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NavyJack – Track Today’s New Orleans Protests #TakeEmDownNOLO (UPDATED 05/08/2017)

Oath Keepers has teams on the ground in New Orleans to protect innocent protestors and police during the marches and protests planned by various anarchist and communist organizations today. This article will be updated frequently to provide scenes from the ground and analysis of the events as they unfold.

UPDATE 05/08/2017 – The only fight that occurred during this event was not between Antifa and Patriots, it was between a California “Constitutionalist” and a group of local Confederate monument preservation activists.

Oath Keepers will be incurring a lot of extra expense with this operation.
Your donation to this effort is greatly appreciated.


New Orleans Police Police Scanner:

 Event tracking (Oldest to Newest)

The word "FAITH" is spelled in the sky above Lee Circle during Confederate monument protests Sunday, May 7.
12:12 PM (local) The word “FAITH” is spelled in the sky above Lee Circle during Confederate monument protests Sunday, May 7. (Michael DeMocker, | The Times-Picayune)


Follow a running list of events on Twitter:


NavyJack - Track Today's New Orleans Protests #TakeEmDownNOLO (UPDATED 05/08/2017)


Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. Navy Jack, update 5-8-17 strange turn of events on the ideological flags California “Constitutionalist” and a group of local Confederate monument preservation activists. I suspect, though, that the California Constitutionalists are in fact left-wing.

  2. What you people have to realize also is conflict is based on deception and right now some of this “ideological flags” could be a form of deception. Any one, or group, of people can walk down the street and pose for a picture. What is also a possibility is ANTIFA could have identified as California Constitutionalists yesterday. There are always “Mitingovanies.”

    1. We checked the identities of those involved in the little altercation. Basically, the person from California is an enthusiastic person who wanted to put the stars & stripes up with the Confederate flags at the top of Lee Circle. The Confederates of America stopped him for no apparent reason and the argument ensued. No Antifa or leftist involvement.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. I have never personally physically seen or touched any of this so I guess you have to follow with what you got. I guess you people did.

      2. NJ, you’re tuned into this a lot better than most of us. In your educated opinion is the anti-American, anti-free speech movement winding down, ramping up or settling into a long-term strategy of constant, relatively low key annoyance? Any chance that those who are starting to show up with firearms have any idea which end the round comes out of?

      3. Retired Navy Spook – I am not sure there is a simple answer to that question. There are basically four types of anti-free speech groups in the country:
        1. Communists (i.e. Refuse Fascism, RevCom USA, Redneck Revolt, etc.)
        2. College oriented anti-fascist organizations (i.e. Berkeley Antifa, Denver Antifa, New Orleans Antifa, etc.)
        3. Mature antifascist organizations (San Francisco (Bay Area), NYC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland (Rose City), DC, Atlanta, etc.)
        4. Pure anarchists (Oakland Black Cross, Midwest Anarchists, Denver Black Cross, etc.)

        In general, the true communists tend to be the least violent. They are also the groups that are the most well-armed; with assault rifles and large caches of ammunition. The college oriented antifascists will use some violence but tend to retreat quickly as their membership is usually comprised primarily of professors and students. They use M80s, smoke canisters and pepper spray. The mature antifascists will use whatever level of violence that is needed to achieve their stated objectives. They too are well armed and have been found to be making improvised explosive devices, but to date have not resorted to the use of IEDs or firearms to achieve their objectives. The pure anarchists are reclusive and in many ways resemble the weather underground in terms of organization and planning. They too are well armed and would most likely escalate to lethal force if needed to be left alone or to prove a point.

        In reviewing recent events, we have to look at the organization that was responsible for the protests. For example, while the first Berkeley riot appeared very violent, it was really very few individuals that were responsible for most of the damage and injuries. These individuals that committed the violence were not students, they were more seasoned veterans of the occupy movement that have now taken leadership positions in the Bay Area Antifa and Oakland Black Cross organizations. In the subsequent Berkeley events we have seen mostly students and professors that are part of the college system. While there were injuries at two of the subsequent events, they were nothing like the initial Milo riot. The primary reason is the actual organizations involved. The requirement for protesters to unmask was also a major factor in the most recent event.

        In fact, the biggest change that we have seen over the past few months is the willingness of police and city officials to create ordinances that require protesters to be unmasked during a demonstrations, marches or protests. This works because many of the participants do not want to be photographed with an Antifa organization action. The downside to this is the fact that the more committed anarchists and antifascists are realigning their strategies to more covert actions. Instead of a large black-bloc of Antifa breaking everything in sight, we are moving into a phase of vandalism, property destruction and targeting of individuals for assault.

        In general, the Antifa membership is growing and the number of events that the antifascists and communists are conducting is increasing, but the intensity of violence is decreasing. New Orleans, Pikesville, Berkeley, Ashburn, Harrisburg and St. Paul have all had Antifa demonstrations or protest actions over the past 14 days. Going forward, I am quite sure that we will encounter Antifa direct actions carried out by small teams of members with a specific mission that will send a very specific message. The mature groups have evolved into a network of terrorist cells.

      4. NJ, thanks for the detailed response. Sounds like we have a tough task ahead if the republic is to survive.

      5. GREAT report NJ. IMHO the decrease in violence is owed to our new sheriff in the WH & DOJ. What Obama, Holder & Lynch literally incited, the new Admin is attempting to reverse…even with the residual scum and media seeking to thwart their every move.

  3. Saw this early today on UNZ. Confusing mess. Sounds like a bunch of agent provocatuers. I post the link hoping those who were there can clear things up for us.

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