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On Its 242nd Birthday, The Army Is Training For ‘The New Character Of War’

On Its 242nd Birthday, The Army Is Training For 'The New Character Of War'

This article comes from the Army Times.

By: Meghann Myers, June 13, 2017

The Army turns 242 years old on Wednesday, but this year, the service’s acting secretary is looking back to World War I for guidance.

The first World War brought forth much of the way the Army fights and functions today, and a century later, leaders are preparing for another sea change, acting Secretary Robert Speer told Army Times.

“I also think we’re on the cusp now — you hear [Chief of Staff] Gen. [Mark] Milley talk about it, the new character of war — so we’re at another point,” Speer said. “A hundred years later, to a point where you can see things significantly changing for the future.”

Today the Army faces yet another inflection point, but rather than making the shift from a small domestic defense force to a global player, the current Army is trying to find the balance between deterrence missions in Europe and Asia while preparing for combat operations in the Middle East.

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Shorty Dawkins



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    Losing is the single most immoral thing a people could do. The Geneva conventions and the UN rules of engagement are designed to prevent a winner. They were created to ensure the perpetuation of the post WWII power structure. This is why we lose, it’s by design. And it’s unnatural and immoral.

    Giving a man what amounts to an eighth grade education, a rifle, and an inch thick rule book of field morality riddles and then expecting him to win is WRONG, it’s unjust. It’s harmful to the man and to our nation. The blood of every soldier’s suicide is on the creator’s of this heinous crime. May this scam’s creators and perpetrators burn in hell forever.

    Small wars, slow wars, fourth gen wars, slowly escalating wars, restrictive wars, wars on drugs, wars on poverty, wars on obesity, and the coming war on guns are all bogus. They are for monetary profit.

  3. So, basically, we will use more drones abroad, continue to allow Israel to dictate our middle East policy, and do more JADE HELM-ish training.

    Let’s be honest here, Saudi-Israelia and the Federal Reserve have been wagging the nuclear fortified military superpower dog for way too long.

    You have to be absolutely insane if you think a supreme court, built by the Rothschild family, and a museum that has a life boat from the USS Liberty on display, are attributes of a country worthy of being called a great friend and ally.

    How much of the military action in the last half century has had anything to do with keeping the USA safe?

    Our military has no business doing anything other than protecting our country.

    Anyone sick of hearing about the middle East should seriously look into the USS Liberty, the lavon affair, the kidon, aipac, jebson, ADL, unit 8200, the mossad, JFK’s intentions as far as Israeli atom bombs, the dancing Arabs (confirmed mossad agents that operated out of a “moving company”) arrested by FBI on 9-11, Mordechai Vanunu, Netanyahu and his ties to the Hollywood shipping company and the hundreds of missing klystrons, and on and on and on……oh, yeah, and Assad supports the return of the Golan heights to Syria…

    Our military has one job, and it’s not supporting binding alliances. Its not suppression of civilians. It’s not meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations. It’s not polluting countries with dioxins, and depleted uranium. It’s not nation building. It’s not flying heroin and cocaine for the CIA. It’s not “fortifying” actions voted on by the UN. Our armed forces has one job, the protection of the United States of America.

    Go ahead, call me anti semitic. Call me a conspiracy theorist. That’s the usual response to truth about the US military and the middle East. I however am not anti semitic, or anti Jewish. I am anti Zionist, as are a large and growing number of Jewish folks. Anti semitic and anti Zionist have about as much in common as gold and federal reserve notes. I’m also not a conspiracy theorist, I am a greed/stupidity theorist. The state of our military affairs has much to do with Israel, and aipac. Just because someone doesn’t condone priests raping children, doesn’t make someone anti Catholic. Just because someone doesn’t condone gihad suicide bombing, it doesn’t make them anti Muslim. Just because someone says water fluoridation is medical malpractice, doesn’t make them anti doctor. It’s sickening that anyone questioning Israel is automatically anti-Semitic.

    We need to seriously look at the wasted trillions, the dead US men and women, and the dual citizen suits in our federal government that waste our livelyhood away trying to bring “peace” to the middle East.

    When it comes to “deterrent” missions in Europe and Asia, what should be said is that since Russia supports Assad, we will screw with the Ukraine situation. When it comes to North Korea, they aren’t so much a threat to the US, but to our top shareholder’s interests in South Korean companies. When it comes to the recent crap in the Philippines, were not really there to stop Muslim insurgents, but to mitigate the financial damage Duterte is doing to the meth sales of the Chinese triad.

    We basically live in a USA, where nearly all military actions have nefarious, profit based, ulterior motives, which come at the expense of taxpayers, and profit the Federal Reserve, Raytheon, Lockheed, etc…

    This comment may not seem to have much to do with a 242nd military anniversary, but it has much to do with it. Lexington, Concord, our founders, and the Constitution they gave us, set us on a path to freedom and greatness, and as a nation, we have strayed from that path.

    If I’m not mistaken, there is something in our constitution regarding a 2 year limit on a standing army. That may be because our founders understood history well enough to know that never ending wars are usually started, sustained, and financed by a certain group that profits from death and oppression.

    How much time and or respect was paid to those who gave all at Lexington and Concord, or to our Constitution on this 242nd military anniversary?

    It’s a damn sad day when patriots and militiamen are called nut jobs, and homeless veterans are committing suicide in cardboard boxes.

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