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NavyJack – The Scourge of White Nationalism (Updated 07/03/2017)

Ever since the RNC Convention in Cleveland where Donald Trump became the GOP Candidate for President, White Nationalist organizations have worked to tie his agenda to their agenda. By showing up at any pro-Trump rally or event and using these opportunities to recruit, these organizations have been steadily growing. Expanding out, they are now targeting “free speech” rallies and luring participants into their web of deceit.  The organizations I am referring to include the National Policy Institute (NPI), Identity Evropa and Vanguard America.

National Policy Institute

NPI is led by a Mr. Richard Spencer.  Originally from Montana, NPI has recently opened an office near our Nation’s Capital in Alexandria, VA.

Spencer advocates for an Aryan homeland for the supposedly dispossessed white race and calls for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to halt the “deconstruction” of European culture.

“Our dream is a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans. It would be a new society based on very different ideals than, say, the Declaration of Independence.”  – Richard Spencer, National Policy Institute, February 2014

Mr. Spencer likes to claim that he invented the term “alt-right”, but he is not being truthful with these claims. The alt-right movement first emerged under that title in 2008, when writer Paul Gottfried wrote of the “alternative right.” Mr. Gottfried advocated a return to traditional forms of conservatism, verses the neo-conservatism that had become dominant in the Republican Party.  It was however Mr. Spencer, that corrupted the identity of the movement by introducing as “an ideology around identity, European identity,” in an interview with The New Yorker in 2010.

“Martin Luther King Jr., a fraud and degenerate in his life, has become the symbol and cynosure of White Dispossession and the deconstruction of Occidental civilization,” – Richard Spencer

Identity Evropa

NavyJack - The Scourge of White Nationalism (Updated 07/03/2017)Identity Evropa was founded in March 2016 by Nathan Damigo, by promoting “European identity and solidarity.” Damigo is a former Marine corporal who discovered his inner white nationalist by reading the work David Duke while serving five years for armed robbery.  His group, has appeared at dozens of campuses across the country as part of its #ProjectSiege. The movement is a reimagining of the now-defunct National Youth Front, the youth arm of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, which Damigo also led. Identity Evropa members must be of “European, non-Semitic heritage.”

Vanguard America

Vanguard America promotes itself as the “Emerging face of American Fascism”.  They, like NPI and Identity Evropa like to promote themselves at rallies and marches they are specifically asked not to participate in by the organizers.

“Democracy has failed in this once great nation, now the time for a new Caesar to revive the American spirit has dawned.”  – Vanguard America Manifesto

Like NPI and Evropa, they promote white nationalism via segregation, racism and divisiveness.

President Donald Trump and the new “alt-right”

The Main Stream Media (MSM) has successfully tied organizations like NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America to President Donald Trump. The “White Nationalists” are all in favor of this association and are using the term “alt-right” to define themselves. This has effectively validated the MSM and allowed the MSM to categorize any conservative or right leaning cause as “alt-right” and thereby infer “White Nationalism”. Of course these associations are false and there is absolutely no validity to the attempts of groups like NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America to tie President Trump to these “White Nationalist” causes.  The desire of NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America to become accepted has enabled their false claims of support from the President to be used to validate the MSM propaganda and demonize his addministration.

Nobody is more opposed to raced –based nationalism than Donald Trump. He has repeatedly disavowed and criticized efforts to link his administration to White Nationalism. There is no link. There never was a link.

The Actions and Reactions of the Antifa

To some extent, the violence instigated by the Antifa organizations around the nation are a direct reaction to the racism promoted by the organizations discussed above.  By co-opting the term “alt-right” and working diligently to associate their racist agenda with that of both Steve Bannon (former Brietbart) and President Donald Trump, they have created an environment where the left has been provided with a platform to oppose the nationalist policies of the current administration. Regardless of how many times President Trump condemns NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America, these organizations continue to promote the lie that they and their “alt-right” movement are a principle reason he was elected.  The Antifa has been able to grow exponentially over the past year supported by the rise of the “White Nationalists” and recruiting campaigns like #ProjectSiege sponsored by Identity Evropa.

