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Summer of Rage | Mass Riots in July?

Paul Joseph Watson Paul Joseph Watson

Published on May 20, 2017

Militant leftists plan to “overthrow” Trump.

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  1. Observations:

    Is the appropriations rider of 1916 allowing investigations of ANTIFA or to put a quick stop to this stuff? Is the Appropriations rider still in viable and can be initiated on request from Secretary Of State & The Attorney General? It would appear if a citizen tries defending his country against ANTIFA they get arrested. It would seem the police (local,state and federal) are not allowing citizens a chance to defend their country. We have allowed ourselves to become debased in all pillars. America is home of the strong and brave.

    1. You’re kidding? In Boston: so called patriots were not even allowed to defend their country. One guy was arrested on video for fighting back when assaulted — if I can remember correctly. What Boston looked like was more stuff Poland did to suppress and pacify. At this point we should ask the Secretary of State and the Attorney General to use the Appropriations rider of 1916 if it still exists.

      1. There is going to be a “tipping point” in all of this left wing “uprising”. We are heading for a civil war if things keep going the way they are. (and it’s going to be messy)

      2. JP,

        While we don’t advertise it in advance, I think most of us in the patriot/liberty movement know where our personal line in the sand is, and I’d bet money that the vast majority of us are in very close alignment. I don’t think the forces of the dark side, certainly not the foot soldiers, have any idea what they are up against, and I think their minders/handlers don’t care, because, as I said in a previous comment, they are going to get their hands dirty.

      3. Cobbler…I was in Boston too. Apparently we experienced two different Bostons. The police did their job in Boston. The “patriot” you are referring to was an idiot who crossed the buffer line the police set up LOOKING for trouble. He found it…after he punched a young woman. If that is what you call a patriot defending his country…well, I think you need to go back to the Cobbling board.

      4. I do not want to veer too much off the subject. I grew up with only sisters as my siblings so I know how females can get. Besides I have never seen or touched any of this so I really have no idea what’s going on. Plus the fact is, anyone even going to these protests are automatically looking for trouble and the possibility of putting themselves and others in duress.

      5. I wonder Cobbler if there is the slightest essence of “you” that is up to realizing this isn’t about YOU. This is about US realizing that the greatest social blueprint ever devised…isn’t about me and my sisters…its about ALL OF US!!!!

  2. This kind of thuggish behavior by a very small minority actually has its roots back in the 60’s. No significant numbers of these “thugs” have ever been held accountable for their violent, destructive actions, which I think is what is emboldening their rhetoric and their actions today. I could be completely, 180 degrees off base here, but I just don’t see how this does not end badly for the forces of the Left. The useful idiots who will be pulling the triggers, throwing the rocks and swinging the 2×4’s have had their heads filled with revolution and hate by others who won’t be getting their hands dirty, which is the way revolutions generally work. The first time a bunch of brain-dead millennials end up in a pool of blood in the street, the dynamic is going to change. Maybe it’s something that needs to play out at this point in our history. Jefferson thought it would play out every generation or two. We can thank the purposeful rhetoric and policies of no other than Barack Hussein Obama for the divided position we find ourselves in. One would hope that he is eventually held accountable.

  3. You may have your pre determined line that the left may cross before you react,but remember the ones behind the scene are hoping for severe unrest. So if your determined to fight, find the snakes and cut their corp. head off.

    1. I agree with your assessment that the people behind the scenes want a civil war. The rioters are just the “useful idiots”. It matters little to the snakes if 100 or even 1000 die in the streets, as long as it precipitates civil war. Remember their motto, “Exita acta probat”- the ends justify the means.

      1. I agree also that the people pulling the strings and providing the funding want civil war, or at least uncontrolled chaos. They threatened the same thing last summer during the conventions — didn’t happen or at least wasn’t reported. They are the victims of a massive self-inflicted wound. They’ve raised a generation of kids who have been taught that guns are evil — to be afraid of them, and now they’re expecting those same Millennials to start a revolution with guns. Sorry, not gonna happen in any significant numbers. The vast majority of them don’t even know which end the round comes out of.

  4. I am too old to fist fight and too tired to run. But my trigger finger works extremely well. I took an oath to defend THE Constitution and I still abide by that oath. If Trouble finds my Family WE will be ready.

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