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Media bias so thick at CNN you can see it on their faces

These four Democrat hacks couldn’t have looked any more devastated if they had simultaneously learned that someone had just run over their new puppies — and that the driver was a grinning Donald Trump in a pickup truck with a roof rack that said MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

What a terrible night for the alt-left very fake news media and their wholly owned subsidiary, the Democratic Party.

They were confiscating belts and shoelaces yesterday at CNN and MSNBC. Grief counselors were brought in at the New York Times and Washington Post. Morning Joe was Mourning Joe.

A week ago, when the Democrats were positive they would win, GA-06 was going to be a national referendum on Trumpism.

Now that their pajama boy carpetbagger candidate has lost, not so much.

The best inside dope in Politico yesterday was this: “Let’s be clear, something ain’t working for Democrats, party insiders privately tell us.”

Ya think?

Jon Ossoff, the loser, didn’t even live in the district. He’s a 30-year-old “filmmaker,” which means he’s unemployed. Still, cashing in on Trump Derangement Syndrome, he raised more money than any other Congressional candidate in American history — $40 million. And when it was over, Ossoff had fewer votes than the losing Democrat last November, who spent $1,000.

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  1. 100% immoral buffoons whoring themselves for a paycheck. CNN should be denied their White House “press-pass” as they are clearly no longer press. They are the “Domestic Enemy”.

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