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Bernie Sanders Applies Religious Litmus Test on Nominee

Bernie Sanders Applies Religious Litmus Test on Nominee

The First Amendment to the Constitution affirms the Right for ALL Americans to freely hold to their religious beliefs, That is what freedom of religion means, except to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie attacked Russell T. Vought in his Senate Confirmation hearings for the post of Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget, for his religious beliefs, and stated that he would not vote for Vought because of them. Apparently Bernie Sanders doesn’t believe in Freedom of Religion.

As far as I know, most religions believe that non-believers in their faith are condemned before God, including the Muslim faith, which calls non-believers Infidels. Would Bernie use this line of questioning with a Muslim? Or a Jew? As long as ANY religion is tolerant of other beliefs, and follows the Constitution, we can get along.

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  1. It’s extremely difficult to be more clueless than Senator Sanders. Apparently he’s not only lost when it comes to the First Amendment, but has forgotten his oath to the U.S. Constitution, and is absolutely ignorant of the fact that Islam believes the same thing in reverse – that non-believers in Islam stand condemned. How is it that we elect such shameless nincompoops to office in this country?

  2. Mr. Vought clearly states that he believes that every person is entitled to dignity and respect, which seems to me to be the only criteria he should be expected to adhere to in his potential position within the government. Bernie Sanders is drilling him on issues of religious tenets, using this as the target of his refusal to confirm Mr. Vought. Had Mr. Vought been of the Muslim faith, would Mr. Sanders have demanded to know if the candidate believed in enforcing jizya, or that Muslims should always receive the best government contracts, etc.? Because that is what Muslims believe, among many other things called for in sharia. Had Mr. Vought been Buddhist, would he have drilled him on whether or not he believed that any hardships or failures a person may be experiencing in life is a result of being a horrible person in his past, and is therefore irredeemable? Bernie, you old fool, your own bias is clearly on display here. It seems pretty clear that this was a convenient excuse to not confirm a candidate recommended by a president that your party visibly, vocally detests–I suspect you would have found any excuse, but this one is especially heinous.

    1. “It seems pretty clear that this was a convenient excuse to not confirm a candidate recommended by a president that your party visibly, vocally detests…”

      It is NOT his party, remember, they CHEATED Bernie of his nomination. So what kind of fool is the one who lets them kick him in his face over and over again? Bernie is too ignorant to be serving within our government – ignorant of the US Constitution, the supreme Contract that he is Oath bound to support and defend, and to follow.

      1. Yes, of course Cal, you are correct. Sometimes with the homogeneous nature of the resistance to potus, the parties seem to blend together seamlessly sometimes. Thank you for the correction!

  3. The “separation” cause of the Constitution states that there shall be no religious “test” for public office. The word “test” is used purposefully, because at the time the Constitution was written, there was a religious Test Act in force in England, under which only members in good standing of the Church of England were allowed to be in Government.

    The Founders quite rightly sought to ensure that such a “test” would never be introduced into the US.

    Ironically – but I assure you, wholly germanely, I am sure that in his heart of hearts, Vought believes that the US is a Christian Nation, and if given the chance and the proper circumstances, he would almost certainly support a religious test such as they had in England.

    How many Republican “Christian” Senators have voted NO on a nominee because they were pro-abortion or pro-gay? Has everyone forgotten about the Hobby Lobby Case? Or the famous Gay Wedding Cake? Sanders is entitled to his beliefs. And under the LAW and the Constitution, he is entitled to his vote in whatever way he chooses, and for whatever reasons he may choose.

    I am sure that if Vought were a fundamentalist Muslim who espoused some of the more extreme teachings of Islam, we would not be having this conversation.

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