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Homestead Outlaws – Living Off Grid In America

Homestead Outlaws - Living Off Grid In America

Living off-grid, or in some places just being a prepper, can run you afoul of the law. There are some localities in the US that want to keep you tied to “the system”. If you live in those areas, I would suggest you leave, as it will only get worse.

Zach and Jamie, at An American Homestead, give some examples of things they do every day at their homestead in the American Ozarks, that are illegal in other places, which would make them Outlaws.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Hello, would you mind telling me, what state and or states and county’s in sweet land of liberty are still so? Oh don’t worry I won’t be over to bug you for a cup of sugar, but their are safety in numbers.
    Really floored me about Great Falls MT.

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