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“I want Alex Jones to be taken out for brainwashing”

An extraordinary confrontation caught on video shows a deranged leftist calmly explaining why she thinks Alex Jones should be killed for exercising his free speech.

| – MAY 4, 2017

The encounter, filmed by Michael DiBari, begins with DiBari asking the woman, “Alex Jones needs to be killed, is that what you’re saying?”

“Yeah, I am,” responds the woman, who is apparently a teacher.

“I want Alex Jones to be taken out for brainwashing,” explains the woman, before claiming “I believe in free speech” (except presumably speech which disagrees with her opinion, in which case the thought criminal should be subject to summary execution).

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The woman’s partner then claims the man is “getting very aggressive,” despite the fact that she just literally called for someone to be killed for having a different opinion.

The woman then inexplicably bursts into tears before claiming, “My son has been completely brainwashed by this asshole,” and then stops crying immediately.

“And so you wanna kill him rather than listen to what this man has to say….you wanna kill free speech?” asks DiBari.

The woman’s partner then gets in DiBari’s face before pathetically backing down as soon as DiBari shows he isn’t afraid.

You’re the one that’s brain damaged lady, you’re the one that’s pissing all over the First Amendment, DiBari continues, asking her if she would also like to kill Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos.

“How many people do you want killed that you don’t agree with, lady – tell me how much totalitarian Nazi bullshit you got in you?” he asks.

The woman claims she “listens to the views of other people” (while advocating for their execution). When asked to mention one thing that she disagrees with, her only response is “it’s brainwashing”.

The woman then claims that her demeanor is peaceful, prompting scorn from DiBari.

“Oh yes you’re so calm, you’re so calm and so reasonable,” he chides her, while pointing out that she just literally called for someone to be killed for their opinion.

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  1. I’m rather disappointed with the man’s performance. He was loud, abusive, argumentative, and he put into her mouth the word “kill” alleging she wanted to “kill” Jones. I frankly think the man screwed this up. Had he been a bit cool, laid back, and let her talk, and say fully what was on her mind, she might have done a much better job of condemning herself.

    1. I agree the word “kill” should never be used. Get them guessing! Don’t something out in speech or written that could put any of our own in jeopardy! Let the lib’s hang themselves , because they will!

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