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What Happened in France?

What Happened in France?

The voters of France had a choice between a globalist and a nationalist. They chose globalism, and in the process chose the destruction of French culture. – Shorty Dawkins


This article comes from PJ Media

by Bruce Bawer

How could Marine Le Pen have lost in a landslide?

Why, after the Brits chose Brexit, and Americans chose Trump, did the Dutch fail Wilders, and the French fail Le Pen?

How could a country that has been hit by several major terrorist attacks in recent years, and that has undergone a more profound social transformation owing to Islamic immigration, vote for business as usual?

Wilders, buoyed by the Brexit and Trump victories, said that 2017 would be a “Year of the Populist.” So far, alas, it’s not turning out that way.

Yes, there are positive signs. The Sweden Democrats are on the upswing. And Wilders did gain seats in the Dutch Parliament.

But if you’ve witnessed the reality of Islamization in cities like Rotterdam and Paris and Stockholm, you may well wonder: what, in heaven’s name, will it take for these people to save their own societies, their own freedoms, for their own children and grandchildren?

I’m not the only one who’s been obsessing for years over this question. I’ve yet to see a totally convincing answer to it.

One way of trying to answer it is to look at countries one by one. For example, the Brits and French feel guilty about their imperial histories, and hence find it difficult to rein in the descendants of subject peoples. The Germans feel guilty about their Nazi past – and the Swedes feel guilty about cozying up to Nazis – and thus feel compelled to lay out the welcome mat for, well, just about anybody. The Dutch, similarly, are intensely aware that during the Nazi occupation they helped ship off a larger percentage of their Jews to the death camps than any other Western European country, and feel a deep need to atone.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Judging from the lack of comments I’d say the majority of us really don’t give a rat’s rear end about the French or most of Europe for that matter. Maybe in terms of a global view that’s short-sighted, but their social, economic and now immigration policies are largely responsible for their current dilemma, and they pretty much deserve whatever happens to them at this point — IMHO.

    1. We care…we “should” care to the extent that the same exact disease that has literally killed the French is in our blood stream. The question, which remains to be answered; Do we have an immune system strong enough to fight it off?

      1. I believe we do, Chip. It may eventually take a 2nd Amendment solution, but that’s something that’s not afforded to anyone in Europe except the Swiss.

  2. Yep, this has been a head-scratcher for me as well. In my family, we’ve tossed around the idea that our society broke away from the European model so many generations ago that these idiotic policies are just inconceivable to us.

    At the risk of sounding like a “conspiracy theorist”, it does seem like human societies self-destruct every few hundred years; it just feels like we’re sliding faster and faster toward the precipice. There’s a lot more of us this time around, and we’ve never been further from our natural world (as a society). When it tips over this time, it’s going to be nasty. I’ve been waiting for larger scale violence to break out in Europe for a couple of years now–those with common sense are getting fed up with globalists pushing their agendas at the detriment of the folks paying the bills.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, Shorty!

  3. I am shocked. Had to be rigged I’d think or severely infiltrated. If we could see the earth from space remove all political correctness, gov’ts we’d see the ancient babylon live and well migrating to destroy those they hate. I’ve been reading about the DNA trace of hybrid Neanderthals mix with homo sapiens a continent away, features are apparent. I don’t doubt it. Worth a thought. Not a crime to be a realist and study human history pattern. Civilization must survive.

    1. Yes, I think you may be right. I am quite convinced the 1995 Quebec referendum to “secede” was rigged by about a quarter of a million fake votes, ID’s fabricated at the federal level and fed into the Quebec system for several years before the vote. Pretty credible reports in the forums here in French suggest that election workers after the referendum to secede couldn’t “locate” something like 217,000 “voters”, most “new citizens”, anywhere in Canada! In another aspect of the same referendum, 86,000 maliciously spoiled “No” ballots were buried and after ten years shredded on court orders, after a spurious “case” was filed by interested parties supposedly to “expose” them; they took a back route in their attempt, which precisely avoided the normal route that would have led to a total recount, and which would have exposed the quarter-million rigging, if the forums are right about that, and I suspect they are. I’ve collected all sorts of film of news clips of the era in which polls before the referendum indicated they had zero chance to win. Zero. Yet one day, they were suddenly smug, declaring they had “private” polls. Private polls very possibly meaning they knew the thing had been rigged. Yes, they can be rigged, whether the vote is on paper, or electronic. Another point: perhaps the French people are so terrified of their own bizarre immigrants that they felt there would be an even bigger terrorist backlash if they voted Le Pen? Maybe a combination of that, and some rigging?

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