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Threat From Antifa Against Police Must Be Taken Seriously – May Day Tweet

Threat From Antifa Against Police Must Be Taken Seriously - May Day Tweet

This threat was made today, May 1st, in the United States, against our police officers here:

Please spread it around so it is seen by as many cops as possible.  This is an ongoing threat that is not going away after today.  Please be safe out there!

Photo credit: French anti-riot police are engulfed in flames as they face protesters during a May Day march in Paris. (Zakaria Abdelkafi/AFP/Getty Images)

Threat From Antifa Against Police Must Be Taken Seriously - May Day Tweet

Another Photo of Police on Fire in France – which the left is passing around in celebration



The photo was from France, but it was used by an “anarchist” in the U.S. to threaten police everywhere.   American police officers need to keep foremost in mind the fact that Anti-fa, BAMN, and others on the far left hate all police, because they see police as the enforcers of the “unjust, imperialist, racist capitalist system” they wish to overthrow by means of a bloody “red” worldwide revolution.   This should be no surprise, given the far left’s past pattern of targeting police for assassination and bombings.   Remember the wave of attacks on police in the 60s and 70s by communist terrorists such as the Weather Underground.  Expect more of the same, especially now that Anti-fa and others on the far left are increasingly finding themselves outmatched in straight up street confrontations with the men on the right (which includes so many retired cops and military veterans) they will resort to IEDs, just like the Weatherman terrorists of the 70s, and to sniper attacks on police, like in Dallas and Baton Rouge, last year.  It is coming.

So far, the far left has been focused on attacking conservative/libertarian celebrities, speaking events, and attendees.   But they hate you too.  Never forget that.

Oath Keepers has a standing offer to protect police families and homes under threat of violence, as part of our Operation Family Safe, and our Operation Back Our Blue.  Just ask, and we will be there.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes






  1. Time to start taking our country back. I stand behind police officers everywhere

    1. And do you stand with the police who willingly stand down and undermine you ? That is the real question at hand. Not all police are the good guys for many reasons. Some have committed crimes and some stand down deliberately. I am not anti police, but do prefer the truth of many matters. I do not believe their job is more important than our country, so I do not buy the job thing as an excuse to roll over. To use that as an excuse is cowardly and many supposed LEOs and supposed emergency responders do exactly that , use it as an excuse to go along with the left control freaks. This will be much more prevalent going forward as the excuse is used more.

      We cannot allow the police or any municipal entities to create these kinds of political undermining of our laws. Excuses are not acceptable

      1. They get their training from Home land security, I read, centralized. Deep state I read.

      2. Your comment. “I am not anti-police.” You need to realize there is not just one apple in the basket. Ideological leanings, chain of command etc. People are put into positions and people are hired for specific reasons. Keep what I just said in the back of your mind and apply that thingking to that and other things.

      3. agreed…some good some not so good… nuff said BUT I WANT TO THANK EACH AND EVERY OATHKEEPER !!! So many issues in our land…my prayers are for God to avenge us of our enemies for exterminating the enemy is not getting to the real root… again, to every Oathkeeper God speed.

    2. I would say it’s time to get the national guard involved, and throw these nutjobs into the FEMA camps. Different name, but are the Mimic of ISIS. Let’s not pull any punches. Demonstrations are one thing, but it doesn’t give them permission to do what they have done. When is enough, enough? Could we agree on this??

    3. Amen!!! It’s time those who have remained silent need to speak Out and protect the blue line!! The time has come… I vow to do what I need to do to
      Protect our BLUE…

  2. I heard on the car radio this afternoon (01 May) that protesters in Dallas, TX had attacked police by throwing “…gasoline bombs and objects….” at them.

  3. So, then if Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are bankrolling these animals, why haven’t the two of them been arrested for terrorist activities!? If they can follow the money back to those two, then that should be grounds for arrest and prosecution.

  4. If they are arrested they need to be mugged and printed. That is what happened in the 60’s when they went underground. People like Ayers and Dohrn, etals, are still out there, proably being funded by Soros. Believe that there are many 60’s radicals out there and like the murderer Cheap who they seem to admire, to use for leadership.

  5. This is simple lawless barbarous savagery, and it needs to be crushed swiftly by force in any civilized culture, or that culture will cease to exist, because of the lawless overthrow of authority.

  6. I stand behind the human spirit. However when my rights are treated as terroristic endeavors, then I have a problem. Last Wednesday I was arrested on a bench warrant. They came to my house unannounced and banged on my back door. Then ran like cowards. I look out my door and nobody was there. I grabbed my shotgun bc I don’t know if someone is trying to break in. I open the back door to hear drop the weapon. I go back in and put the weapon up. Grabbed some closes. I’m still not 100%sure it’s the police. However I don’t think anyone else would have said to drop the weapon. I take a chance and go outside. Three cowards are hiding behind trees. I’ve professed many times that I am a noncombatant. Yet I am treated like a terrorist in my own country. I can see why people want to do them harm. Unless I can claim my rights in federal court than I have none.

  7. We have Antifa terrorist cells in all of our major cities. Where Oath Keepers has stepped up to protect citizens from these animals, police have stepped up. Step up.

  8. I know most police officers, as most of all of us, don’t want to have to use force in most situations. BUT, when the communists/progressives/socialists/anti-fa/BAMN/Black Lives Matter, etc., start throwing gasoline and fire on them, why in the hell haven’t the police opened fire and defended themselves? As far as I’m concerned, the police better either shoot the bastards or shut the hell up. Force should be the ONLY response to such attacks.

    1. DUH !!!! They are using the same “Rules of Engagement” that are used by our troops in Iraq,Afghanistan and are using it on our own streets. If the perp doesn’t have a firearm visible, you cannot continue engagement. If you can SEE his weapon and he isn’t pointing it at you, you can’t continue engagement. If you can see the insurgent pointing his weapon at you, and some attorney in Washington give you the “Go” to engage…………. It will be too late and your family will be notified when your son’s body will arrive at Delaware AFB.
      Until we STOP The PC BULLSHIT, this NATION IS DOOMED to the IDIOCY that has permeated Washington DC, for FAR TOO MANY YEARS, and I’m talking as far back as VIETNAM where we lost 58,942 Military personell , many of which died on the “Alter of Political Expediency” and sheer STUPIDITY !!!!

  9. Understand that this is a crime when used against anyone here in our nation, but that law enforcement are made targets means that they need to be more careful, and that we must keep an eye out for them also, have “their backs”.

    God Bless and Stay Safe All!

    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

    Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

  10. The Civil-War , was a attempted land grab , by Great Britain ; The Warriors’ , on both sides , of the conflict , were American’s , that thought , they were fighting the right cause and , so did General E. Lee ; His Monument and Statue , should , be protected , by all costs and nothing should , be left , off the table , if somebody , or a group , of a communist try and destroy his Legacy , by destroying his statue ; It’s our American history and , it must , be protected !!!

  11. I feel real sorry for the French police, I mean this is BARBARIC, burning people alive! That’s what happened to runaway slaves back in the day, being burned alive! Very barbaric!

    I am an African-American female and I am not Anti-police, I’m just Anti-police brutality. We need police, we just don’t need bad corrupted police. I get tired of this country allowing unarmed black men to get shot and killed by police officers and the police officers never get indicted for killing unarmed black men. As the mother of a black son, I have to always worry about him! I shouldn’t have to in the Land of the Free. I feel my son will be more safer in Iraq than in this country. I just hope these far left groups do not harm the good police officers because we will always need the good police officers. I hope good police officers will be safe.

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