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Oath Keepers Offers Protection to Oregon Republicans in Wake of Violence and Death Threats

Oath Keepers Offers Protection to Oregon Republicans in Wake of Violence and Death ThreatsOath Keeper USMC Veteran (from Vancouver, WA) Standing Guard in Portland, OR, June 4, 2017


UPDATE, June 5, 2017:

James Buchal, the Multnomah County, OR GOP Chair, joined us for the Free Speech Rally in Portland, yesterday.   In fact he spoke at the rally, delivering an exceptional, heart-felt speech.   Oath Keepers provided him with a professional Personal Security Detail (PSD) to and from the rally, and he was kept safe the entire time.  Not a hair on his head was touched, despite several attempts by Antifa to get close to him.  He later stated that he “wouldn’t have felt safe enough to attend the rally without Oath Keepers protection.”   It speaks well of him as a patriot and as a leader that he led by his example, speaking at an event that others were too afraid to attend.   The Multnomah County Republicans are lucky to have him as their Chair.  Like a true leader, he leads from the front and we hope the rest of the Multnomah County Republicans will follow his example.   And if they do, we would be honored to protect them.



June 3, 2017

Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes contacted the Multnomah County, OR GOP Chair, James Buchal, this past week to offer free volunteer security teams to protect Oregon Republicans at public events after a series of violent incidents and threats of violence in Portland, Oregon.   This was in response to recent statements by Mr. Buchal that many Oregon Republicans were now afraid to attend public events and he was considering using volunteer “sheepdogs” such as Oath Keepers and Three Percenters for help with security.  In an official statement, Chairman Buchal elaborated:

Multnomah Republican Party members have experienced physical and verbal attacks merely for sitting at booths under the Party banner at street fairs in Portland.  A lunatic on Facebook threatened to stab our members to death for daring to march in the Avenue of Roses Parade; Parade organizers told the newspaper they couldn’t get assurances of police protection, and cancelled the Parade. No blood was shed in those cases, but Multnomah County Republicans don’t feel safe in public, and we are trying to figure out how to respond.  More and more citizens are stepping forward to assume the role of sheepdogs as the population of wolves rises.

And who are those sheepdogs he is speaking of?   None other than Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters. As The Guardian reported:

Multnomah County GOP chair James Buchal, however, told the Guardian that recent street protests had prompted Portland Republicans to consider alternatives to “abandoning the public square”.

“I am sort of evolving to the point where I think that it is appropriate for Republicans to continue to go out there,” he said. “And if they need to have a security force protecting them, that’s an appropriate thing too.”

Asked if this meant Republicans making their own security arrangements rather than relying on city or state police, Buchal said: “Yeah. And there are these people arising, like the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters.”

It comes as no surprise that Chairman Buchal should think of Oath Keepers as well as the Three Percenters when trying to find a solution to the terrorism against conservatives in Portland.  We are the “sheepdogs.”  What patriot group has a higher percentage of well-trained, competent, professional police and military veterans than Oath Keepers?  None. What group has a higher obligation and duty, under their stated mission, to stand in the breach and defend those who cannot defend themselves?  None.  If we will not do it, why should anyone else?  And for those timid souls who consider this kind of operation “too dangerous” to do in Portland, what would you say to Chairman Buchal and the other Republicans in Multnomah County?   What would you say to their senior citizens who are afraid of being beaten in the streets just for being a Republican?  Would you say:
“Sorry to hear your elderly members are being assaulted and threatened with death for simply having a public booth, and now are afraid to go out in public in Portland, as Republicans.  Thanks for thinking of us, but you’re on your own there in Multnomah County, because we think it’s just too risky for us to protect patriotic Americans from communist dirtbag terrorists in Portland.  We’ve weighed the pro’s and con’s, and we just see no up-side (for us).   But good luck!”
Over my dead body, and not on my watch!   I called Mr. Buchal on Wednesday and pledged our unconditional support, and I let him know that I will personally fly in from Montana, if necessary, to lead the way in ensuring that his people are protected at public events.  I told him that he has a standing offer, and all he has to do is ask.  And that we would do it for FREE.   He was very grateful and we had a good laugh at how the leftist media is going crazy over his merely mentioning our name.   We also chatted a bit about the coincidence of of both of us being Yale Law School graduates.
As Chairman Buchal’s testimony makes clear, the issue of defending free speech in Portland is not just about Patriot Prayer and their series of free speech street marches and rallies.  It’s far bigger than that.  It’s about the ability of all of the people of Portland to freely exercise their right to free speech, assembly, freedom of association, and their freedom to participate in the legal process and outreach and organize among their fellow Americans.  Without that right, all of Portland, all of Multnomah County, becomes a dictatorship with one-party, one ideology rule enforced by street thugs and terrorists.
Not on Our Watch!
Stewart Rhodes
PS – I am certain that many other patriotic organizations would be happy to help with any such security detail, and we welcome their assistance.  All for one, and one for all in the cause of liberty.
If you support our operations to protect free speech from far-left terrorist violence, please make a donation so we can keep doing this vital work.  We protect events for free, not charging the event organizers or attendees a dime, but there are considerable costs in travel and logistics.   Please pitch in. 


