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Thousands Drop off Food Stamp Rolls in Georgia After State Implements Work Requirements

Thousands Drop off Food Stamp Rolls in Georgia After State Implements Work Requirements

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by Katherine Rodriguez

Thousands of people have dropped off the food stamp rolls in Georgia as a result of the state implementing work requirements for food stamp recipients.

More than half of the 11,779 people enrolled for food stamps in 21 counties, an estimated 7,251 people, have dropped out of the food stamp program—a drop of 62 percent, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.
Georgia first rolled out its work requirements for the food stamp program in three counties in January 2016. Since then, the state has expanded work requirements in an additional 21 counties, giving people in those 21 counties until April 1, 2017 to find a job or lose food stamp benefits.

Those who receive benefits must work at least 20 hours a week, be enrolled in state-approved job training, or volunteer for a state-approved non-profit or charity.

State officials say the plan is to extend the work requirements to all 159 counties in Georgia by 2019 and implement work requirements in 60 more counties, starting in 2018.

“The greater good is people being employed, being productive and contributing to the state,” said Bobby Cagle, director of Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services.

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  1. 194$ x 7251 = $1,406,694

    Now, considering the revenue Georgia received from the filming of “Fast & Furious 8”, it seems like 1.4 million is but a drop in the bucket.

    I’m rather confident​ that the landscape lighting and irrigation system at the governor’s mansion will remain in top repair. I bet the police departments drive chargers and SUVs. You can bet the Atlanta police have a 6 figure stingray to aid in 4th amendment violations.

    I can almost guarantee that the 1.4 million in “savings” will not be deducted from the taxes of Georgia’s​ residents.

    You could even speculate that there are likely millions of street lights, using 200 plus watt mercury vapor and metal halide bulbs, and by replacing them with LED technology, much more money could be saved.

    Now, if we had anything resembling the economic policy our founders had envisioned, there would never be a need for government benefits.

    I call brand new chargers for police, and irrigation for the governor’s mansion by it’s correct name. Welfare. Entitlement. If we’re going to kick people off food stamps, maybe the cops should have to change their own oil in an old crown vic, and the governor could go without a perfect fescue lawn. I can only hope that taxpayers would agree.

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