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Distilling Water Off Grid On The Homestead

Distilling Water Off Grid On The Homestead

Zach, at An American Homestead, bought a distiller from In the following video, he tries out the distiller to make distilled water. Distilled water is necessary for many batteries used for solar projects, and there are other uses for distilled water, such as in collodial silver and some medicinal uses.

He does his distilling over a wood fire, not a gas or electric stove.

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Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Quite frankly I do not think I would ever have a use for all of this farm DIY things. If were younger, knew where to go to purchase a piece of property and pay for it like these folks this would be absolutely great. I would love living like this. Unfortunately for a geezer like me on the down side of this life I just don’t see it. I wonder how much money these folks had to have to find a place with a real 19th century well, the knowledge to put up every thing they have to operate it and so forth.
    Any of you like minded ones know where to start or would like to get started on a venture like this please let me know. I am not rich, but many hands make the job a lot easier.
    Ideally this is the kind of thing I remember Brandon and John Jacobs taking about. Seems like Rawles was also talking something like this. And quite frankly if a bunch of us want to make it out with and for our children and grandchildren this might be our best bet.Do any of you remember the book stone soup?

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