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MAINSTREAM Documentary Donor is Matching Your Donations!


How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda

Progress Report



I have some good news.  Since my last Progress Report of 27 May informing you that the production budget was depleted and we had to stop work on MAINSTREAM – a total of 38 of you rallied with donations averaging about $140 each.  As a result we were able to commence editing and now have the first 24 minutes of MAINSTREAM Part 2 done. Thank you very much for proving that many of you want to see this movie completed.

Special thanks must go to those who donated well above the average.  This group consists of Gerald Tufts, David Bulmore and Richard Gullotti who each donated $250.  It also includes Leslie Baird, Cristy Zook, Lorraine Sterling, Joel Faust and John T. Law who each donated $500.  This was a happy acknowledgement that you folks care that much about getting this film done that you would do this. Thank you so much – you are priceless citizens.

I want to also mention that Richard Gullotti and Joel Faust have been donors since ORIGINAL INTENT. I will never forget their generous donations of $1,000 which helped get probably the first movie about the original intent of the Founders into the motion picture public record. Richard and Joel, your early belief in these movies and the producing team, helped open the door to 6 additional documentaries on the U.S. Constitution.  Again, thank you.
All this is good, but I have some even better news.

As an incentive for those of you who are thinking about making a donation, I am informed by an anonymous donor that he will match donations up to the sum of $10,000.  This means for every dollar you donate, this donor will ALSO donate a dollar.  This is exciting, because we don’t need all that much to get this documentary done. Given this, if each one of you reading this were to donate $100, that would be equivalent to a donation of $200 each because of the multiplier effect. The donation URL is

Those of you who sent in $500 when you heard that the production closed down really helped buy us progress.  But if there are any others that donate at this level, this will be equal to a $1,000 donation.  And here’s MY deal for you: your screen credit will be upgraded from from Associate Producer to Executive Producer.  Executive Producer is a more rarified strata, and I will personally make sure your screen credit is prominent.      
As mentioned above, 24 minutes of Part 2 are done, but we still need to cut 32 minutes to complete Part 2.  Unfortunately we are now out of production funds again and so production will again stop. We got 24 minutes done but we still need to cut the last 32 minutes and then we will have a premiere for Part 2.
To give you an idea how the cutting is going, here are a few exerpts of Part 2.
Excerpt 1 – Pastor Baldwin/Sam Chew

Excerpt 2 – John McManus/Edwin Vieira

Excerpt 3 – Sam Chew/Pastor Baldwin

Excerpt 4 – Stewart Rhodes/G. Edward Griffin
We are working every day on the project.  No vacations. No trips. No parties.  I estimate we will need about $10,125 to get through Parts 3 and 4 sometime by the end of Summer or start of Fall. If you are in a position to donate — especially given the matching fund deal and the extra screen credit the producers will grant -– I hope you will do what you can.  I would prefer that those who have not yet been able to donate make an effort to contribute, but if you have already donated, please bear in mind that your donations are cumulative.
In case you didn’t get to review the challenges we face to get MAINSTREAM done, allow me to reiterate some of the data in my previous Progress Report, as updated.
On the evening of 17 May we started the Premiere of MAINSTREAM Part 1 and decided to leave it up because about 400 people per day were watching it.  If you haven’t seen it, go to  It’s still there.
As of 24 June, about 4,672 people have now screened MAINSTREAM Part 1 but the daily screening has dropped to about 200 people a day.(1)   What’s more positive, however, is there are now 103 thumb’s up, only 1 thumb down and still no negative comments.
Again, this is all great!  Thousands have screened MAINSTREAM Part 1, hundreds watch it every day and 38 of you rallied to help get Part 2 back into post-production. Wow! 
All this is good news, but the production fund is again almost at zero. We have 24 more minutes cut but the show is again dark unless more donations come in. I know this is a pain, but movies are expensive and precarious.  We also had a hard drive meltdown on the main editing system. This has been remedied but it took some time and money out of our budget.
Here are the facts that I related to the major donors, my producing partners, and in my last Progress Report, again, facts you deserve to be updated on as well:

