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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Rule of Law


The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Rule of Law

“Civilization just dissolves without the rule-of-law.”
~ Ann Barnhardt

Imagine you wake up Tuesday morning to view your Merrill Lynch account online, only to discover the $300,000 portion you had in the “perfectly safe” money-market fund was gone…stolen by Merrill Lynch to cover a margin call. That is exactly what happened to the mom-and-pop-little-old-lady-you-and-me customers of MF Global in 2013. $1.5 Billion…stolen. And the thief, Jon Corzine, never faced criminal charges. In fact, he is preparing to start a new hedge fund as I write this morning’s post.

This single event catapulted Ann Barnhardt to notoriety as one of the most trusted and followed socio-political commentators of our time. She rehashes the industry scandal that forced her to close her own business in this remarkable interview. She is 100% right…Rule of Law is the glue that holds civilization together. But for the first time, her quote above made me realize that the Rule of Law is under a most ruthless and intentional assault on two fronts; Church and State.

This is by far the most comprehensive and thorough explanation of the Comey firing I’ve come across. Reading this, one realizes two things: 1) President Trump is much smarter than his enemies will ever admit. 2) James B. Comey was (is) one of the most treacherous and treasonous Swamp Creatures of them all! If you’ve wondered how Corzine, Sharpton, Reid, Pelosi, Waters and the Clintons et al, have managed their nefarious activities above the law for so many years…wonder no more. So that pretty well sums up the state of our Rule of Law at the State level…almost. I’m afraid it goes a little “Deeper”… please consider donating.

So…what about the Church? Have you ever observed someone with really bad negative energy come into a room, a family, or group of people, and almost instantly change the dynamic and tone of the entire group? All of a sudden people are fighting and bickering with each other, suspicious of each other, talking behind backs, etc. Kind of like the family of America…after eight years of Obama. Well, the man some folks (including Ann Barnhardt) refer to as the anti-Pope, Bergoglio (Francis), has had the very same chilling effect on the Church. The havoc Obama’s DOJ wreaked on our Rule of Law, has come to the Church via Francis through his Progressive playbook entitled Amoris Laetitia, turning the very liturgical foundation of the Church into chaos and confusion. It’s as if both the US Constitution and the Holy Bible have been cast aside, and replaced by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals!

A real Pope speaks…

Pope Pius XII destroys Amoris Laetitia and Francis’ False-Mercy Gospel

What a breath of fresh air it is to hear a true Pope speak, a genuine Vicar of Christ, through whom is heard the voice of St. Peter. Clarity reigns, confusion and doubt are put aside, and orthodoxy is affirmed. And it is no wonder, for every true Pope is a true shepherd of the flock of Christ: “…the sheep follow him, because they know his voice. But a stranger they follow not, but fly from him, because they know not the voice of strangers” (Jn 10:4-5).

On May 15, the semi-traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli published five magnificent magisterial contributions of Pope Pius XII (1939-58) condemning the then-emerging “new morality”, more commonly known today as “situation ethics”, which is essentially a morality that “is not based in effect on universal moral laws … but on the real and concrete conditions or circumstances in which men must act, and according to which the conscience of the individual must judge and choose” (Pius XII, Address Soyez Les Bienvenues). ~ Lamentabili Sane, TCT

A “New Morality” has gripped our lives. A morality in which Truth no longer seems to matter. Why are feminists so fiercely determined to defend a cult (Islam) that treats women like dogs? How and why do Democrats aid and abet the very people who have them murdered? The 50-60 body bags in the wake of the Clinton Crime Family are mostly Democrats, from Vince Foster to Cliff Stevens, and most recently, Seth Rich. The New Morality is a wonderful tool…for tyrants and despots. They can turn government agencies like the IRS against the people who oppose them. They can bribe, extort and blackmail foreign governments. They can even turn tax-payer funded relief programs into child prostitution and sex-slavery enterprises. Not a problem! Not when your top cop is Eric Holder, and his top deputy is James B. Comey.

And what happens when the good guy looking for justice raises the question? Or when a popular Conservative publication demands answers to the questions grieving family members are pleading for? Civilization, as Barnhardt warns us, dissolves into something unimaginably evil…if history tells us anything. Do you know that people in Venezuela are eating zoo animals in order to survive? Because the Rule of Law became the Rule of the State. Do you know that if you report migrants for defecating on your driveway or raping your daughter in Europe, you are likely to be prosecuted for a “Hate Crime”? Because the Rule of Law has become the Rule of State. And something very interesting I only just learned the other day, in the wake of the Manchester slaughter of children, about those wreaking the havoc …THEY ARE CHILDLESS.

The Enemy of our Constitution and former occupant of the Oval Office, and the Enemy of the Church and current occupier of the Chair of Peter, conspired to bring Manchester here. Two thieves with walls and bodyguards lecturing us about walls, as the bodies of dead children lay on morgue slabs…they sell “Sanctuary Cities”, but deliver Mortuary Cities!

“Sanctuary Cities are a violation of the Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4”Atty. KrisAnne Hall

You may have my Rule of Law…after you take my gun. Molon Labe

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  1. That was a great tune up. I settled in for a long read, but for those who follow world events and can comprehend logic, this tune up was succinct and to the point.

  2. Great post, Chip. The link to Lisa Frank’s Comey expose’ was worth the price of admission by itself; the rest was just icing on the cake. Couldn’t agree more on the Pope — kinda glad I’m not Catholic. Devout Catholics have to be very conflicted.

    1. Interesting times Brother Spookster, to be sure. Catholic, Protestant…time for all good men and women to pick up the Cross. Happy Memorial Day my friend!

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