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The Truth About ‘Refugees’

The Truth About 'Refugees'

Paul Joseph Watson reports on the “refugee” crisis on Italy. Though billed as Syrian refugees by the globalists, they are actually predominately economic refugees from Africa, flooding through Libya with the help of Soros backed NGOs.

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Shorty Dawkins


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  1. I can’t say that I’m surprised, really, although I was a bit when he named Save The Children as one of the perpetrators. I wonder if a person could mount a pressure campaign, like is done to conservative YouTube channels or television personalities. Threaten to pull corporate sponsorship until the “rescue” campaigns are stopped. If PJW could dig out the facts about ISIS recruiting these “refugees”, then there’s no excuse for European law enforcement officials not to. They are literally allowing the enemy to come in unopposed! This is so sad–I absolutely loved living in Germany back in the 80’s (stationed in Weisbaden) but there’s not enough money in the Federal Reserve, to pay me to go back now. It’s getting harder to have hope for them now…but I can damn-sure try to keep this from happening to my beloved America. Thank you Shorty!

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