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Are They Really Torturing Ammon Bundy?

by Loren Edward Pearce

May 4, 2017

Lisa Bundy, wife of imprisoned protester Ammon Bundy, received several messages from people who had heard her description of what happened to her husband while in a 3 foot by 3 foot shower stall in the Nevada Southern Detention Center and challenged her as to its veracity. They said they could not believe what she was saying was true.

Ammon update!!!

Posted by Lisa Bundy on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Therein lies the very essence of what is wrong with America, especially Main Street in Mayberry America. Americans live in a bubble. A bubble consisting of trips to Walmart, piano recitals, walking the dog and weekend outings in the RV. No, the description that Lisa Bundy gives us does not fit in our bubble and so we reject it. She must be exaggerating, she must be embellishing the truth in order to get more sympathy. Maybe she is lying to get more donations. This is America, for goodness sake, things like what she describes happened to her husband Ammon simply don’t happen in America. Now, if he was in North Korea, then yes, that and worse can happen there.

Those who know Ammon Bundy will testify that a more honest, humble, meek and mild man than him is difficult to find. Darkness hates light. Ammon radiates light.

We are seeing, first hand, the same dynamics that brought about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The same hate, the same evil, the same lust for pain and humiliation that was poured out on the Lamb of God. People like Bundy either bring out the best or the worst in humanity. Right now, he is bringing out the worst as the prison guards and their handlers seek to break him and his spirit. Ammon is also popping the bubble for millions of Americans who now must either wake up to the awful reality of what Americans are capable of doing to other Americans or, they simply roll over and go back to sleep.

During his prison phone call to Kelli Stewart, he was describing what happened to him.  Kelli later remarked, “That is not the same Ammon that we know. He sounds like a broken man.” Many people responded in comments, “No, he can’t be broken”. “Don’t let them break you Ammon.” “The Bundys will not be broken.” We are not in his place, we have no comprehension of the pain he is going through. Ammon will be broken, it is inevitable. Everybody has their breaking point. Instead of asking him not to break, you should break open your wallet and contribute to , break away from your TV set, break away from your favorite recreational activity and write a letter to your congressional representative.

Break the bubble that surrounds you and face reality.

Ammon told Lisa that he believed that the prisons are training grounds for people to become cruel and without compassion, so that they can later be used against the general civilian population. The day will come that the barbaric behavior against him inside prison, will be used on a wider scale. Bundy reported that his beating and his mistreatment were filmed. Could those films be used for training?

For those of you who are fully awake to the reality of what is happening, now is the time to act. Become a bubble popper. Help others come out of their bubbles, the bubble known as the American Dream. If enough people wake up and demand that their country return to its constitutional and moral roots, then the American Dream of prosperity and happiness can be restored, built on a solid foundation of morality and goodness, not on a bubble of illusion and denial.


From Redoubt News

Are They Really Torturing Ammon Bundy?

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  1. Of course he is being tortured, we have allowed murder, rape and violence inside our prisons for decades. Remember gladiator days where California jailers created their own roman coliseum?

    When I was in school we were taught how dangerous the soviet union was due to their massive prison population (That dates my age a little Ha Ha). Our nation has a Marxist problem plain and simple and if it metastasizes we are doomed. I am afraid we are rapidly approaching a decision point in our society where we will succumb or fight. I pray to god we fight.

  2. For those of you who might tend to think that this is being exaggerated, that this kind of thing just doesn’t happen. Allow me to tell you from first hand knowledge that it does indeed.
    During the time I worked for a state correctional department from the mid 1980s to the end of1990. I saw this very thing, and other atrocities, happen. One of the most ordinary comments I heard was; “Who are they going to believe, a criminal or multiple officers?”
    Of course I reported it. Thus began numerous years of facing ridicule and even hatred from my fellow officers. To the point of having contracts placed on my life by officers.
    I held my own for the remainder of the time I was with that agency, mainly by knowing the law and their policies and procedures, better than they did. That along with watching my backside very closely. I even managed to get several fired & several arrested as well as some doing time themselves. But the system is so entrenched that the hope of reform is very slim.
    I wish I could do something for these fellas. This should not be happening in the USA.

  3. I wonder how many folks feel as though this American family has been abandoned . Specially out of those who went to help this family the first time. Are we not going to help now????? Haven’t looks learned by now there is no justice system that’s fair. We really have lost our Nation. Because when good men and women refuse to stand against evil .. Well folks evil will and unfortunately has prevailed in so many accounts in this Nation. I’ll say it again. And yes it will piss folks off but let the truth be said. We’re so eager to go fight in foriegn lands but when it comes to fighting in our land for our rights our freedoms and specially our children and grand babies future. We are quick to say oh call or write your congressman/woman… Really you guys how’s that worked for you and for us???????? Sad thing is one day it won’t just be the Bundys , Hammonds , Lavoys family , me Robertson in Montana. And so many others. Parker etc etc. it will hit you and your family one day. Then it will be your wives crying all night , your kids without dads all because we have become a Nation of cowards. That only talk a good game. And when the bluff is called like in Oregon the tuff Patriots scatter….. God what happened to us ??? How did we get so comfortable in our daily lives that we no longer care about the future of our kiddos and our beloved Constitution.. Today as an American as a Man as a father as a supporter of the Bundys and so many more that can’t be named. I’m broken hearted, ashamed that my brothers I stood with seem to quickly forget those days. We fight people who can’t build a wood house but those that are the real threat that will take everything we have including ourlives. We back away. I’m in ah and truly broken hearted as an American… I apologize to every child of our Nation that we your Parents and protectors didn’t think you were important, special, and valuable enough to stand up for you and your freedom. I’m sorry for the days you will face because we felt our retirement , our land and jobs, our Harley’s and cars and homes meant more than you living in a freeNation and land.

  4. How about Habeas Corpus at some point in this tragedy? It can be used for subsidiary detentions where residual liberty, i.e. that of a prisoner, is affected. Over and above being in prison for whatever known reason, any further deprivation of liberty within the prison system should be authorized by law, or the deprivation halted. Habeas Corpus can be obtained on the prisoner’s behalf by a third party aware of the situation.

    For example, the wife could do it who has received his phone calls.

    In addition, Magna Carta. I think you have it in the USA. No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned or in any way destroyed …. without a trial by his peers. Held without trial and assaulted, likely a violation of Magna Carta. I think Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus can possibly be worked together.

    As to the NDAA, am wondering why the American people are willing to credit an unconstitutional act as a valid statute and pay it deference in fear of it. It should have been opposed all over America as VOID, being violently unconstitutional. When will Trump be asked to take lawful measures to have it recognized as VOID, along with the unconstitutional “patriot” act?

    And how about Amnesty International?

    Also, Human Rights International for the Bundies?

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