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Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen Tour

Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen Tour

The folks at An American Homestead built an outdoor off-grid kitchen for use in the hot days of summer, as they cook and can over a wood fire.

From the video description:

The need for an outdoor kitchen became apparent during summer months and the south’s extreme heat. Hours and hours are spent canning the produce that will be the food for our family during the winter. Sorghum will be squeezed and and rendered into syrup for sugar in this kitchen.

Jaimie gives a tour of the homestead out door kitchen and shows you how we have been using it since its completion.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I remember as a kid on vacation driving through the mountains on vacations. Homes were far and few between if you could even see them. Before daylight we could smell in the air the bacon cooking around 5 a.m as we drove. My thought would be to keep the cooking on a down low to avoid unwanted guest.

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