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Marches Against Sharia Law to Take Place Nationwide in June

Marches Against Sharia Law to Take Place Nationwide in June

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by Cassandra Fairbanks

On June 10, people in at least 27 cities will gather to march for human rights — and against Sharia Law. The nationwide day of protest is being organized by ACT for America, a grassroots organization that is the self-proclaimed “NRA of national security.”


The New York City event is being organized by Pax Hart, a writer and political commentator. Big League Politics spoke to him about what attendees should expect — and why it is so important to join the march and speak out.

“When ACT for America asked me to organize the New York City March Against Sharia, I assumed it was going to be me and a couple of guys standing on a street corner while liberals called us ‘racists’ and whipped batteries at us and we would have zero support,” Hart told Big League Politics. “For about a week, we even considered changing the name to a generic ‘Human Rights March’ to stay under the radar of AntiFa and jihadists.”

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  1. I can take the ferry from Highlands NJ and walk there. I am in. Any one else want to join me from nj let me know. The boat leaves from Highlands NJ (sea streak).Its a fantastic ride and arrives at the sea port. OATHKEEPER-111%ER

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