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Playing Nice with The LEFT Gets You The DC Shooter and Domestic Terrorists

Playing Nice with The LEFT Gets You The DC Shooter and Domestic Terrorists

Patriot Nurse has a new video, where she speaks plainly about what she sees happening in our Country.

From the video description:

Enough with the excuses of disarmament. Playing nice with rabid Marxists and Antifa nutjobs is only going to escalate the problem. The 2nd Amendment exists or times such as these.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. As usual, I agree with her. Just read where Glenn Beck wants to “Peace them into submission.” Here’s what he doesn’t understand, they have no self awareness, very few morals and their spiritual compasses are broken. Couple these things with only being able to think with their hearts, and they are unreachable, period!

      1. Not sure “Prodigal Son” applies. When I first read your post I sort of agreed, but then I let it stew for a bit. Also, I couldn’t get the video to play through smoothly the first time. Patriot Nurse and I have a lot in common. That sounded suspiciously close to one of my rants. That said, I believe God expects us to thwart the “False Prophets.” Search that term and you find reference to it in Patriot Nurses’ religious text version and ours. She’s a thousand percent correct, Screw their Unconstitutional Regulations and petty gun limiting rules. For that matter, screw the Godless minions from which these narratives and violent acts originate. This is about to get ugly and it’s not by our doing. I’m to the point where it’s hard to feel sorry for these creeps.

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