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Protesting abuse of prisoners at Southern Nevada Detention Center

Southern Nevada Detention Center is a private, for profit, prison under contract to the federal government. The political prisoners who were arrested for being at the Bundy Ranch in 2014 were denied bail and have been in prison for over a year. Innocent until proven guilty?

UPDATE: As of May 2017, there is a new person in charge of Nevada Southern Detention Center. Facility Leader: Janice Killian, Administrator. “Janice Killian was named facility administrator at CoreCivic’s Nevada Southern Detention Center in May 2017.”

Protesting abuse of prisoners at Southern Nevada Detention Center

Protesting abuse of prisoners at Southern Nevada Detention Center
Bj Soper now in holding cell raising $$$$ for for the abuse that happened to Ammon Bundy.

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  1. Thank You Patriots!!! Doers not talkers… More everyday heroes.God Bless all of you.

    1. Thank you from me too Patriots!! I wish I had the means to get there… God Bless you and keep you safe!!

  2. I want to bring to everyone’s attention, that at the end of this article and the videos, there is the following: Be sure to “hit” on that and you will see the video they have titled, “the true story” Bundy (you tube, produced by Wayne Fenton)…I think it is excellent…perhaps the guards, etc working at this prison need to see this. I think it is an excellent way to educate people to get involved…and help the defense.

    They preface it with: “Not sure what this case is about and why it’s vital to your own personal Liberty?” and they follow with the video. (would love it shown to all of Congress….with the rest of the story told..the imprisonment, no bail, abuse, etc)

    There is going to be a t.v. special May 16, 2017 at Frontline (an LPB special) at 9 p.m.(I think Central time) titled, “American Patriot” on the Bundy “saga”…This is what they say….”Go inside the violent battle between a ranching family in the West and the federal government, examining how a simmering fight over land in Nevada and Oregon became deadly, invigorated a wider right-wing anti-government movement, and continues to challenge prosecutors and law enforcement”.

    Will be interesting to watch, but think it will be slanted…thus, the Bundy video mentioned above needs to be circulated.

    LPB stands for Louisiana Public Broadcast…you may have to watch it via cable or ??? here is their website: and phone, 1-800-272-8161

    1. Based on their promo, it will be biased. “violent battle”? Really? The only violence was on the part of the BLM. And, “deadly” only in the case of LaVoy Finicum at the hands of the FBI and Oregon State Police. There are more questions than answers about that. “right-wing anti-government movement”? No. How about pro Constitution and Bill of rights, anti-federal overreach, and anti-corruption. This comes across as propaganda.

      Thanks for letting us know about this. However, it already appears to be pushing an agenda.

      1. Oakley…I figured that it would be biased as you did..but we need to watch it to see the inaccuracies, and to point them out…and refer people to the video at Bundy Defense…and let them know about Dr. Michael Coffman’s article on the Bundy Standoff…that I have referenced before. There are a lot of good, educational films at this channel (lpb), but when there is untruth in any of them, it needs to be pointed out. Will be interesting to see who produced it too…

        As an aside, as the statues come down in New Orleans…I suggest that people read Chuck Baldwins article, posted a few months back, at newswithviews…titled, “The Confederate flag needs to be raised,not lowered”. (It was a battle flag taken from St Andrews crucifciation on a cross in the design of an “X”..) This is a lengthy article with references to another article by a preacher…It was not a civil war…but a war of secession for the South..or a war of aggression for the north…a war on Lincoln’s part…”to preserve the union”…

        People need to have all the facts…like in a “fair” court trial, to make determinations. I have a friend who enlightened me on the movie, Amazing Grace…it is about how England did away with slavery through their legislature (and not war)..and that made me wonder…if England did that, why did the U.S. fight the “civil war”? As always….”follow the money”…(of course, slavery is wrong…) They say, those that “win” the wars…write the history of them…

        Have more to say on this…but need to refresh my memory some…

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