1.  Total running time of MAINSTREAM Parts 1 – 4 will be 213 minutes. 
We now have about 78 min done to date, need to edit 135 minutes. 
2.  Can cut about 2 minutes per day = 68 days to finish cutting. Only possible to cut about 20 days per month with no edit staff.
3. Need another 3.4 months to complete post-production and about $3,000 month for facilities, rentals, editor, operating expenses = about $10,125.  See Budget account 6600.
4.  If time is not consumed raising money, delivery of Parts 2 – 4 could be 30 Sept.
5.  Sum of $10,125 mainly covers items in account 6600.  It does not provide for any contingencies or marginal expenses such as additional b-roll in NYC, reshoots in LA, additional music rights, color/density correction, mixdown, DVD masters, additional interviews or computer catastrophes.  These expenses could amount to $5,000 or more and they are itemized in other accounts in the Budget.  The recent computer meltdown will consume some of this $5,000.
6. Since December 2015 when MAINSTREAM went into development, we have raised and allocated about $47,500 to various accounts itemized in the Budget.  This includes research and script development, 13 interviews around the country, auditioning/hiring new narrator, narration recording, music rights, b-roll shoots, stock shots/photos, two pre-release trailers and a 213-minute rough-cut.
So this is what we are dealing with.  As I have tried to relate previously, we are, in essence, trying to make two films for the price of one.  This is why the original estimated cost of MAINSTREAM was $109,314 whereas earlier productions were between $50,000 and $75,000.  A budget of $109,314 is how much we would have liked to have had to work with.(2)  But my job is to get things done cheaper, or get more production value for less, if possible.  I treasure every dollar of donor money and know that some of you are really hurting – and hurting for all of the reasons we cover in the films. 
These things acknowledged, I feel it would be wasteful to not complete MAINSTREAM for a lack of a relatively small amount of money.  If enough of you agree and donate, this project will get done even if slowly.  And if there is another donation rally, we should be able to get it done more quickly.  Again, the donation URL is at 
Unless sufficient donations materialize the MAINSTREAM series will be a truncated version of what it could have been.  And this would be unfortunate, because the public will never learn about how cultural Marxism and corporate fascism have specifically infected the movies and media; and the public will never be exposed to the many other issues the MAINSTREAM series would have exposed.  See the script at  Part 2 gets into much of these subjects and this is in post now.  

Those who donated, and the experts who courageously interviewed, are like the 300 warriors who confronted the Persian Army at the Battle of Thermopylae.  We may save a portion of Western Civilization by encouraging others to make documentaries about the Mainstream Media that is now trying to destroy Western Civilization.
I continue to sincerely feel this is a subject that needs to be confronted — especially given we made 7 previous documentaries that were suppressed, ignored or invalidated by the Mainstream Media.  These were documentaries about the Federal Reserve, the right to keep and bear, third parties, the original intent of the Founders, the outsourcing of the U.S. manufacturing base, the destruction of the family unit.  All subjects we felt the Mainstream Media might wish to champion a public discussion about.
Again, those of you who have donated will receive screencredit in the MAIN or END titles of the movie.  Screen credits for Part 1 and Part 2 are now up here and will continue to be updated and accessible at that URL.  And MAINSTREAM Part 1 is still up at  And lastly, the donation URL is still at
I guarantee MAINSTREAM Part 2 turns up the heat.  The Mainstream Media Trolls on the Bridge to Liberty will NOT be pleased — but I think all Freedom-loving Americans WILL be pleased.

And r
emember, if you pray for somebody else to speak out — or to stand up and defend our liberties — realize YOU are somebody.
MAINSTREAM Documentary Donor is Matching Your Donations! 
1) Because so many people are watching MAINSTREAM every day (about 200 – 400 people per day) word about Hollywood and the New York media IS getting out.  We have therefore decided to leave Part 1 up on the Net at  This is encouraging and I hope you will forward this email, or at least this URL to potential donors. Edit this Progress Report as you see fit and send it out to your family, friends and associates and encourage them to help get MAINSTREAM completed.  Look at what we have so far and imagine the rest of the series done and in the can.