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Eight-year Study Finds Heavy French Fry Eaters Have ‘Double’ the Chance of Death

Eight-year Study Finds Heavy French Fry Eaters Have ‘Double’ the Chance of Death

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by Jamie Seidel – News Corp Australia Network

GOLDEN. Warm. Crunchy, yet soft … many find french fries the ultimate irresistible temptation. But now we know they double your chances of death.

They’re everywhere. It’s hardly possible to eat out and not find a serve on your plate. They probably even infest your freezer.

We’ve long known their greasy goodness is too good to be true. Cholesterol. Weight gain. Any number of fatty fallouts apply.

But denial is a beautiful — crispy — place to be.

Now though, an eight-year study has found those who regularly eat french fries have double the chance of death than those who don’t.


On average, we each eat roughly about 14kg of hot fried potato chips every year. And that’s a problem.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that those who eat fried potato two or more times each week have double the chance of dying when compared to those who eat none.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Study finds if you are alive, you have a 100% chance of dying.

    Most restaurants use Canola Oil, very carcinogenic oil from the rape seed. Canadian Oil Co lobbied the FDA for approval. If you like machine oil, consume rape seed oil, aka Canola Oil.

  2. Typical of articles such as the above is to further demonize cholesterol, a false narrative invented by big pharma.

    The grain industry demonized eggs and dairy with bogus propaganda that fat is bad. By the 1950’s the USA was moving from healthy fats to unhealthy inflammation causing grains and hydrogenated oils such as margarine. The inflammation of arteries was brought on by homogenized milk, manufactured oils, no fat diets, and high glycemic foods like russet potatoes, wheat flour, grain cereals, increased tobacco use, and stress.

    The incidence of cardiovascular disease rose simultaneously with the USA diet moving from real foods to processed foods. The pharmaceuticals then invented the high cholesterol myth; creating the lie that LDL is bad. And conveniently administered the invention of statins, a toxic liver compound that basically shuts down support for every cell, slowly killing the entire body and having no effect to reverse CVD and prevent heart attacks. Meanwhile, the dispensing for statins had the opposite effect; raised the incidence of heart attacks and CVD even higher. “A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD.” Researchers found that while people with cholesterol higher than 280 had twice the risk of ischemic stroke than those at 230, people with cholesterol under 180 had twice the risk of hemorrhagic stroke than those at 230.

    Cholesterol is a fat-soluble steroid (other steroids include pregnenolone, progesterone,
    estrogen, DHEA and testosterone) synthesized from the food we eat, mainly in the liver. In
    humans, about 80 to 85 percent of our cholesterol is synthesized from sugar and refined starches
    (from carbohydrates), and 15 to 20 percent from fats. That’s why cutting fats from a diet has little effect on lowering cholesterol. LDL-cholesterol is far more easily oxidized than HDL-cholesterol, thus the focus on LDL as bad, even though the truth is that it is oxidation that is bad, not LDL, or HDL.

    As fast food, processed/manufactured food increased in the USA diet, so did CVD. No pharmaceutical will repair diseased arteries brought on by toxic foods, sugars, lack of antioxidants, smoking, stress, and high blood pressure. However, if your arteries are a mess, EDTA along with DMSO treatment will strip calcification. It’s all out there for your own discovery.

    1. WGP,

      I agree with you that animal fats are essential for a healthy diet, but not the vegetable oils used to deep fry foods. Eggs and bacon HAVE been demonized, unfortunately, but are great for you. The brain needs fats. Low fat, to me at least, means low health.


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