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Venezuela: The incredible legacy of an experiment with socialism

By John Moody   

Here’s the legacy of Venezuela’s experiment with socialism: daily riots and protests that have resulted in at least 40 deaths in recent weeks at the hands of government security forces. Inflation estimated at 720 percent. Shortages of basic foods and medicines. An average weight loss among Venezuelans of 19 pounds, which had nothing to do with the South Beach diet. Newborn babies deposited in dresser drawers because hospitals have no beds. Zoo animals hunted down and butchered for food by the ravenous population.

Finally, this week, and only at the urging of the United States, the United Nations is considering the desperate situation in what was once South America’s most prosperous country, before socialism sank its fangs in, sucking the economy dry.

President Nicholas Maduro, a political stooge who assumed power after the death of the charismatic but egomaniacal Hugo Chavez, was forced earlier this year to ask the U.N. for emergency aid, an admission of his inability to keep his people fed and secure. And to show what a powerful institution it is, the U.N. took away Venezuela’s vote in the General Assembly because it could not pay its dues. Maduro must have been quaking with fear. When the Organization of American States criticized Maduro’s response to the unrest, he took decisive action – he pulled Venezuela out of the OAS.


The near-daily riots have turned deadly in recent weeks, as Maduro’s forces, propped up by Cuban security, resort to live ammunition against their fellow citizens. As my colleague at the Wall Street Journal Anatoly Kurmanaev reported this week from Caracas, the police are weary of killing their neighbors. Their support for Maduro – the only reason he is still in power – diminishes with each deadly demonstration.

“A lot of Venezuelans have become radicalized because they’re desperate,” Kurmanaev told me. “There’s no going back to how things were two months ago. Something is going to change. This is the final chapter of Venezuelan history, one way or another. Either Maduro will cement his rule by dictatorship, or there’ll be some kind of transitional government.  It can’t continue like this.”

For many aggrieved Venezuelans, that choice is an easy one.

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  1. The police department, fire department, hospitals, ambulances are all examples of socialism. Hell the military, water, sewer, property tax, the interstate system, public schools, judges all these things are examples of socialism. Either way, complete anarcho capitalism or social programs, I’m fine with it. If the decision is made that we as American people choose the each man for himself scenario of Anarcho Capitalism then I want 31 years of my social security tax back,I’ve never drawn a penny of it so I want it back. If our corrupt Democrat or Republican politicians don’t have it then I want them arrested and tried for misappropriations of funds…. oh wait we as American people decided social programs are bad and we don’t have a socialized police force or socialized judicial system so I’ll just go kill those sumbitches that stole my money??? Cmon is this the adult conversation we really want to have? Venezuela is in turmoil so we Americans can’t be a successful sovereign nation? Hogwash!!

  2. Venezuela is an example of leadership failure. China is an example of leadership success. We keep our guns. We’ll use them for the reason we have them.

    Bath house Barry failed in his false flags intended to take our guns. Buy lots of them and share them when the time comes. Buy lots of powder, bullets, primers and casings. Buy reloading equipment. Remember the EPA and others tried to remove the foundations and supplies that make your guns functional. Remember the left tried via the courts to disarm us. The left is tireless in their mission to destroy us.

    Stay armed, stay free.

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