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Spreading ‘Lies of Omission’ Can Be a Good Thing

Spreading 'Lies of Omission' Can Be a Good Thing
T.L. Davis (L) shares ideas (and some beer) around my fire pit.

“David – I’m in the locale. Would you like me to stop by with a rough cut of the film?” T.L. Davis emailed me yesterday afternoon.

He was passing through Ohio on his way westward after wrapping up some last-minute items with Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt in Virginia. Larry is one of the interview subjects featured in the 12 Rounds Production documentary “Lies of Omission,” a film intended to broach and explore what the media and political establishment suppress and pass on to Millenials “unique perspectives on American Freedom … and … demonstrate the value of America and what is worth saving.”

T.L. was on a tight schedule to make the film’s pre-release work-in-progress screening Saturday in Cañon City, Colorado. I texted him a directions link and he got to my place around 5:00 p.m. He took a few more establishment shots for possible inclusion in the final cut and we loaded his disc in the DVD player. I gotta say, although you can dismiss my opinion as subjective if you like (because it kind of is), I really enjoyed it, and not just because I’m in it.

Also part of the documentary are former SEAL and “bleeding edge” novelist Matt Bracken of Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy fame, “freedomista” author Claire Wolfe, liberty writer Kit Perez of the Patrick Henry Society, Order of the White Rose and Liberty Nation, and my departed friend and colleague, citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh.

The film was moderated and directed by T.L.’s daughter Sammi Lee Davis, a recent film school graduate and budding professional. The intent is to pass on a liberty message to people of her generation, and as such, she was the catalyst for ensuing conversations. It’s also evident that it’s a labor of love, and a testament of the type of bond a father can have with his daughter.

Naturally, with the people involved, the discussion heavily involved Second Amendment principles, but in the context of being a means of protecting all freedoms. There’s also history, personal anecdotes, philsophical discussions, the importance of the Constitution, the unfolding totalitarian threats the target audience will face. And what you’ll get are real responses from the interviewees. No one was given questions in advance.

We had all been filmed separately over the course of many months as T.L. and Sammi Lee traveled to where we each live — they’d actually visited with Vanderboegh in Alabama almost a year before they made it up north to see me. T.L.tells me they have much more footage of Mike that can be part of a separate project — hours of conversation with the guy that won’t fit into the current documentary, but will certainly be a legacy resource I’m expecting to hear more about.

As an aside, having Mike in my living room on the big screen almost made me forget he’s gone, and made watching all the more poignant when the reality of his passing would creep in unbidden and inescapable.

With the documentary watched and discussed (it turns out most of my suggestions had already been incorporated in a later edit), we went to dinner at a local restaurant and then came back to enjoy the first fire of the season in my backyard fire pit. We were joined by my oldest son, 26, his girlfriend, 23, and my youngest son, 22. They’re exactly the audience T.L. finds critical for passing the film’s messages on to, and among the age group most heavily influenced by ANTIFA subversion. They and T.L. hit it right off and were engaged and interested, and he told me later how much he enjoyed the almost nonstop exchange of agreeable ideas about freedom and perspectives on the conditions we face. I also got a call from Armed American Radio host and friend Mark Walters, and that gave me a chance to introduce him to T.L. over the phone.

The conversation and the fire lasted ’til 1:00 a.m., at which point I put T.L. up in the guest room and set the coffeemaker up for morning. He rousted me four hours later so we could say goodbye and he could get back on the road to make the screening in time.

As I said earlier, I’m biased, but I factor that in to my endorsement of this project and how much I enjoyed seeing the near-finished product. There are some trailers that have been released that will give you a taste of what T.L.and Sammi have created, but just a taste. After seeing the rough cut, I want more and can’t wait to see the final.

You can find out more about this project(and help out with the financing!) at:

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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. THx! Looking forward to this…..
    I really enjoyed recent ‘Mainstream, part 1’ share. No follow up for commentshave come across my email page, so I’ll make a few here…..
    Early Hollywood had problems w/soft porn & wayward lifestyles making the news- howled @ by some. As a result the early film ratings review boards were born….. This point was missed, so far I’m hoping-maybe to be commented on in subsequent parts 2-5?
    I also enjoyed seeing Dr Ted Baehr in this video. He ofttimes makes great sense.
    Good seeing OK leader Stewart Rhoades in this one. Having seen Rhoades in a number of videos, he sometimes has great screen presence. Sometimes just ok. But, work on polishing your skills, Stewart. The conservative movement lacks screen personnas….w/them more people will be influenced.
    Last point, many Hollywood productions have communist themes, I hope to see this point thrust to the forefront in future parts.

    1. I’m not in Lies of Omission (ironically, Oath Keepers, so far, has been omitted from it!), so you must be talking about “Mainstream.”

      Lies of omission looks like a decent film, with some good people in it. TL Davis really MUST release all of the footage of Mike Vanderboegh – I sincerely wish Mike were still here to help us navigate the terrain now that the radical communists such as Bill Ayers have taken off the mask and stepped openly back into public leadership of the left again, and the neo-Nazis and thinly veiled white nationalists/national socialists such as Richard Spencer and Nathan Domigo have likewise taken off the mask (or let it slip somewhat) as they try to worm their way toward the front of the Trump waive. Both are collectivist (judging people as groups rather than individuals) cancers on the Republic which Mike knew well and fought well to the end.