Oath Keepers Offers Protection to Oregon Republicans in Wake of Violence and Death Threats


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. You are probably aware that MSN labeled us (Oathkeepers) “Right Wing Militia” in their Portland coverage.

    1. who can keep track or WANT to ..of their constant lies,obfuscation s the weak un -American MSM

    2. I used to like and admire Oathkeepers until I read this: “Oathkeepers, like all mainstream conservatives, believe that morality requires that racial aggression by non-whites against whites be ignored. A white person becomes a “racist” the moment that he notices and acts upon a pattern of racial aggression directed against him. Oathkeepers accordingly pledge that they will never stand up for their own people, and that they will act physically against any racialist white who does. An assault against a “racist” is therefore appropriate, especially if the Oathkeepers are carrying guns and the “racist” is unarmed.” I wonder how many Oathkeepers support this racial (antiwhite) hypocrisy?

      You can kiss my support goodbye.

  2. Time to evaluate your resolve. Are you willing to die for your freedoms. That is what it is going to take. Sorry if that is more than some are willing to do. This is war. And the liberals are the ones who declared it.
    Not going to get anything from the government. It is lead by the very same kind of liberals. So what is it?
    No in between. And if we fail, we WILL be enslaved.

    1. That is the right mindset to have. You must be willing to risk and give your life. And while we always do all we can to keep our people safe, WITHIN THE MISSION, it is mission first. The mission here is to protect others, who are less able to protect themselves. And you can’t do that mission without putting yourself at risk. Just can’t be done. So, as one of our Founders said:

      Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” – Thomas Paine

      Amen. Our national anthem calls this the land of the free, and the home of the brave, for good reason. You will not be free without being brave. Has never happened in all of human history, and won’t happen here either. Any man who will not put himself at risk to protect others is really not a man. Not in the end. Those of us who have formal training and experience have a heightened duty to step up. As for those who don’t, it is your duty to train and acquire those skills. And it all of our duty to help other men in this society discover the warrior/guardian within and help train that man in the way. Remember, though I sometimes use the “sheepdog” meme, our Founders never intended this to be a nation of sheep, guarded by an elite class of professional “sheepdogs.” They intended all Americans to be soldiers – citizen soldiers in the militia – so that means each and every man was supposed to be, should be, and MUST BE, a warrior, in the Founders Republic.

      Want to restore the Republic? Step onto the warrior path (or back onto it if you have fallen off the path), and walk as a warrior for all your days (as “Craftydog” Marc Denny, of the Dog Brothers full contact stick fighting fame says). Indeed. Walk as a warrior for all your days, however long or short those days may be. Remember:

      Duty is ours, results are God’s. – John Quincey Adams

    2. Green Giant…….Well said….dead center bulls eye. I am an old veteran and my Oath remains intact until my final breath. At 80 I am physically and mentally in good condition, am very well equipped in every respect and totally committed, regardless of what it takes, to defend our Independent Sovereign Constitutional Republic. My Oath refuses me to go down without a fight….