The “Antifa” we face at the rallies and marches across America have no lineage or true association to the German Anti-Fascist Action group whose name they have adopted. They are agitators sponsored by colleges, universities and other leftist organizations that are both disappointed by the outcome of the recent election and alarmed at the rise of fascists like Nathan Damigo and “White Nationalists”  like Richard Spencer.

Reject All Identity Politics, Racists and White Nationalists

NavyJack - The Scourge of White Nationalism (Updated 07/03/2017)As all true patriots know in their heart that rightful liberty is the exact opposite of identity politics. Anyone promoting a claim of superiority based on race is not a patriot, they are a racist.  As patriots, we must reject all forms of identity politics. We must reject people and causes that seek to divide the people of our nation. We must stand against those who would use race, religion or heritage to claim supremacy or unequal rights. If you are a patriot, you must not only believe that human liberty is a function of equal human rights, you must practice, promote and defend it. If you truly are a patriot, you must stand against and condemn NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America as organizations that seek to divide us.  You must reject NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America as organizations that inspire violence by falsely making claims of association to our President, his advisors and those who truly created the “alt-right” to advocate for a return to traditional forms of conservatism.

Update for our “White Nationalist” Visitors

Identity politics is the seduction of people to effect division and obtain power. The simplistic ideology of the “white nationalist” completely ignores history, the history of the very people of European decent whose culture they claim to be protecting. It is a fool’s game to think that the major wars, led by those who used identity politics to both divide and conquer nations, never occurred. Those who preach this rhetoric are charlatans. Imagine that for the whole of history that no leaders came into power within a nation by demonizing groups of their own citizens.

How pure can a race or culture be made? Irish, Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, Scot. One must forget all of history and that these wars ever occurred to accept the white nationalist arguments. One must forget World War II to believe that leaders do not use identity politics to demonize their own citizens to obtain power in search of Lebensraum.

In America you don’t condemn Mormons because they are not Catholics. You don’t condemn Quakers because they choose to live an alternate lifestyle. You don’t force your will on me and I don’t impose mine on you. It doesn’t mean that I cannot personally disapprove of an aspect of your religion or culture. It does mean that I have chosen to live in a society where my opinion cannot be forced upon you. It means that unless you infringe on my rights or violate the law I have no argument to bring to court against you. It means that Government never condemns culture or beliefs that do not infringe on the equal rights of others. It means that Government never endorses my beliefs as superior to your beliefs.

In America our laws require citizens to accept all races, all religions all cultures as long as the adherents to the religion and/or culture do not attempt to infringe on your rights or violate the law. It doesn’t mean we just leave our borders open and hope for the best. It means we secure our border and only admit those to our nation who will abide by our laws at a rate of entry that doesn’t result in economic hardship for our citizens. It means we can exclude those who have a history of violence or crime. It means that we can suspend immigration from nations that seek to harm us. Our nation should have a common language, not because a lot of us have “English” bloodlines, but because we need to be able to communicate with each other. Immigrants should be required to learn our laws, speak our language and accept the limitations on their exercise of culture and religion before ever becoming citizens.

I am a Nationalist. America and its people, regardless of race, must come first in the application of our generosity and the execution of our laws. To say otherwise is folly. I am staunchly opposed to illegal immigration and to any form of amnesty for those who have violated our immigration or other laws. I am fiercely opposed to the open borders mandate and all other policies of the Globalists. I have written about this extensively.

It is the minorities in our nation who suffer the most when hordes of refugees and immigrants are imported without consideration that they now are competing with minorities for the limited resources available to sustain them. I am talking about jobs, affordable housing and the ability to receive healthcare. Black unemployment has doubled because of our open borders. We have imported far too many refugees without proper screening or prospects for long term sustainment. We have crippled our inner-cities with gang members from MS-13 and other criminal enterprises. Our border must be closed, not to preserve our “whiteness”, but to sustain and protect our citizens, regardless of the color of their skin. New immigration and refugee programs must consider our ability to educate, sustain and employ any future immigrants.

