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Sikhs Launch Pro-American, Pro-Integration Movement

Sikhs Launch Pro-American, Pro-Integration Movement

Sikhs are NOT Muslims. If you take anything away from this article, it should be that one fact. Sikhs have their own religion which respects other religions. They do not attempt to convert others.

I once had to shut up an Iraq war veteran who was berating a Sikh, as he thought he was a Muslim, since he wore a turban.  – Shorty Dawkins

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by Neil Munro

A group of Sikhs in Virginia has created a new political organization to emphasize their support for the U.S. Constitution, partly because the media has often portrayed Sikhs as sidekicks for separatist Islamic groups in the United States.

The group, titled Sikhs for Liberty, held its first meeting in Virginia, where founder Dr. Jatinder Singh Mann described the organization’s goals: “The name of our organization is ‘Sikhs for Liberty’… it does not say ‘Liberty for Sikhs’ [because] we are Sikhs for liberty, and we want the world to know that Sikh[‘s religion] …. supports liberty for the whole of mankind.”

The group is dedicated to “making America more aware about the Sikhs, and equally importantly, dedicated to making Sikhs more aware of what America is all about,” he told his audience of Sikhs gathered in Chantilly, Va., on April 30.

Sikhs emerged and survived amid endemic war in India before the British conquest, and they need to learn the wisdom of America’s constitutional founders, including Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, said Singh. Unrestricted “democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner  … [but in a] constitutional republic, the sheep has an AK-47,” Singh said.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. these folks are wonderful, I worked in a tech spot with Harprret Balhotra……… really good man and great soul……………….

  2. Sadly, Sikhs are often mistaken for Muslim, which they are in no way related. I’ve always found them to be most agreeable to do business with. And they do not demand any cultural concessions for their customs or beliefs. Great folks with an interesting culture!!

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