    3. I am willing to die for family and country. I am not will to die stupid.
      The Second Amendment is just a small part of the proper and lawful method, by which We the People can PEACEFULLY change the course.
      When this organization puts together a march on DC to revitalize the Constitutional Militia, and hopefully persuades the NRA and GOA to join in the demand, I’ll be there.
      I believe that it is pointless to act in the fashion that the so-called patriot community acts when there is the law right out in front that we can show, both federal and state, governments violate. The current system denies the people’s position as sovereigns, and our ultimate authority “to execute the Laws of the Union.” Exercising the power as the Founders intended would go a long way to healing the myriad of problems that this nation faces.
      I end by noting that there is a particular resistance to this crucial aspect of the law of the land.

  3. I’m a disabled Vietnam Vet. I am not rich and I am old but I support you with my prayers and gratitude for what you are doing for our Country. My oath never expired and I wish I could walk. I would join your activities in a New York Minue. God bless
    You Oath Keepers.

  4. Excuse me for my ignorance, but who are the folks that are the “Three percenters” ?
    As a group, I would think to say, “I would rather die on my feet, than to continue to live on my knees” !
    Or the other one to remember is, “If your Right, your Right, and if your left, your willfully wrong” !
    Keep up the good work fellows !

    1. Three percenters refers to a mindset and ethos, more than an established group. It is a reference to the fact that only 3% of the American population during the American Revolution took to the field to fight for liberty. The term was coined by the late Mike Vanderboegh, who was a friend and ally of mine. It is really more of a mindset than any group, as Mike intended, meant to describe the percentage of modern American gun owners who are willing to fight to preserve liberty, and who will not back up another inch on infringement of our right to bear arms. And, by the way, I consider myself a “Three Percenter” in the ideological sense.

      However, despite Mike never intending it to become an organization, there are now groups who call themselves three percenters. There are quit a few of them, including in CA, so that is what he was referring to. We have worked directly with various Three Percent (or 3%, or III, as they are often used) all over the country. Most are squared away, solid patriots. But they are not all in one big, national group. You can, and will, see small local groups using that term who don’t even know each other in the same state, as well as several groups attempting to become THE three percenter group in a state, competing with each other, in a sense. There have also been several attempts at national “Three Percenter” groups, but that was really not Mike’s intent at all. He preferred it to simply be a mindset only, rather than also being a formal org. I chose a different route with Oath Keepers. Either way of doing thing has its strengths and weaknesses.

  5. I agree with Green Giant. It is gut check time. We should all be silently assessing our donations to liberty. If you are not willing to give your life for it, you are not ready. Also no use sitting in a jail cell for life. We must pick and choose our battles carefully. And when all are chosen, all must be given.

    1. Here’s a thought: With open eyes and a broad perspective, I believe many great battles await. This country has a list of potentially nasty situations that simmer like a pot ready to boil over. Finding a battle is not a problem, picking the right battle is the problem. Understanding the risk/reward value of limited resources is key. Is there a possibility some of us may end up in jail, or the subject of a civil law suit as the result of escorting individuals who want to give a speech at the public square in front of 30 people? If so, what a waste of a patriot. These speaking events are only a step away from a major brawl, with 200 cell phones capturing each and every blow, lawyers at the ready. Seems we are providing the service of a private security firm, without insurance to protect us from individual destruction. Certainly we must all be willing to give our life for our country and constitution. A civil law suite, or jail may seem minor in comparison to your life, or is it? Ask someone who has been involved with the court system. Somehow the words “timid soul” as a definition of those who understand the potential risks in these adventures simplifies, or squashes any discussion on a topic that is much larger than a question of courage. We will only win the larger battle by being smart, with an eye on the big picture as predictable events engulf our country. Hopefully no patriot ends up in jail, or losing everything in a lawsuit brawling with a “social justice warrior”, while escorting a individual who wants to speak his mind on a soap box. However, I think every patriot should at least understand the personal risks involved, access the risk/reward, and plan how you want your ultimate contribution to your country to unfold.