Now to you “white nationalist” visitors, let me remind you that there were over 9,000 black Patriot soldiers that fought for your freedom in the revolution. Before the revolution even started, many free African Americans supported the anti-British cause, most famously Crispus Attucks, believed to be the first person killed at the Boston Massacre. At the time of the American Revolution, blacks had already been enlisted as Minutemen. Both free and enslaved Africans had served in local militias, especially in the North. In April 1775, at Lexington and Concord, blacks responded to the call and fought with Patriot forces. Prince Estabrook a black minuteman was wounded during the fighting on 19 April at Lexington. The Battle of Bunker Hill also had African-American soldiers fighting along with white Patriots, such as Peter Salem; Salem Poor, Barzillai Lew, Blaney Grusha, Titus Coburn, Alexander Ames, Cato Howe, and Seymour Burr. Many African Americans, both enslaved and free, joined with the Patriots. I would also encourage you to learn about Fort Conde, LA which was at the center of the Hispanic’s contribution to the fight for America’s independence.

Our “white nationalist” visitors owe the very freedom to speak of keeping “America as white as possible” to these black and Hispanic men; not to mention thousands that died fighting in subsequent wars to preserve it.

Our “white nationalist” visitors seem to forget that the Revolution and the War of 1812 were fought to separate America from the “European Culture” of Lords/Serfs, Kings/Subjects and all of the grievances against European rule that are listed in the Declaration of Independence.

These “white nationalists” also like to pretend that America and the U.S. Constitution have not evolved. They like to quote passages from versions of laws and documents that were corrected or amended over 150 years ago. They tend to forget or ignore the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. They forget the battles in America between the Irish, the Dutch and other “white” immigrants. Today’s  “white nationalists” are leveling the EXACT same claims against people of Jewish decent and virtually any people of color as their ancestors did against other white European immigrants. When it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you have to call it what it is; racism.

Update for Those Concerned About “Punching Right”

The white nationalists and fascists are attempting, once again, to legitimize themselves by claiming association with Conservatives, Libertarians and Constitutionalists. They are holding numerous rallies labeled as “Free Speech” and “#UniteTheRight” to indoctrinate people (who really should know better) into their racist ideologies.

If the leaders and followers of the white nationalist and fascist movements want to label me a “cuck” because I will never support their cause, so be it. The real “cucks” are the people that get suckered into attending a “#UniteTheRight” or “Free Speech” rally that is nothing more than an opportunity for white nationalists and fascists to promote racial segregation.

It is not “punching right” to Honor your Oath and uphold the U.S. Constitution. It is not “punching right” to tell the World that you will have nothing to do with people who promote racism. It is not “punching right” to disavow all forms of race-based segregation and race-based nationalism.

NavyJack - The Scourge of White Nationalism (Updated 07/03/2017)

The comments on this article are now closed. – Shorty Dawkins, Editor


Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. As a proud Oath Keeper Lifetime Member and special operations Army vet I stand beside Navy Jack in disavowing these groups!

  2. Give ’em hell Navy Jack!

    I’m not sure what these racists even mean with words like “threat to white identity” and such. Now that we’re a minority in Texas, I’m proud that my bi-racial grandchildren will grow up in a world where they, as non-whites are THE MAJORITY. I look around the word, or in parts of the great ‘ol USA where non-whites are the majority , I admire their politics and law, their cohesiveness as a people and I see THE FUTURE!!!

    ps. God bless Israel as a Jewish state and damn the racist for wanting a “place for white people”.

  3. GOD BLESS YUO sIR! Givem hell navy jack ! ,,,ARE parents didnt fight in teh mud against racist nazis for white supremacy there blood pourd for freedem ! THIS IS A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS JUST RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION

  4. They are exactly as bad as the BLM, La Raza and the New Black Panthers because they advocate the exact same thing; segregation of the races.

  5. I see it a bit more different: I do not believe one race to be superior over others ever no matter what skin color, creed or religion. However – the white race in America has been steadily under assault beginning with the last administration. The white American man has been reduced by the left -academia, media, democratic party and the white house – to being a hillbilly, redneck, loser, fascist and racist. Any question raised was answered with ‘you are a racist how dare you’.
    The groups mentioned in this post are small and hardly known while BLM, SPLC, Antifada and other violent hate groups make more and more inroads.
    Many white people have been murdered as the result of hate crimes but obviously they do not need mention. That white people in America are slowly being fed up being attacked simply because they are white they have the right to be heard as everyone else ergo voted in overwhelming majority for DT. It was Hillary who labeled us deplorable and alt right – her term for us.
    I have no dog in this fight because I have three bi-racial children and a non-white husband but I do know a little about racism here in America since I arrived as immigrant from Europe.
    Since the election the streets are filled with leftist agitators causing riots, destruction, hate as well as injuries to people affiliated with Trump – white people.
    The current atmosphere in the US is toxic but not due to Spencer or the other small and miniscule individuals.
    Calling for the assassination of a sitting president led by the left like Hollywood, democratic party members, media with the last one being Depp yesterday in London – Spencer is not responsible for that. Yet – the white individuals are supposedly the bad guys even here. It’s a bit disjointed I my opinion.
    I am not white either as it is defined in this country so again I have no dog in this fight. My personal experiences caused me to find racism abhorrent.

