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Mountain Lions & Firearms

Mountain Lions & Firearms

Zach, at An American Homestead, tells his viewers why he is usually armed when about his 56 homestead. Living in the boonies, where there are mountain lions, bears, rattlesnakes and other dangers, and having two young boys, he knows it is his responsibility to protect his family.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. YA!!! but I carry for the two legged ones, until I (Lord willing) get on a home stead.

  2. Wow, that is the same exact reaction I got after seeing a mountain lion down here where I live. They were supposed to have been hunted out 100 years ago, but evidently the cats didn’t get that memo. This was about 25 years ago; was scouting for opening day of bow season. Being a lone female, I was extra careful about carrying whenever I went out. Anyway, was getting on to evening and was preparing to go home when I saw a large tawny figure come out of the woods on the deer trail I was watching. This animal had the distinctive rounded ears, short broad face and long, almost knobby-ended tail of a big cat–plus the fact that it was the size of a German Shepherd. LOL, in spite of the sidearm, I was sweating it; the wind was right and it never looked my way, but I’m still mentally calculating how far away I am from the pickup truck. It finally disappeared into the woods on the other side of the wheat field, and I went home with quite the tale to tell my kids. Sadly, nobody else believed me but my Dad and brothers.

    The cat in the video of the little girl that shot it to defend her brother–that cat is visibly skinny either sick or elderly. I know it sounds awful, but that little girl may have saved that cat a long drawn out painful life and extended death. I commend her for her bravery–kudos young lady. The gentleman in the video is right, we are the first, and sometimes last, line of defense for our children, whether we live in the woods or in suburbs–just depends on which predator is prevalent in your area. It’s just sad that he feels he has to defend his actions–it should be painfully obvious.

  3. my son and I went for a nice afternoon hike today by his school not to far from our house up in the mountains . and as we are walking to the creek we both see a big and i mean BIG! Mountain Lion dart from an open area to the tree line. the thing was big from 150 to 175 yards away . i can only imagine if it would of been closer… sad thing is we figured we would try to warn some of the flatlander / city people that bombard our small town. we told and asked 2 gangsta dudes to warn folks not to walk west towards where we were just at and had seen the BIG BOY…they said ok then left their kids and girlfriends and walked 500 yards to their cars and left their girls and kids alone… it amazes me how people don’t take things serious. this guys was by far one of the biggest cats I’ve seen. and I’ve seen a few in my day….any ways just stay safe out there when hiking and camping be aware and be smart if you get a gut instinct follow it …

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