their oath should follow any unLawful order. Same for any LE. How can you tell what is Lawful? The US Constitution, a great help is the Bill of Rights. IF you are truly defending your nation and people, then do NOT follow orders until we get the traitors out of our government and that does include the military. Do NOT invade nations without a open and loudly spoken by the Congress declaration of war. Do NOT break and enter into homes, kill their animals, their kids, them until we get the traitors and domestic enemies OUT of our governments – state and federal. Actually stand for your nation, KEEP YOUR OATH! And anyone who tells you to deviate in any way from that written document IS a domestic enemy at best, and quite possibly a traitor – knowingly or unknowingly the end result is still the same – the destruction of our nation.

      God Bless and Stay Safe All!

      If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

      Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

      1. Of course Oath Keepers is Cal’s home address…makes perfect sense. Not to take anything away from the other patriot groups. But Oath Keepers, as far as I can tell, are 100% guided by our North Star, The US Constitution.

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