  6. I have no issue with those of you that want to celebrate your heritage. As an American you have no right to impose your heritage, religion or beliefs on any other American. If you did, where would it stop? Would you then further define your heritage as Western European, Irish, Protestant, Quaker, etc.? Division by identity (race, religion, heritage, etc.) is the principle tool of Globalists used to conquer nations.

    We need to control our borders. We need to only accept immigrants at a rate that is both financially viable and allows for those immigrants to assimilate and learn what it means to be an American. What we do not need is to divide our citizens up like Nazi Germany did with the Jews and Roma Gypsies, or like Turkey did with the Armenian Genocide.

    The groups and ideologies I have discussed above are all calling for racial segregation. It is also the ideology of organizations like the New Black Panther Party. They are “black nationalists”. These ideologies are the purest form of racism.

    The “tribalism” arguments are ridiculous and ignore all of the “identity” European wars of the last 2,000 years. Once you start down the road of segregation, there is no end.

    Don’t forget that thousands of Free Blacks and Hispanics fought in the American Revolution for the “heritage” of America. Tens of thousands of people of color have fought and died since then to give you the right to type away at your keyboard and express your views. I suggest you show some respect for their sacrifice and realize that your rights and your ideas of “heritage” are yours to enjoy because of them.

    Feel free to argue among yourselves.

    1. thank you sir for your words. my friends on the left are of the belief that oathkeepers support white nazi types. i always flip the cliche and tell em “dont read everything you believe”. you and the oathkeepers give me hope. peace

  7. Kudos, Navy Jack! Well put, sir.

    I have watched, with no small degree of mounting disquiet, the insidious ascendance of these so-called “Alt-right” gangs since the election of President Trump. Beneath the thin veneer of seeking to protect “white” (whatever that means!) children, they are simply crude racialists, boors and ignoramases.

    My son and I had the great misfortune of running afoul of some of these “Alt-right” thugs in March this year.

    We had stopped by a local Dairy Queen for a blizzard after church. Apon entering the establishment, I spied a trio of burly young men in Trump hats at a corner table. I didn’t think anything of it, except to note that one of them was wearing a “Pepe the Frog” (a racist comic book character) tee-shirt, and another was clad in a “Bill Clinton Is A Rapist” garment. NOT what you hope to see in a family restaurant! The third wore a blue plaid shirt so I payed him little heed.

    To cut a long story short, these ruffians rapidly took an unwelcome interest in me and my son, nudging each other, looking at us, and whispering among themselves. (I should point out that my son is African American, we adopted him from Eritrea through our church).

    We ignored them, of course, but that only emboldened these miscreants to begin making hooting noises and laughing! At first I refused to believe my ears I was so appalled and furiously tried to get the attention of a member of staff.

    Unfortunately it was a busy restaurant so I was forced to confront these chuckleheads directly.

    I turned to them, showing my best death stare. “Do you ‘gentlemen’ (I put a sarcastic emphasis here) have a problem?”

    “Yeah!” agreed the one in the ‘Pepe the Frog” shirt, “We don’t want your kind in here! Take your son back home to Iraq, we hate race-traitors like you, this is Trump country now!”

    I was ready to call the cops immediately, but my son – who had endured this tirade with the silent dignity we’ve tried so hard to inculcate in him – suddenly spoke up.

    “Sir,” he said, his voice clear and firm, “I believe you were addressing me, though I confess I am not fluent in vulgarian. You appear to be suffering from some logical fallacies, to wit:

    “Firstly, “my kind”, as you so lewdly put it, is American. I *am* home, by the grace of God and the Constitution. Furthermore, my father is an elder in our church, not some sort of ‘traitor’.

