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Johnny Depp on Trump: ‘When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? Maybe it is time’

Johnny Depp on Trump: ‘When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? Maybe it is time’


Johnny Depp has gone too far. It is time to boycott his movies. – Shorty Dawkins

This article comes from the Gateway Pundit

by Kristinn Taylor

All you need is hate. Actor Johnny Depp called for the assassination of President Donald Trump at a Q & A at the Glastonbury Festival in England on Thursday, reported the Guardian. The audience cheered the mention of Trump’s assassination, according to a concurrent report by the Telegraph.

In a year that he would like to forget, which included his acrimonious divorce to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp appeared at a Q&A at the new Cinemageddon stage at Glastonbury.

Johnny Depp joked about assassinating Donald Trump during an appearance at Glastonbury.

The actor received a rock star welcome during the event at Cineramageddon – a drive-in cinema on the Somerset site.

He introduced his 2004 film The Libertine along with director Julian Temple but began talking about the US president following questions from the 1,500-strong audience.

“I think he needs help and there are a lot of wonderful dark, dark places he could go,” Depp said, to cheers from the crowd.

“It is just a question – I’m not insinuating anything. By the way, this is going to be in the press. It will be horrible. I like that you are all a part of it.

“When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” he asked in reference to the death of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth in 1865.

“I want to qualify, I am not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it has been a while and maybe it is time,” he added.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Now he is added to my boycott list. I haven’t had a Starbucks coffee in 2 years now. I watch regular free TV channels. Until 2012 CNN was on all time at my home. No Target shopping in over a year, and list keeps growing. Best part is now I have time for me, my hobbies and new ideas. My time is now used for the betterment of me and mine.

  2. Mouthy little boy, isn’t he? Curious if the boy would get mouthy in the immediate vicinity of a blue-collar working man who labors daily to eke out a living?

  3. The Snowflakes live in a surreal land of make believe where they have never been faced with real imminent danger or badly hurt and had to continue anyways. Intellectuals with no firm real world experience to stand on will start our next civil war. Peace loving, hard men with harsh experience will finish it. These people need to be jailed under 18 U.S. Code 871 before bad things that will destroy our country happen.

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