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After Action Report – NYC

After Action Report - NYC

Editor’s Note: Our thoughts and prayers go out to Frank Morganthaler. We wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

NY City Briefing…..(AAR)

There were about 300+ patriots in attendance, although ANTIFA, communists, and other opposition groups had larger numbers, maybe 500 ( to be expected in liberal stronghold territory) that ringed our perimeter….We had a security team of about 30 OKs, and peppered in with some III%s as well…There was a large NYCPD police contingent, and they did a great job protecting our perimeter. When a possible breech of our perimeter would occur, we were able to radio to our mobile security teams to the areas, who were closely backed up by NYPD, who would take point upon arrival…All in all as a security detail it went extremely well, we were able to keep intruders out.

Toward the end of the rally our State VP, Frank Morgenthaler suffered a heart attack, we had to preform CPR until the EMS arrived, but to our great relief, Frank is now in stable but guarded condition, and we are praying for his full recovery.

At the end of the rally we had a half full cooler of ice cold water, which we happily shared with our Brothers in Blue the NYPD, who were very thankful, and expressed their gratitude for what we had done today, and are doing for the cause. There were also a lot of anti-police signs the opposition was carrying…

Respectfully submitted,

John Wallace
President – NY Oath Keepers


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Good evening gentlemen! Proud of you all and all our Patriots!
    Prayers for the Morgenthaler family. It is being reported he has passed away?
    Is this true? ? Our thoughts and support for you all…..

  2. That’s great on the recovery John, but do you have any real feeling if the NYPD is really having a heart for the Republic now, or maybe that they are feeling that the op posers,what ever you wish to call them are doing their best to under mine the the Constitution? I guess what I am trying to say is are they for us,against us or are there just for the pay check?

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