    “And finally, this is not ‘Trump country’. Not now, not ever. This is the United States of America, and while our First Amendment permits even cretins such as yourself freedom of speech, the Second Amendment also permits me to shoot you in the eye should you continue to commit racism. Now, begone!”

    At some point during this, the entire Dairy Queen had fallen quiet, everyone listening to my son speak. Suddenly the restaurant erupted in wild applause. The racists went beetroot red (as red as their Trump hats, heh) and dashed out!

    Then the manager came over and told us the next time we wanted a blizzard, it was on the house. I was fighting back tears of pride.

    And my son, who humbled those bigots with eloquence? He’s only 12 years old and an honors student.

    Needless to say, we never saw those ‘Alt-right’ lummoxes again.

    1. Hi RichardT, can you let me know what DQ this was at? I’d like to commend management for the way they handled this situation.


  8. Nice article NJ

    the amount of butthurt fash in the comments section brings me joy. Keep up the good work! if you weren’t saying the right things, none of these keyboard warrior alt-right twits would be swarming the comment section.

  9. Great article Navy Jack. As a Board Member of this great organization I am more than happy that you have written this article. Furthermore, I am happy to see so much support from our members.
    Identity politics at its very core is a exercise in division, and that’s their game not ours. We can rise above any group who plays that game, because the greatest equalizer in this nation is the Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t care if you are white, black, hispanic, native, or other, it offers equal protection for every citizen of this great country.

    So I stand with you brother,I equally condemn those who promote racism and identity politics as a means to segregate the people of our nation, including NPI, Identity Evropa, Vanguard America, La Raza, The Muslim Brotherhood, The New Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter Movement. I also condemn those in the media who refuse to reject the racists and white nationalists that have infected the “alt-right” movement.

  10. How many of you can name the first man to die for the freedom from British rule, known as The American Revolution?
    The man who charged British Regulars with a wooden club made from cord-wood and led his fellow patriots in that first skirmish. The man who’s death was considered such an outrage to his fellow colonists, that he was honored by the city of Boston. The city erected a bronze and granite statue on the Boston Common to recognize him as; the “First to Die for Independence.”
    Go ahead, Google it, we all know you will have to, so go ahead and look it up. Although his name should be familiar to every freedom loving patriot in this country, it seems too few of us have actually studied the fight for freedom that so many take for granted.
    If any of you are actually Oath Keeper Members, you might want to read this part of the Oath Keeper By-Laws, in case you hadn’t already done so.

    Section 8.02. Restrictions on Membership:
    (b) No person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color, shall be entitled to be a member or associate member.

    Yeah I know, reading by-laws is pretty boring stuff, actually reading about the revolution that forged this nation, and the people who actually fought it, likely seems boring to many as well. Me? Okay, I’m weird. I admit to it, but reading about the revolution never gets old for me. Heck, I sometimes re-read things just because they inspire me. Perhaps more of you should give it a try.
    So it seems that Jack is simply making a statement in support of the by-laws every member agreed to, in order to be a member. If you don’t like it, and want to yell at the walls, or me. I will defend your right to say whatever you wish, to a point, there are limitations, and if you don’t know them, you had better stop bitching long enough to learn them or you may wind up in a world of hurt. But if you are a member, then either get yourself squared away, or turn in your Oath Keeper Membership Card. This ain’t the Boy Scouts, and we don’t hand out ribbons, trophies and prizes for “Participation”.
    By the way, your tactics of whining, bitching, slanted reasoning, “Circular Logic”, or referring to us older guys as; “Boomer”, “Cucked”, “Out Dated”, “Over the Hill”, etc., might work in the circles you run in, but not here. This isn’t a Democracy and some of us will never accept, nor bow to, mob rule. In case you are not aware, (possibly because your generation wasn’t taught these things in school), the united States of America was not founded as, nor is it now, a Democracy. So believing that since you may be the majority, you can change the rules to suit you, is wrongheaded and it won’t work at or on Oath Keepers. It might work in your “Whites Only” clubhouse, I can’t testify to that, and if it does and you like it that way, then more power to you, but it won’t work here.
    You may commence whining at this point.
    Now you may also choose to believe that just because a man is old, that he is useless, but that fallacy has been proven wrong, DEAD WRONG, many times. Many of these “Old Men”, did not learn about battle tactics by playing video games or paint ball, they learned them running from a foxhole to wherever they could find some cover. They learned it by watching their brothers in arms bleed the same red, no matter what color his skin was, or what his personal beliefs were, and they learned the hard way that when a soldier dies, there is no reset. In real life, that man who may have just shed his life blood to defend yours, doesn’t magically get back up and fight the next round.
    “Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.” ~ John Steinbeck

