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The Lion of London Bridge

The Lion of London Bridge

As Roy said, “I did what I had to do.” When confronted by evil, you do what you have to do. We salute you, Roy Larner. You are a real sheep dog. A lion. – Shorty Dawkins

This article comes from the Daily Mail

By Gareth Davies and Thomas Burrows

‘I’m Millwall’: Brave football fan, 47, reveals how he was stabbed eight times as he fought the London Bridge terrorists with his bare hands (and how his mates have sent him a Learn To Run handbook)

Roy Larner, 47, has been dubbed the Lion of London Bridge thanks to his heroics

He was in the Black & Blue bar in Borough Market when the terrorists burst in

They were shouting Islamic chants and the Millwall fan went at them weaponless

His actions allowed others to get out, but Roy was stabbed eight times in melee

A football fan was left with shocking injuries after he was stabbed eight times by the London Bridge terrorists as he fought them off with his bare hands to allow fellow drinkers to escape.

Brave Roy Larner launched himself at the trio on Saturday night who he said had run in to the Black & Blue restaurant in Borough Market shouting, ‘This is for Allah’ and ‘Islam, Islam, Islam’.

As staff and customers panicked, the 47-year-old shouted, ‘F**k you, I’m Millwall,’ before trying to punch the attackers, who have been named as Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba.

His actions are said to have saved lives as people were able to escape while Mr Larner fought the terrorists back, getting slashed in his head, chest and hands in the process.

Mr Larner, 47, from Peckham, south London,┬áis recovering from surgery after being slashed ‘in the head’ multiple times by the assailants.

Speaking from his bed at St Thomas’ Hospital in central London, he said: ‘I’m a bit better. I’ve had surgery. They reckon I might have to be in here a week.

‘I just did what I had to do.’

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Shorty Dawkins