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Patriotic Boston Free Speech Champions Dispel SPLC Lies about Oath Keepers

Patriotic Boston Free Speech Champions Dispel SPLC Lies about Oath Keepers

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by David Codrea

USA – -( “Robinson blood has been spilled in every war since WWII,” Nancy Oakley reported Saturday, describing some patriotic family members at Boston’s Free Speech Rally who were interviewed by Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes (see video below). Representatives from the group of current and retired service members, police and first responders offered a deterrent presence to threatened violence by ANTIFA agitators against citizens standing up for the First Amendment.

“They tell how they feel about ANTIFA burning the American flag while flying the communist flag, and discuss what it means to be willing to ‘lace up their boots’ to defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Oakley explained. “Sr. Robinson Served as an 11B in the 24th Infantry Division, and his son Charles Robinson III served as an 11B in the 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) in Iraq.

“The father’s statement on how his family will ALWAYS answer the call, and how he raised his sons to be willing to die on their feet rather than live on their knees, and how they will NOT let ANTIFA destroy all their family fought for was the best speech of the day,” Oakley declared. “Powerful.”

“It was an honor, and one of the highlights of a great day, to meet this patriot military family that has a multi-generation tradition of service to this nation,” Rhodes agreed, relating the family’s service records. “All that was backdrop for his powerful statement that “those &@@$! communists will not take this (pointing to the ground) from us, or all they fought for will be for nothing.

“I asked father and sons to join Oath Keepers and they accepted the invite,” Rhodes concluded. “And then they joined us for beers and dinner afterwards.”

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. There will be blood. Of this I have absolutely no doubt. We are more irreconcilably divided than ever before…family, neighbors, friends by the very scoundrels we sent to represent us. The Left has become like ISIS…they will accept nothing less than our total submission. It is families like the Robinsons who give me faith and confidence that after the hell we are about to endure, we will prevail.

  2. It was my honor to meet and break bread with two generations of great Americans, the Robinsons. While not a veteran, a third Robinson attended the rally in support of his big brother and dad. 11Bs both of them!! Very proud to call you my Brothers!

  3. It is an honor to call these men my brothers. And to spend the day and dinner afterwards in their fellowship. Gentlemen we will prevail for we have the will and fortitude to see it through through the end. And no one can steer us from our rightious path to defend our nation and its people from the evil before us no matter the cost.

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