    So you should be able to tell my opinion by now, that you can keep your “All White” attitudes and beliefs. I’ll keep my oath. To quote a small part of a Samuel Adams famous line; “Go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms”.

    For the Republic,

    PS: Since I doubt many of you even bothered. His name was Crispus Attucks.

    1. Well said! And I will add that this ‘old man’ also cut his teeth on a rifle stock. There is but one ‘race’, and that is HUMAN.

      Thank you Strong Horse and Navy Jack, you both expressed my viewpoint exactly. God bless!

  11. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion Navy Jack but I find your shot a bit off the mark — in any event… good luck and we’ll see you on the other side

  12. REPR,
    First, I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat. I detest political parties, and the untold damage they have inflicted on this country. If you must define people by labels, (which I resist), then I suppose I would fall more into the category of a Libertarian. Although the majority of people I tend to find more agreeable than some named in this article, do seem to be Conservative Christians. I am neither. In case my Screen Name wasn’t enough of a clue for you, I’m American Indian. You know, a descendant of the people that were here before white men. As well as part Caucasian. I have even identified some Negro blood amongst my ancestry, as well as that of at least one of the founders. So I guess, being a mutt, I’m not welcome in your little club house.
    In fact, Col. James Madison Jr., the author of the bill of rights, co-author of the constitution, and the 4th president of the united States, was my second cousin. (Seven generations removed of course, I’m not that old.) If you were honest, you would admit that you were unaware that he was commissioned as a Colonel in the Continental Army, or that he was named after his father, Col. James Madison Sr. So you have no need to attempt to teach me about how, or on what principles, this nation was founded. I know them well, because I read.
    As to your generation fighting in illegal wars, (the same as my generation did), if you were one of them, you might have learned that once in battle, you don’t fight for some dark political purpose, nor to make some rich prick richer. That may indeed be the real reason both generations were sent to fight, but once the metal projectiles start flying, you fight to survive, and to do everything you can to save yourself and your brothers in arms. You do what you must in order to go home. If you choose to fight to save white men from the dreaded “Leftifa”, then that is of course your choice. It is not however the goal of the Oath Keepers.
    You’re coming to the Oath Keepers website, was also your choice, I sincerely doubt you were invited. Unless you claim membership. If so, I suspect you can expect a letter in the snail mail soon. For although you are anonymous to me, and rightly so, you are not so to all commentators here. Is has been my experience that censorship is not practiced here, though I suspect some might prefer it were that way. I would not prefer it to be so, I much prefer to allow people to reveal their true nature and thoughts, so I may better assess whether or not I would choose to associate with them further. Take a wild guess what I have thus far decided concerning you, and yours?
    My greatest wish is that I had learned more about the constitution before I decided to serve. Many of my generation have stated the same basic thing to me as well. However, like your generation, we didn’t learn nearly enough about the constitution until later in life. Now that I have learned, I know that none of these wars should be happening at all. They are all illegal, unconstitutional, we were lied to in order to get us to go fight, and had I understood that back in the 1970s, I would most likely have been marching in the streets in protest.
    You like to pontificate on your belief that the founders were white, and that their writings could only be for white people. Do you maintain that although people may be stuck in a time and era, with beliefs not created by them, that they cannot dream of a better way of life? Can they not produce documents meant to eventually correct the ills of their own society? I guess you have been taught that George Washington owned slaves, therefore he approved of slavery. Are you aware that he only had one slave, whom he freed? Are you aware that the other slaves residing at Mount Vernon were the property of his wife’s father, and thus could not be freed, or even sold by him?
    The fact is that most of the founders knew slavery for the evil that it was, (and is), and purposefully penned things in such a way that it would eventually come to pass that there would be no slavery in the united States. That England prevented them from freeing the slaves for a long time because they were the ones shipping the African captives to the colonies for profit, as well as coveting the cotton, tobacco, and other goods produced by slave labor. Didn’t know that? Looks like you have some reading to do if you intend to converse on such subjects with any semblance of credibility.
    The constitution is not racist and it does NOT lie, it promotes liberty and equality for all people that are, or become citizens. It is a guide, the answers to all the problems we face, as a nation, can be found in it. It is also the law of this land. The highest law. That is why anyone who wishes to serve in any capacity within the government, is required to swear an oath to it, not to a politician, nor any man. That is also why the Oath Keepers will obey and defend the words, ideas, and the laws laid out within the 4,543 words, including the signatures, of that compact. Go ahead and look up “Compact”. This will still be here when you figure it out.
