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by Ivan Throne

Your smartphone is a weaponized tool of justice.

ALERT: The Safe Streets Project is LIVE!

The Safe Streets Project is swiftly receiving intelligence reports from around the nation on criminal Antifa and Black Bloc terrorists that attack decent citizens with deadly weapons, conduct night raids (over $100,000 in damage in one neighborhood alone) and now engage in live fire weapons training. It will be a long, hot summer.

You can help stop this violence without getting hurt.

The VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS engine of the Safe Streets Project is live.

Our innovative technology engine combines facial recognition, hardened cloud servers, encrypted and anonymous login and the ability to submit simple, easy to follow and professionally structured reports by the average individual who observes or overhears Antifa personnel, planning or groups.

You don’t need to engage them in person.

The Safe Streets Project was designed with regular decent men and women in mind. It’s far too much to expect a retired person to confront masked bandits carrying flagpoles, bike locks and knives. A business owner can’t risk his establishment or the safety of his patrons by challenging them on the street.

But you have a smartphone in your pocket, and you can provide critical intelligence to the teams working to unmask, identify, and ensure the rendition of Antifa and Black Bloc terrorists to law enforcement.

Simply take photos, record videos and capture audio discussions.

Then upload your report right here.


Massive multiplayer online intelligence analysis wins the game.

The Safe Streets Project is available to the “weaponized autists” of /pol/ who have proven their incredible speed and skill at conducting crowdsourced intelligence analysis. Your reports help their work by providing them with direct, local intelligence.

The Safe Streets Project is in touch with rising ground organizations across the United States such as the Proud Boys and the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights that work to defend decent men and women from criminal attacks, thrown explosives and wholesale property destruction by Antifa and Black Bloc groups.

The Safe Streets Project is partnered with several other private organizations with the capability to provide deep intelligence and ground impact in the work of securing the right of decent men and women to speak freely and go about their lives without violent intimidation and attack.

We’re taking back free speech.


Download and print the Declaration and use it to replace Antifa posters in your community.

Antifa posts intimidating flyers threatening violence in an effort to intimidate peaceful citizens and declare the surrounding area under their violent control. Download the Declaration of the Safe Streets Project and replace Antifa propaganda with our prepared color or black and white flyer.

Work in teams when you do this, and get ready. You’ll soon have pictures and video of Antifa, often unmasked, attempting to remove them. Take photos, get video, and report them to the Safe Streets Project.






Antifa itself calls my work a “unique threat” to their plans for revolution.

Antifa and Black Bloc terrorists are well aware of this project and disturbed by the game changing power of crowdsourced intelligence combined with ground units determined to ensure the rendition of their criminal personnel to law enforcement and justice.

Before I spoke in Denver in March, they attempted to stop me with death threats.

During my speech in Denver, five Antifa were arrested. Several spent the night in jail.

Draw your phones and support this important work.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that Antifa and Black Bloc is learning from their defeats in Berkeley and Washington, D.C. They will begin killing people this summer if they are not stopped. As a man or woman of the West you have a personal responsibility to help prevent this terror, and to uphold the right of free speech.

The Safe Streets Project gives you the tools to do it safely.

Join us.


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  1. How deliciously ironic that these terrorists who come largely from the most tech-savvy generation ever could end up getting derailed by a phone app.

    1. It’s so simple that’s it’s stupid. Stupid simple things are usually the best things to go by.

  2. Is this ‘Safe Streets’ project & the individual calling himself Ivan Throne aka ‘Dark Man’ something Oath Keepers is endorsing? If it is, has this project/person been seriously vetted by OK? Or do we just buy into it because it’s posted on the OK website?

    1. SheepDog – Oath Keepers has worked with Ivan on a couple of small projects. While it is difficult to thoroughly vet anyone that is as reclusive as he is, we have had no red-flags to date in our interactions with him. If you have any information that is of concern, please send me an email at and I will look into it and get back to you. As with anything on the Internet, nothing SafeStreets is doing is truly “secure”. Just like plugging your name and email address into any public site that could get hacked.

      1. My concerns stem from sending images or other data to an unknown entity. Said images containing meta-tags and meta-data, as well as data re: my c-phone which, if sent to the wrong person [like an antifa front organization posing as an anti-antifa entity?], could be hacked, could be used to track me, or learn my identity & address, etc.
        As you said, nothing is truly secure with the Internet. While it sounds like a very interesting and worthwhile project, I’d like a lot more detail about the individual behind it.

        “Just like plugging your name and email address into any public site that could get hacked”.
        Which I don’t do. Not even here. But even that may not be enough thwart a competent hacker. Paranoid? You bet.

  3. You could always just use a burner or get a metro phone to a dead and like a ok box. Just my thoughts.

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