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Florida Sheriff Gets It Right on Armed Defense While Mississippi Counterpart Fails

Florida Sheriff Gets It Right on Armed Defense While Mississippi Counterpart Fails
Sheriff Ivey understands who mans that first line of defense. (Facebook photo)

“A Florida sheriff’s office posted a controversial message on social media, urging citizens to arm themselves in self-defense,” WSVN 7 News Miami reported Friday. “Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted the video on Facebook Wednesday, two days after a deadly workplace shooting in nearby Orlando claimed the lives of five people.”

Why that would be controversial to any but tyrannophiles and their useful idiot followers remains unstated, but a handful nonetheless weighed in. Unsurprisingly, they used the same fake talking points they always bring up to sow disinformation and to alarm the gullible:

“Some residents applauded his stance while others criticized it, calling it ‘fear-mongering’ and encouraging vigilantes.”

So preparation is “paranoia,” and fighting for your life is “taking the law into your own hands”?

If terms can be redefined to favor attackers, why wouldn’t calling for help be considered “snitching”? Which is naturally what Opposite Day “progressives” say you should do, never having an answer for the familiar truism that “when seconds count, the police are minutes away…”

Rather than reprise what the sheriff said, take a few moments and get it straight from the man himself:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Sherriff Ivey’s “common sense” approach is a welcome and refreshing change from the “Only Ones” attitudes and efforts to undermine the right to keep and bear arms that we’ve noted recently from the Fraternal Order of Police “leadership.” That “us vs. them” approach is promulgated by all too many politically-motivated police chiefs who put their personal professional exclusivity before their oaths to support the Constitution. And that elitist attitude was reiterated in the WSVN piece:

Ivey’s message is at odds with some others in law enforcement, who argue that more citizens carrying guns exposes officers to more dangerous situations, and could prevent them from doing their jobs safely.

Leonard Papania, the police chief in Gulfport, Mississippi, spoke out against weakening gun regulations to the New York Times, saying, “Do you want every incident on your street to escalate to acts of gun violence?”

Pants on fire much, chief?

That “blood in the streets/ Dodge City over fender benders” hysteria has been a false alarm pulled by the gun-grabbers every time there’s a chance RKBA restrictions will be relaxed and rights recognized. Honest LEOs have admitted as much.

As for the ones now trying to gin up public panic over pushes for nationwide reciprocity and/or for so-called “Constitutional carry,” not only have fake fears been disproven in multiple states, a recent study shows Vermont, the original “permitless” concealed carry state, has an overall ranking of “safest state in America” in the “personal and residential safety” category.

That makes it fair to wonder why anyone would listen to Chief Papanias, considering that per the Neighborhood Scout crime index, Gulfport is given a rating of “5” out of a possible “100.”

So much for his methods working and being the ones the rest of us should emulate.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Nice!

    Finally a real AMERICAN law enforcement officer speaking out and KEEPING his Oath. More like him and America will NOT fall, the “bad guys” serving within our governments and breaking the supreme Law and highest Laws of the state – will be arrested and prosecuted, etc.

    God Bless and Keep him and his Safe! With this video, he probably made himself a target with the scum.

  2. “That “blood in the streets/ Dodge City over fender benders” hysteria has been a false alarm pulled by the gun-grabbers every time there’s a chance RKBA restrictions will be relaxed and rights recognized. Honest LEOs have admitted as much.”

    Since police started keeping statistics, we now know that assault weapons are/were used in an underwhelming 0.026 of 1% of crimes in New Jersey. This means that my officers are more likely to confront an escaped tiger from the local zoo than to confront an assault rifle in the hands of a drug-crazed killer on the streets.
    Joseph Constance, deputy chief of Trenton NJ PD, in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Aug 1993

  3. Good on ya Sheriff!
    Folks, that is what was once know as; a “Manly Man”. And a pretty smart rascal at that.
    In my opinion, we need a lot more people of the same character, men and women. .
    No doubt he will face some backlash from political opponents and other weenies, but I have hunch that he understands that quite well, and is prepared for it. I further think he is ready, willing, and able to handle it with aplomb.
    I for one, would enjoy seeing a debate between Sheriff Ivey & Gulfport’s Mr. Papanias. Though I feel certain Papanias would find some excuse to recuse himself. I can’t say that I would blame him either. Because only a total fool enters a battle of wits unarmed.

  4. So preparation is “paranoia,” and fighting for your life is “taking the law into your own hands”?
    Since when it’s wrong to do just that; “taking the law into your own hands”? can you not shoot a bad guy just like any cop? can you not defend your right to life just like any protected politician, cop of government agent? this might be an argument for the globalist UK not America.
    Good Sheriff!!

    1. The Florida Sheriff is so spot on it needs no further comment. Dave Haskins, Oath Keepers Founding Member Nevada 006087

  5. Why would thinking person go unarmed in a dangerous world where the bad guys and gals have guns. You must be responsibile for the safety of your loved ones. Police can’t be everywhere. This is from. Retired police officer and chief deputy sheriff. I know.

    1. Retired Leo
      Never leave your cave without your Club. Brevard County Sheriff stands correct on all points.
      OathKeeper LTM1570

    2. But the snowflakes have been taught that there is no danger, particularly because Islam is the religion of peace.

      They will have to live through an attack to have a change of perspective. And even then, it doesn’t always work. I thought Geraldo Rivera had learned a lesson when his daughter was in one of the recent attacks in Paris. But, no …. he’s gone back to making excuses for the Muslims.

  6. When a 911 call goes in, and police are minutes away, MY .45 ACP is coming at the dirtbags at 980 FPS. OR a 12 gauge with 00 buck at 1300 FPS (their choice)

  7. Retired Leo
    The Sheriff is correct on all points. It’s a difficult thing to comprehend when citizens look to the NYT’s rag for advice on self preservation.

  8. EXCELLENT video prevention by Sheriff Ivey! 😎 One criticism worth mentioning which is often overlooked: Natural Law dictates that individuals have no need of firearm permits — no individual should have to ask permission for something they have the Natural Right to do, in this case to be armed in accordance with our Natural Right of Self-Defense, open and concealed carry. The US Constitution’s Second Amendment merely acts as the guarantor of this Natural Right via Civil Law.

    Natural Rights Coalition — Self-Defense

  9. What a shame it is that we can’t make anti-gun people contribute to a fund that pays for funerals and/or medical expenses of victims of violence who couldn’t defend themselves because the anti-gun people made sure they couldn’t defend themselves.

  10. Well, Well, Well It’s about time LE stood up and was counted an came out with the real truth. We the People need to stand against what is here along with our brothers and sisters of LE. Up hold your Oath or be walked over in the end.

  11. We have a couple counties in Fl who have some common sense. In the northern part of the state being prepared is normal. I use my weapon for coyotes and wild dogs but are prepared for the punks. As a little old lady I know I’m a target they just don’t know this old lady shoots back.

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