    Politicians, leaders, would-be leaders, potentates, and many people seeking to recruit you to their cause, LIE. They distort the facts, they twist the truth to their own design, they obfuscate, and/or anything else they think might bring you to their cause. Some even resort to name calling. You and some others spewing their hateful rhetoric on this site, can recite the same failed arguments ad nauseam if you wish, you can string words into whatever derogatory statements you believe may have some effect on me. I understand that they are just words, words placed together to illicit a response. And although you did manage to illicit a response from me, it was mainly because although I have no idea why you picked me out of the crowd, (or the author), to attack, I felt obliged to respond. Once.
    So here is your response, take it as you will. I care not.
    You will not prevail here, all you can hope to accomplish is to solidify your comradeship with your fellow haters, who also choose this medium to opine. I’m certain that it is inspiring to listen to those would-be leaders, (millions adored Hitler for his speeches as well), so take what solace you can, while you can. History however, teaches us that “movements” such as what you promote, are doomed to fail. On the contrary, the true patriots of this nation will prevail, just as the constitution will prevail, because we have history, as well as the greatest document for liberty ever written, on our side, and to guide us.
    As for me getting kicked out of Oath Keepers? You have no authority in the matter. I doubt you will ever have any real authority, but if you ever do, then I shall pity those subjected to your will.
    As for me being a “fan of Islam, in which case you’re a traitor.” Once again you are so far off it is laughable to me since I choose to follow the teachings and the ways of my native ancestors, and thereby do not practice any religion that you would understand, or even be able to name.
    I defend anyone and everyone’s right to believe whatever they choose, although I may not share their beliefs, that is my oath. Further, some “Religions” are incompatible with others, as proven by history, and should either willingly distance themselves from one another, or seek to maintain some form of non aggression. Sadly, some people, and it seems some people’s choice of interpretation concerning certain religions, choose not to seek and maintain peace, instead seeking violence and domination of others. Some are so steadfast in that misguided belief, that often times a bullet is the only way to convince them of the folly of their ways. Should any choose to FORCE their beliefs on me, I will have no qualms about squeezing the trigger in that case.
    Those “Seismic Forces” you claim are shaking this nation to the core, are the people who follow the ideology of hate and segregationism espoused in their hateful rhetoric, which is believed by the uninformed, and yes, the majority of them prove to be young. People who are stirred to action by the erroneous teachings of would-be leaders, potentates, and other purveyors of malcontent.
    Your ideology of “White Nationalism” has been tried, and failed, before. I predict that it will once again be relocated to the fringes of society, where it will once again be the subject of scorn, ridicule, and bad jokes. However, in the extremely small chance that I am mistaken, any such nation that would come out of such a miscarriage of justice, is not a world I would care to live in anyway. As for your “Alt-Right”, I want no part of it. Any allegiance of that nature, would justifiably label me an apostate, and a traitor to MY race.
    So yes, I’ll keep my oath. Should I die defending it, then I will die knowing that THIS TIME, I was fighting for a just cause, and not for some dark political purpose. Not a war based on lies and deceit, and not to enrich people who are already wealthy beyond any need, or reason.
    This will be my sole response to you, if you felt that I was referring to you by my comment, then if the shoe fits, lace it up and take a stroll. As I said, I could only imagine why you singled me out for your verbal assault, none-the-less, I decided to show some manners and respond. Like I said though, only once. I have no intention of debating you, because I believe it to be unsporting to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person. If you should ever see the error of your ways, please feel no need, nor urge to seek me out. You have not injured me, hence your apology would be as futile as your current discourse. Instead, you might consider re-dedicating your life to a more worthy cause. There was a man who was once an admitted communist, who one day learned that what he had been taught, what he had believed in and worked toward, was all lies. So he set about to correct his errors, and in doing so, inspired many onto the path of liberty. No, I will not type his name here. The members of Oath Keepers will know of whom I speak, and I will not present you with an opportunity in attempt to slander his good name.
    You would do well to abandon your current potentate(s), and instead study the constitution in attempt to learn the true path to liberty. I assure you that you will not find it at the end of your current path. Unfortunately, I question your youthful haste and lack of desire to question your current master.