      1. I’m not saying not to go, Chip. Follow your heart and do what you think is right. We are all Patriots here who will gladly fight and die together. However, lets be smart. I little information and thought will go a long way. If we are going to continue down this path, I propose we at least look into some type of legal insurance to protect participants from lawsuits. If I were to try to predict what the other side will do, I’d bet they would love to make an example of a patriot with some type of legal action. Oh, and lets encourage this type of discussion. This “timid soul” talk (another name for pussy) needs to end. I bet there are a few in this group who destroy a joint if those words said were face to face….

  6. Stuart, were you at the Knoxville Tn T.E.A. Party gathering on April 15,2009?
    That is when I took my honorary Oathkeeper oath. I am neither former military, nor LEO, but a proud American who loves my country and stand as a Patriot, to uphold and defend against those that seek to usurp the Constitution. I met your group there,.and still have the Oathkeeper card, with the p!edge on it! Wanted to thank you and all Oathkeepers for doing what you do. If there is ever a need, I am located in Rocky Top, Tn. And thank you for your service. It is much appreciated.

    1. Yes, I was there. That was my very first public speech after I founded Oath Keepers and was a very powerful rally. Glad to hear from you! Just so you know, you don’t have to be prior service to join. You can join as an associate member. And we treat everyone the same, and will put you to work the same, because we are all in this together. Thank YOU for your service to country and the cause of liberty.

  7. One thing: this artcle used the word “wolves” to describe these violent Leftists who are attacking conservatives. That is a mistake. Jackals, sure. Hyenas, fine. Even rabid dogs. But wolves (even to someone who also lives in Montana) is a poor choice, because wolves aren’t the wantonly violent and destructive filth that these psycho Leftists prove themselves to be.

    They really are “Brown Shirts”, just as the Nazis who attacked those who disagreed with the National Socialist German Worker’s Party in Germany back in the late 1920s and early 1930s. “Antifa” is a laugh, because the real fascists were socialists – just as today’s Leftist socialists have demonstrated themselves to be.

    1. One thing: this artcle used the word “wolves” to describe these violent Leftists who are attacking conservatives. That is a mistake. Jackals, sure. Hyenas, fine. Even rabid dogs. But wolves (even to someone who also lives in Montana) is a poor choice, because wolves aren’t the wantonly violent and destructive filth that these psycho Leftists prove themselves to be.

      Just to be clear, I did not choose that term “wolves.” I was quoting James Buchal, the GOP chair there. He used the term. So, take it up with him. LOL. I agree that the term “wolves” is too good for them, and jackals is more fitting. Where do you live in Montana?

      They really are “Brown Shirts”, just as the Nazis who attacked those who disagreed with the National Socialist German Worker’s Party in Germany back in the late 1920s and early 1930s. “Antifa” is a laugh, because the real fascists were socialists – just as today’s Leftist socialists have demonstrated themselves to be.

      Agree 100%.

  8. The Oath Keepers offer to provide protection to Republicans in Oregon, and any and all non-leftist/communist/progressive people in other locations is very commendable. BUT, that is simply a reaction to specific threats from in-American leftist groups bent on destroying our country. When will we all band together in a PROACITVE manner to put a stop to the entire threat against our nation so we don’t have to keep jumping all over the country to defend specific groups or individuals in the first place?

  9. Complexity assist the tyrannical ruling elites who have immense control via their wealth. Control of corporate entities and the politicians and bureaucrats know who has the wealth and provides legals rewards via jobs, speaking fees, book deals, etc, when the “public servant” departs office or position.

    The ongoing “war” that has the upper levels of the socioeconomic hierarchy spitting upon the lower levels has that elite using their lackeys and many tools such as the mass media, entertainment industries, Hollywood, etc. to indoctrinate the masses AND to divide us into competing squabbling sub-groups. The corrupted legal immigrant system has increased those divisions as has the lengthy ignoring of illegal alien invasion that pitted many-millions of invaders against the citizen working-poor classes.

    And MORE!!! Much more. The complexity of modern society and the technologies we live within complicate all aspects of life. BRAINS are needed!!! Patriots akin to the Founders whose minds assisted their endeavors. There is likely ample ground pounders but does Oath Keepers and patriots akin to them have the required brain power to properly guide those with the brawn to defy tyranny?

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