      As for appealing to millennials, this film should include some actual Millennials who are awake, aware, and fighting the good fight, like the awesome pimple faced teen 4Chan kids who organized the Boston Free Speech event we helped to secure and defend on May 13. Two of the main organizers were only seventeen, and one of them didn’t even have a drivers license yet. They were amazing, and it was a great experience, and an honor, for us older veterans to have the chance to mentor these young kids and help them run a secure and successful event.

      TL’s film is missing out on some great patriots from the next generation. I have read some of his missives where he comes across as very pessimistic about the next generation, seeming to assume they are, with very few exceptions, all ignorant, clueless, and selfish brats. He should spend some time on the sub-Reddit forum called “The Donald” ( or even on the /pol section of 4Chan where he will find tens of thousands of wide awake millennials.

      And TL Davis likewise has a very pessimistic view of current serving police and military, such as in a recent statement about the need to protect free speech from leftist violence, where he said:

      “I am always willing to engage the Marxists, wherever they present themselves. I don’t know how to explain to people that we are engaged in a WAR that should be fought by our police and our military, but if one has not been paying attention, they are not or will not ever be on our side of things. They have already bought into the power of the Deep State. They are the Deep State.”

      Really? All I can say, after having been personally present and accounted for in Berkeley twice, at New Orleans, and then in Boston, where Oath Keepers helped directly defend against Anti-fa violence, is that TL needs to get out more. The rank and file cops are CLEARLY on our side, which is why they have no problem having their backs to us, as they face out toward the communists/Antifa threat. You can also see it clearly on the video from Salem, OR, where the cops did a great job of keeping the two sides apart, but had their backs to the patriots as they faced out toward the real threat.

      In Berkeley, we had occasion to speak with numerous rank and file officers and to a man they were on our side, and chomping at the bit to take it to the communists. And eventually they did, once their brass received sufficient pressure to make them step up and let their street cops do their jobs.

      Yes, we gave the Berkeley PD an F for their failure to act on March 4. But we gave them a C+ on April 15 because they did much better that day, and at least made the attempt to do something (at least in the park, they took some action to keep the communists from crossing our lines, though they still dropped the ball outside the park). And on April 27, we gave them an “A” because they finally stepped up 100% and did a fantastic job – and even the UC Berkeley PD stepped up and unmasked antifa idiots and arrested those who refused to take off their masks.

      So, even in Berkeley, CA, the cops DID fully step up and honor their oaths on April 27, did step up and shut down Antifa, and we patriots didn’t have to do anything but watch and cheer.

      And at Berkeley on both April 15 and 27, among the Oath Keepers present in the park were CURRENT SERVING California LEOs, who were there on their day off, on their own time, protecting people for free, right along with our retired cops. Those cops are clearly on our side, and put themselves directly in harms way in defense of free speech FOR FREE that day. It is flat silly to assert that “they are the Deep State.”

      And in Boston, the Boston PD did a superb job of keeping the two sides apart, and again, we patriots didn’t have to lay hands on anyone to secure the event. We were ready, willing, and able to, but because the Boston PD stepped up and did their job, we didn’t have to do it for them.

      And as I already mentioned, in Salem, OR the cops did an outstanding job of protecting free speech.

      The reality is, some will, and some won’t, when it comes to stepping up and honoring their oaths. But to say that they ALL will NEVER be on our side is plain foolish. As is the claim that they all are the deep state. They are the state. The deep state is called “the deep state” for a reason. It is behind the scenes, under the surface, manipulating the state, which is made up of average people, including millions of rank-and-file military and police who do love their country and believe they are doing the right thing. The deep state manipulates them into doing things that are actually not in the best interest of their country, just as it manipulates the American population as a whole into doing things that are not in the best interest of their country, such as voting for oath breaking politicians, or supporting the destruction of liberty in the name of national security. We are ALL the targets of that manipulation. Does that make us all permanent parts of the deep state? No. Does that mean none of us will ever be on the side of liberty?

      Hardly. We are engaged in a fight over the hearts and minds of all Americans, and that includes those in government positions, such as military and cops, right along with the rest of us. As I have tried to point out before, with limited success, if you condemn all the cops and military as being your enemy, don’t be surprised if they start to see you in the same way.

      Right now, with the left going “full commie” and burning American flags, flying the Soviet flag, and calling all cops pigs, KKK, etc. – and likewise showing their hatred for the military, is THE time for the liberty movement to bring the police and military into the fold. Bring them over to our side, rather than mirroring the commies by also declaring that the police and military are your enemies too. That’s a losing strategy, as well as being flat false.

      Stewart Rhodes

  2. Financially I can’t contribute, but maybe this will help in some way as a heads up if nothing else. This won’t come as a big shocker to most of you, BUT, have you tried searching for “Lies of Omission”, Lies of Omission movie, Lies of Omission trailer, or Lies of Omission on Google, Duck Duck Go or even YouTube???

    Someone’s playing god with the search parameters/algorithms again…… you get a big 0, nothing, nada. Go figure right?

  3. Judges like this who use their own thoughts on gun control should not have any of their ideas forced upon We The People. Enough is enough already. ARmalite 15 not Assault Rifle 15. Disarming the populace I fear is just around the corner. If we allow judges like this hold sway over any and all communication on the 5th Amendment.

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