    For the Republic,
    David E. Burden

  13. NavyJack, I agree!

    For too long, these white supremacists have gone unchecked!
    Under Trump, I have only seen them become more vocal.
    Conservatives like me will no longer stand for racists!
    KKK and the BLM are branhces of the same globalist elite!
    No one should have to fear because of their skin color.
    Inb4 virtue signaling
    Good old fashined Constitution reading will help us.
    So let’s get these racists out of America!

    1. Only the Constitution can save us now. It’s all we need. If every single white American was replaced with Somalian immigrants it wouldn’t even matter, because we would still have the CONSTITUTION and besides this great American soil is magic— it turns ANYONE who comes here into a liberty-loving patriotic citizen. I know this for a FACT y’all, because my wife and I adopted our two sons from Somalia, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be super conservative when they grow up. Anyway, you alt-right RACISTS can go to hell. America will be minority-white by 2040, and that’s going to be awesome because then maybe we can finally get some limited government.

      1. God bless you sir.
        Racists are worse than the demonkrats. I’d prefer a million constitutional conservative muslims over a single white racist NAZI. We fought ww2 to beat them and this is a nation of immigrants, a melting pot of FREEDOM. I don’t care if you’re white, black, brown, as long as you bleed RED WHITE AND BLUE.

  14. I can’t believe that we’re still dealing with racists in 2017! We are all ONE people! America is for EVERYONE that wants to be here LEGALLY and it’s ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY! By the grace of our Judeo-Christian hearts we’ll certainly find our way through to that shining city on a hill. As soon as these irrational alt right bigots get a history lesson! I’ve seen the future and it is swarthy!

  15. There is no excuse in 2017 for “Un-american” attitudes like white nationalism. The founding fathers intended this country for EVERYONE! It’s like these people don’t even read the constitution anymore. My son’s Boy Scout troop has members from seven countries and, you know what, they are all AMERICANS. Seeing Ethiopian pledge to the flag alongside Hindi and Guatemalan always brings a tear to my eye. This is what we fought Hitler for.

    It’s time these alt-right dullards get with the program or get out. America is not a race. It is an idea – the idea that anyone, no matter how “different,” can achieve things beyond their wildest expectations. God Bless (not that the alt-right believes in God).

  16. I wish I could have been at that Dairy Queen. I’d have clapped my rear end off. Jolly good show! I’m trying to inculcate my three daughters with the idea that it doesn’t matter what color their future husband is. As long as they take care of their family, and are a good father. That eliminates a lot of potential suitors but that’s OK. Only the best for my girls.

    Don’t these people ever stop to think when they see the statue of Liberty? Don’t they get what huddle masses means? Those people are yearning to breathe free, and they don’t mean any ill will to Americans, white or otherwise.

  17. I am a proud Jewish-American and I am proud to stand with you in disavowing the anti-Semitism of the alt-Right in hopes of preserving what’s left of our precious Judeo-Christian heritage to which the alt-right poses a very clear and present danger. Jesus was a Jew, right? I mean, what would Jesus think of the alt-right? Probably make a whip of cords and drive them out just like the money-changers in the Temple, would be my guess.

    I mean Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish for God’s sake?!!?? Hypocrisy much? And, just where do these haters think this this country would be if it weren’t for the contributions of the Jews, even though we make up only .001% of the population? The Jews are the canary in the gold mine. America needs to wake up. Thanks again, Navy Jack. You’re a real mensch!

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