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Bilderberg Elite Hide Behind Walls While Pushing Open Borders

Bilderberg Elite Hide Behind Walls While Pushing Open Borders

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by Kit Daniels

Entrance to the conference in Chantilly, Virginia, attended by over 130 of the world’s top politicians, bankers, intelligence outfits and media owners, is tightly controlled by police and private security who ensure that only vetted, invited guests are allowed into the Westfields Marriott where Bilderberg is taking place.

Overall, Bilderberg has perimeter security similar to that of Eastern European countries which are currently boosting their border security amid the migrant crisis.

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But in a fit of hypocrisy, the EU leaders attending Bilderberg are the same ones demanding countries like Hungary and Poland reopen their borders to allow Middle Eastern migrants, many of whom are military-age males who lack critical language and employment skills, to flow into their countries without proper vetting.

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  1. Evil people. They push immigration and all these attacks in uk. I just hope they pay for theor crimes some day. Why do the bad guys always win?

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